What are the Best Longboard Decks?

The longboard deck refers to the long and flat board surface that you stand on when you are skateboarding. The longboard decks vary widely depending on the shapes, the styles, the wheelbases of the boards, the flexpatterns used, the concaves and the cambers amongst other attributes.  Each of these attributes is an important factor that will determine whether the board is the right option for you.

The deck constitutes an integral part of your longboard. The design of the deck is the starting point when it comes to constructing a complete board. When choosing the longboard decks, it is important to determine the form of the longboarding experience that is most appropriate for you. You can purchase longboard decks that can be applied in various forms of longboarding including cruising, carving, freeriding, downhill and downhill freeriding amongst other maneuvers.

When looking for the decks that are most appropriate for you, it will be critical that you also factor in the kind of longboard skateboarding that you plan to do. This is the key factor that will guide your decision on the type of deck to choose for your particular needs.  The deck style used in making the board will also determine many other factors such as the stability of the board or how easy it will be to foot-break the board. Generally, higher boards will have a higher centre of gravity thus less stability but the boards are also nimbler and give you greater leverage during the turns.  The reverse is true when it comes to the lower boards.

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When choosing deck styles, there are several styles that you can pick from. These include the top mount deck styles, the drop through deck styles, the drop deck styles, and double drop styles.  Each of these styles has their strengths which will suit particular users. So which are the best longboard decks for your riding needs? Here is an overview of some of the best longboard decks in the market:

What are the Best Longboard Decks?

Drop-Through Longboard Decks

The Landyachtz Switchblade 2014 40" LongboardThe drop-through mounting mode is an increasingly popular deck style in the longboards.  They include cut-outs in the nose of the deck as well as on the tail. The trucks are basically mounted through the longboard. As a result, this lowers the height of the deck as well as the board’s thickness.

The net result of this is a general increase in the stability and reduces fatigue levels when you are pushing or breaking during your longboarding.  This is because to contact the ground surface, you have to drop your feet less compared to other deck styles.  The drop-through decks are perfect for the long distance riding or commuting, freeriding, and even the downhill riding styles.  One of the best drop-through deck style longboard is the Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard Skateboard. Others include the Sector 9 2014 Sprocket Longboard Skateboard and the Gravity Drop Carve 41”.

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Top Mount Decks

Best Longboard DecksIn the top-mount deck design configurations, the trucks are mounted completely beneath the deck. The net result of this mounting style is that gives you greater leverage in your turns.  The original longboard decks designs were in the top mount pintail designs.  Today, you can choose from a great variety of longboard brands that have the top mount deck style. Also called the commuter style, they offer excellent leverage over the trucks and are good for carving applications.  They also offer riders extra stability compared to the traditional cruisers.  Examples of top-mounted longboard decks include the Sector 9 2014 Sandblaster, the Sector 9 Hot Steppa Longboard and the Arbor Koa Fish Longboard.

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The Drop Deck Style

Drop DeckThe design features curves and concaves. The overall effect of these is a drastic lowering in the centre of gravity.  This will, ultimately, bring the feet of the rider as close to the playground as possible.  The dropped platforms are perfectly suited for people who want the security and comfort of having their feet locked in while riding.  One of the longboard decks with the dropped platform is the Rayne Nemesis.

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Double Drop Platform

DSC_32_grandeThe double-drop deck styles are a little bit weird.  During the construction, the platform is molded such that the area where your feet rest on is below the board’s trucks. Along with the curves and the concaves, the double-drop longboard decks style also features a cut-out on the board’s drop-through design.  The longboards offer significant advantages for users who want to practice pushing around during their longboarding or those who need greater stability when they are moving quite fast.

One of the best longboards with the double drop platform is the Landyachtz Switchblade.  You can purchase this in different sizes and it is one of the most popular boards in the longboarding community. On Amazon, you can purchase this for $240. It is a stiff board with very little flex.  This contributes to greater stability with a greater degree of control. The concaves of the Landyachtz Switchblade are very aggressive and will lock your feet in place when you are skateboarding, thus allowing you to skate with a great degree of confidence.

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It is also has a symmetrical shape-without front and back – making it highly suitable for freeriding, regular riding or a switch.

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Flush Cut Decks

Flush Cut DeckIn the flush cut categories, the longboard decks feature router cuts in the mounting area of the truck. This mounting mode will place the truck within the deck of the longboard.  One of the best performing flush cut longboard decks is that of the 2013 Landyachtz Wolfshark.

This board is packed with plenty of cool features than you will figure what to do with. It is a stiff design that is suitable for a downhill ride. You can deploy this board in charging some of the fastest runs against your closest competitors.  The board is lower thus offering you greater stability during your rides.

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