What are the Best Longboards for Beginners?

Longboarding as a sport has seen an explosion in popularity in the recent years. More and more users are now willing to learn it and that means thousands of first-time users are getting hooked and shopping for the longboard skateboards. One of its many attractions is that it is quite easy to learn. You can simply pick a skateboard and begin “longboarding” in no time. If you are a beginner to the sport, then you must start by choosing the best longboards for beginners. This is a fairly recent sport but there are countless brands already catering to this niche. This includes those who specialize in designing boards for the beginners.

Considerations When Purchasing the Best Longboards for Beginners

There are plenty of considerations that you will need to factor in when shopping for the longboards for beginners. Many of the experienced longboard skaters-and purists- recommend beginning with the pintail longboards which allow you to try every maneuver and discipline using a variety of trucks and decks before “graduating” to the other board designs. Another school of thought contends that any type of board that you pick will be appropriate for your needs.

There are, however, certain characteristics that you should go for when shopping for the longboards for beginners. One challenge that most beginners have is that they really have no clue on what they are looking for. A majority of them want to cruise. There are some who may want to carve the hills, pump, move at high speeds or simply execute some tricks and maneuvers. Generally, many simply want to skate but they have no clue on the specifics of skating or the form that their skating will take.

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When choosing the longboards for beginners, it is, therefore, important to simply go for those boards that they can use to do the most basic things. Once they have mastered skating, they can decide the form that they want their longboard skating to take. Here are some of the best longboards for beginners that you can purchase:

Sector 9 Longboards

Best Longboards for Beginners - The Sector 9 SeekerMost first-time riders will choose the Sector 9 longboards. They are by far the most recommended longboards for beginners. One of their main winning points is accessibility or availability. You will find them in almost all longboard retail stores. After a year or so, most users will attempt to upgrade into more advanced longboard skateboards.

The top board is aesthetically pleasing while the bottom includes a Bamboo grain as well some graphics. The longboard rides with the 10” Gullwing Chargers which have the 74mm 78A top shelf wheels. These have the high-quality PDP ABEC5 bearings. The board is free-ride capable with very good technical ability. This is due to the drop through mounting of the longboard’s lookout. It has a camber mold a 5ply bamboo that is vertically laminated. The length is 42” while the width is 9.6”. It has a wheelbase of 31.5”.

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The Atom Pintail Longboard

The Atom Pintail LongboardBuilt in the classical design, the Atom Pintail Longboard is one of the best entry-level longboards in the market. It has a classic shape that almost eliminates the wheelbites and it is one of the most affordable premium quality longboards in the market. You can use it whether you are beginning just getting introduced to the sport or an intermediate user planning to carve some of the most difficult turns.

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The board has a stiff Maple laminate deck and is made of PHT material. The grip tape is made of an 80 grit Aluminum oxide. The trucks are also made of polished Aluminum. If you are interested in beginning your longboard skateboarding journey with a pintail, then this badass longboard is a sure recommendation for you.
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The Original Pintail 40 Longboard

Original Pintail 40 LongboardThis all-around crowd-pleaser is one of the best longboards for beginners that you can acquire. The platform offers 40 inches of stability and has been built for controlled cruising. You can also deploy the Pintail 40 for some premium carving action.

The longboard sits very low on the trucks. The board is mounted with an original S8 and 200mm carving trucks. It has not been built with risers. With these boards, you can enjoy a new level of cruising and carving performances in your skateboard longboarding. You will also love the beautiful and serious visual styling used on the board which has been inspired by Jay Alders’ “Out of the Blue”.
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The Landyachtz Switchblade 2014 40″ Longboard

The Landyachtz Switchblade 2014 40" LongboardThe Landyachtz Switchblade longboard is suitable for an entry-level rider looking for an ultra-low ride in the city. It is also a good skateboard longboard for the most experienced skaters who are intent on increasing the mastery of longboarding in order to become one of the best in the world. The badass switchblade will be your ideal weapon in your battle to become a super-skater.

The board is built with a very stiff design with very little flex. This makes it a very stable board and offers you complete confidence and control of your skateboarding. The aggressive concave of the longboards for beginners will lock your feet in on the deck. In addition, there is also the drop platform that caters for the sides of your feet when skating on this longboard. This leads to incredible stability which is necessary for new riders. The symmetrical shape of the board makes it highly suitable for free-riding, switches or the regular rides. The Landyachtz Switchblade has been built for the downhill riding but it can also be applied in cruising and pushing.

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The Pintail 43 Longboard by Original

The Pintail 43 Longboard by OriginalThis is another of the best longboards for beginners. The Pintail 43 is dropped low and comes with a plate special as well as fixins that will certainly satiate your hunger for action. It is a medium longboard with a slight concave. You will also appreciate the beautiful art on the board which is the handiwork of Jay Alders. It is a suitable board for beginners although advanced users can also deploy it.

This is the board that lets you cruise with a great deal of confidence. It has a mellow feel to it and offers a very predictable ride. Tune into the top performance in your longboarding with the Pintail 43 today.
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