Seeking out the Best Kiteboard Bindings

Most kiteboards come with a strap as part of the standard gear. The footstraps will keep you attached to the board when riding the kite and even allow you to perform certain manoeuvres. The main feature of the footstraps is that they are easily detachable and can also be attached easily to the board. The more experienced riders can do without them but if you want to do those crazy jumps and other board off tricks, it is generally required to put them on.

If you are looking for something that is extra clingy, especially if you are a wake style rider, then you will need to invest in great and durable kiteboard bindings. These offer a greater grip onto the board allowing you to do all the tricks that you want without getting off the board. The bindings can make your riding experience a lot better and safer. The main drawback is they might minimize your flexibility but they are ok to have if you are not planning to go off board as much.

Here is a look at some of the best kiteboard bindings in the market:-

Slingshot RAD Wakeboard Binding 2016

cloneSlingshot has continued to refine its wakeboard binding designs and with the RAD Wakeboard Binding 2016, you not only get a performance improvement but also styling makeover. Riders have said that it feels like a “marshmallow massage”. These kiteboard bindings have been constructed with a host of high performance features that many seasoned riders will highly appreciate.

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The base system is bottomless and riders will have excellent feel between the board and the boot. There is also excellent heel hold thanks to its integrated HHD harness design. The Reflex liners have undergone a makeover, too, and now offer riders superior cushioning and comfort. They are also highly durable so that you can work them through lots of wakeboarding action. The fit of these kiteboard bindings can be customised almost instantly thanks to the laced lower parts as well as the Velcro uppers.

Cabrinha H1 Kite Making 2017/Standard

urlCabrinha is a top brand in the surfing and wakeboarding market so you can expect that their wakeboard gear can only be of the highest quality. That is what you get with the Cabrinha H1 Kite Making/Standard bindings. This is a single strap binding with an asymmetrical body shape. It offers riders an excellent fit that allows for superior control and ease of use. These kiteboard bindings also provide great support; they are fairly light in weight and highly flexible.

This design accommodates a variety of riding styles ranging from freeriding to freestyle riding styles. Attachment to the board is a fairly seamless affair; you will do it in no time. The footpad is also extra cushy giving you excellent comfort, powerful toe grip as well as good heel coverage.

2016 Cabrinha H2 Bindings

cabrinha-h2-bindings-2016-25154pThe 2016 Cabrinha H2 bindings offer kite surfers a wider body and a two strap connection that will be clingy enough for all kinds of manoeuvres. Riders will appreciate that wider base that they offer as well as the more complete coverage for the foot. With this construction, you can look forward to better control and high precision in your kiteboarding.

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These kiteboard bindings will allow you to create the needed pressure when you are doing those massive freestyle tricks on your wakeboards. There is good foot cushioning thanks to its softer footbeds. You will, therefore, be able to create those perfect and smooth landings when you are dropping from the skies. This is also a fairly affordable option. Top takeaways include its floating tongue that accommodates a larger range of sizes; full coverage with positive edge engagement thanks to the quick adjusting Velcro straps and its triple density foot pad for the smoothest and most comfortable rides without sacrificing the grip and the impact resistance.

Dakine AC Kiteboard Bindings

dakine-ac-bindingsIf you are looking for kiteboard bindings on the lower price scale which are also quite as effective, then go for the Dakine AC Kiteboard bindings. They cost less than $50 and offer a super effective and affordable option to cling to the boards when executing  your wakeboard manoeuvres.

They are designed with two bolts per binding and are perfect for standard kiteboarding. If you are looking for more high performance options, check out the above kiteboard binding options.

Cabrinha H3 Kite Bindings/Boots 2017

6The Cabrinha H3 Kite bindings have been built for those rare kiting applications assuring riders of solid grip between the boot and the boards. These bindings have an outer shell that is very light in weight while the upper parts of have a lower profile to give you freer lateral movements while still maintaining a high level of support.  Some of the main features of the Cabrinha H3 include a neoprene flex zone that will give you extra flexibility during your kiting.

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There is better fit and less cramping thanks to the closed toe design of the bindings. Thanks to the baseless chassis, there is better impact absorption thus assuring you of smoother landings during your kiting. You will get quick entry and exit with this design with the three Velcro straps which are quick adjusting. Choose from a host of sizes and enjoy a stable and high performing binding for your wakeboard tricks.

These wind up our review of the best kiteboard bindings designed to meet the specific requirements as well as budget for a wide category of buyers. We hope that you have found what you are looking for. Time now to head to the sea and ride the winds for the ultimate surfkiting thrill.