Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard Review

Longboard skateboarding is one of the most pleasurable activities that you can engage in. It is not just a sports and a hobby but also means for transportation across town or on campus. There are several factors that you will need to look at when purchasing your longboard skateboards such as its functionality and durability. The Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard is one of the longboards that offers you excellent toughness as well as performance if you are looking for a longboard for drop through performances.

The board is built with a great combination of features for cruising and carving and really does some justice to this beautiful and exciting sport. The shape of the board will assure maximum comfort and support when you are out skateboarding. You can achieve this further thanks to the board’s highly effective grip-tape design that adds to the comfort and enables you to skate with a great deal of comfort.


Santa Cruz SquireThe board has a drop-through construction which is based on a neat camber concave. The Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard offers a relatively well-balanced blend of both stability and flex and it is highly suited for cruising around town or smashing some hills during your skating. It makes use of an 8-plaque construction and you will enjoy the longboard’s flex particularly when you are cruising around town or on campus.

The board is built with a drop-through mounting design which offers extra stability as well as smooth and mellow carving if you would like to skate at relatively high speeds. The Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard skateboard makes use of the soft Road Rider 65mm hanger along with a 45-degree angle baseplate design. It utilizes the 180mm Bullet trucks along with a softer 78a durometer wheels. You can use wheels to smoothly cruise through rough terrains including bumps and pebbles.

The deck material is 100% North American maple and the manufacturer, Santa Cruz, prefers to call them Cruzers rather than longboards due to their particularly distinctive designs. The shape of the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard is directional or symmetrical and you can thus skate in both directions and reverse with relative ease. The low 60mm height of the board’s trucks contributes to the low center of gravity of the longboard that adds to the stability and comfort during your skateboarding.


Like many other Gold Coast boards, the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard is made with highly durable materials that will truly last for years. These also age and wear out quite gracefully making this a truly long term investment. The choice of materials used in the boards is geared towards better performance and durability for the longboard. The North American maple provides you with just the right amount of flex for a stable longboard experience.


This is a board that literally lets you get down to earth when you are out skateboarding. Because of the maximum stability that the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard provides thanks to the superior design attributes that are discussed above, this is a board that will make a great choice when you are planning to engage in some downhill action during your skating action.
Several design features make this one of the most stable longboards in the market. It is low and gives you an excellent grounding when you are skating. Further stability is achieved thanks to the low 45⁰ baseplate angle and the low axle height of the longboard.

The drop-through boards are some of the most preferred in the industry and this longboard makes an excellent case why that is the case. The boards are also highly preferred by many manufacturers due to a variety of reasons. Like other drop-through boards, the hardware of the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard is mounted at the top of the deck instead of the bottom. This gives the rider a lower profile that is close to the ground. It is this design that gives the board much of its vaunted stability.

Due to the stability and the ability of the rider to comfortably attain and maintain very high longboard speeds, they lend themselves to diverse applications. These include the cruising applications, taking leisurely strolls around town, or a quick and convenient transportation around campus grounds. Because of the incredible stability even when skating with insane levels of speeds, you are guaranteed a smooth skating without worrying about falling off the deck when you encounter an obstacle.


Santa Cruz SquireManeuverability is another winning quality of the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard. Bullet 180 trucks enable you to maneuver comfortably past numerous obstacles on your path. When it comes to cruising or bombing some hills on your path, these superior design advantages will become more apparent and you simply pull away from many other riders using inferior quality longboards.

The Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard allows for relatively excellent control during your longboarding. The ease with you can push the board during your skating also makes it a perfect choice for the long distance riding applications. It is good for commuting or transportation applications such as a swing around campus or cruising about to town or to grab some bites.

You will certainly love the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard deck’s turning leverage capabilities even as you savor the highly minimized wheelbite effects when you are out skateboarding. There is a reason why drop-through longboards are amongst the most popular in the market and this high-performance board makes an excellent case why.
You can dance seamlessly around difficult obstacles and also make very sharp turns without being fazed. The design enables you to enjoy a smooth ride and control without the need for constant board maintenance.


You can use this safely even in the urban surroundings where you are most likely intent on achieving some insane levels of downhill speeds. With the Santa Cruz Squire Drop Thru Longboard, you can achieve this while also maintaining incredible stability.


The choice of materials and the technology innovation used in constructing these boards makes them highly durable. Buying these offers you a long term investment in your boards. They also come with very generous warranties.

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