What are the Best Longboards for Girls?

What are the best longboards for girls? This is a question that many a beginner is likely to ask as they get started in this popular and fun sport. We all want the right longboard skateboards when are just getting started in order to have an easy debut into this form of skating. Like guys, girls too need longboards that will perfectly suit both their style and attitude when it comes to skateboarding.

Like many other longboard buying dilemmas, the best type of longboards for girls will depend on a variety of factors. For example are they beginners or more experienced skaters? Are they planning to cruise, speed-ride, free-ride, carve or roll on downhill? Are they interested in executing some tricks or maneuvers? All these will be important tips to factor in when looking for the most suitable longboards for girls.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular longboards for girls that can be used in various forms of longboarding. Hopefully, these can help you shop in the vast marketplace and make a more informed position instead of shopping “blindly” for products that you are unfamiliar with.

If you are entry level skater chick, there are certain features that you will be looking for when it comes to choosing a longboard. These include a durable quality, stability, big soft wheels, impeccable design, smooth bearings and an end that is longer and wider that allows you to skate with confidence. Pricing is also an important consideration when it comes to choosing longboards for girls. After all, you want to choose something that you can actually afford.

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Some of the most desirable longboards for girls include the Sector 9 Snapper, the Arbor Cork Fish, the Gold Coast Floater, the Globe Kaguya and the Landyachtz Totem longboards.

What are the Best Longboards for Girls?

Sector 9 Complete Longboard

Best Longboards for Girls - snapperFeaturing a patented lamination process, the skateboard a 5ply vertically laminated bamboo with an aesthetically pleasing top design and a smooth-grained bottom bamboo finishing which has some cool graphics. It is a great longboard for girl beginners and is fully assembled. You will get rolling in no time.

It makes use of the Sector 9 Patented lamination process. The Trucks of the longboard skateboard are made using Gullwing 9.0” Mission. These are 61mm 78A Sector 9 Biothane wheels and are built with PDP ABEC5 bearings. It has a width of 8.75” and a length of 34”. The wheelbase of the skater is 21”.

Part of the Sector 9 Bamboo Series, it is a new and redesigned skateboard. The sweet graphics and cool finishing are pleasing to the eye.

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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard - QuestThe Quest Super Cruiser is one of the most popular longboards for girls. It really lives up to its name thanks to the unique construction employed in the design of the board. The board offers lady an efficient way to glide across the city in great fashion and style. It is not only quick, stable and efficient but also an eco-friendly option for many lady skaters.

It is built with a host of features that make it highly suitable for both the beginners and the more experienced skaters. Apart from the stability of the board, it also comes with ease of maneuverability and ease of control. Ladies will certainly love the fresh and elegant design of the skateboard. It is beautifully designed but has no trace of tackiness, a quality that you are unlikely to find in other longboards in the market. The longboard is free of wheelbites and very suitable for carving applications.

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Arbor Genesis 44

Arbor Genesis 44The Arbor Genesis 44 is a top line cruiser and is one of the most popular longboards for girls. It also lends itself to powerful carving and flatland tricks applications. It has fiberglass reinforcement and a dampening flex design.

The Arbor Genesis 44 is designed with a fully functional nose that will allow you to execute lots of manuals as well as many other tricks when you are longboarding. It is also built with a torsional flex but you are still able to execute to a more forgiving ride thanks to the excellent shock absorption capabilities. Riders can ride close to the ground and still maintain excellent stability thanks to the longboard’s drop-through mounting position.

The Arbor Genesis 44 longboards for girls offers a lightweight longboard skateboard option that will allow you to cruise, carve, commute or execute some mellow moves that will leave others overawed with your skating abilities.
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The Sector 9 Seeker Complete

The Sector 9 SeekerThis board is designed for freestyle longboarding. You can use this to seamlessly kick turns and execute freestyle carving moves. It is built with a drop-through deck which has been reinforced with carbon stringers. These provide for a very responsive and lively ride that will keep you highly energized throughout your skating activities.

This longboard is perfectly symmetrical and will, therefore, give you a relative peace of mind during your skating activities. You can even ride the longboard backwards and get some free-flowing skating experience.

Specifications for the longboard include the 10” Gullwing Chargers, CNC drop-through mounting, a 5Ply Maple sandwich, fiberglass material and Sector 9 race wheels that are equipped with the PDP ABEC5 bearings.
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Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite

Krown Rasta Freestyle EliteThis one of the best longboards for girls and forms a part of Krown’s Elite longboard series. The construction of this board features an 8-Ply Maple. The board dimensions are 9.25”x36”. It has a drop-through shape that makes it highly suitable for the riders who are looking for speed and greater stability. This is in part, due to its low center of gravity.

The shape of the board is through-mounted and it comes equipped with 71mm wheels. It also has 7.0 trucks along with the speed bearings. Due to the board’s low center of gravity, the board is incredibly stable at very high speeds. This makes it one of the most awesome boards to ride.
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