Finding the Cheapest Self Balancing Scooter

cheapest self balancing scooter

The self balancing scooters have become increasingly popular in the recent years and are ridden by everyone right from the celebrities to the “average Joe” down the street. In the past few months, there had been concerns about the safety issues and thousands of them were recalled by manufacturers and withdrawn from the storefronts of some of the leading retailers in the market. Recently, thanks to the safety measures implemented by the manufacturers, they have been making a comeback.

Manufacturers and regulators are incorporating a host of safety measures and ensuring that the self balancing scooters are UL2272 certified. When shopping for a hoverboard, one of the main factors that you need to keep in mind is the UL safety certification. It is the safety standard guaranteeing that you are buying self balancing scooters where the previous safety issues have been addressed.

We are going to recommend some affordable self balancing scooters that you can purchase, some of which are UL2272 certified. Others are not and have had better safety records although we highly recommend that you stick to the safety certified hoverboards. When shopping for cheap or affordable self balancing scooters, it is also important to stick to some of the leading hoverboard brands instead of buying an obscure brand that not many have an experience with.

Features of the self balancing scooter

Before you even decide to choose a preferred hoverboard model, know what you are looking for. Hoverboards are not the same and they differ in features just like any other products in the market. Points of differentiation include ease of navigation, speed, better protection from accidents, mileage after it has been fully charged, charging time as well as its continuous working time after it has been charged among many other distinguishing features. Also, check on the weight; it should be lightweight and easy to carry in one hand.

What are you planning to use the self balancing scooter for?

Once you have looked at the features, you must also focus on the function of the hoverboard before you choose a product that is right for you. How are you planning to use it in the real world? Will you use it to ride to work 20km away or to a gym 5km away? Will you use it for your grocery shopping in a narrow street corner? Are you planning to ride it extensively for four to five hours or for only two hours? If you have a clear idea of your real needs, it will be easier for you to filter in through the options and choose the most suitable product for you.

The appearance

When buying a self balancing scooter, people are not just looking at coldly at its functioning. Some people would also want their hoverboards to look good. Here again, brands offer different kinds of products. Some offer more beautifully designed and captivating hoverboards while others only offer basic colors.

Safety features

Is the board UL2272 certified? Does it come with protective bumpers, particularly for the more inexperienced riders? Some riders, particularly the more experienced skaters generally prefer a clean crisp look but if you are new to this, it is advisable that you choose a hoverboard that also comes with good protective bumpers.


Finally look at the pricing. When you are shopping for the cheapest self balancing scooters, don’t look at pricing in isolation. Balance it against the other considerations listed above. Based on this, here is our recommendation on the best and cheapest self-balancing scooters.

So what are the Cheapest Self Balancing Scooter on the market?

Swagtron T1 Hands Free Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

81AbhushqnL._SL1500_This is a popular choice because it is a moderately priced self balancing scooter that is also UL2272 certified, meaning it has undergone safety upgrades and passed the relevant safety tests and certification procedures. Its lithium ion battery has a charge time of two to three hours and has features such as battery indicators, headlights, a slight weight shell as well as rubber bumpers. The aluminium wheels have undergone an upgrade and it has tires that offer you a superior traction for your powered skating. Extra safety is ensured with its non-slip pedal. It costs just under $400.

HOVERZON Self Balancing Hoverboard

Hoverzon Self balancing ScooterThis is the only other self balancing scooter that is available in Amazon meaning it has passed the necessary rigorous safety tests and is UL2272 certified. It has a stunning array of colours and plenty of great features for hours of fun. It offers better responsive control to the skater thanks to gear stabilization and its enhanced motor. The battery management system in the hoverboard can assure you of improved battery performance. You can choose from a host of bold and attractive colours including gold, garnet, black, white and pink. There are two modes for different levels of users with a Practice Mode that is better suited for beginners and a Standard Mode for the more experienced skaters.  This hoverboard costs just under $400.

The next three affordable self balancing scooters that we review have not been UL2272 certified but still offer users incredible performance:-

DailySaw 6.5” Hoverboard by Street Saw

Dailysaw Self balancing scooterAlthough it has not yet been UL certified and costs $100 more than the above UL certified hoverboards, the Street Saw board has been built with an incredible degree sophistication to provide users with a superior powered skating performance. It utilizes a brushless motor technology, the same one that Tesla uses in its cars! It has dual front LED lights that ensure all the other road users are able to notice you from afar. The Samsung/LG battery used in this self-balancing scooter offers you extra energy efficiency and performance and will last for five to six hours. There aren’t many extras that will consume too much energy such as an overpowered motor or Bluetooth in this hoverboard. The 6.5” tires are lighter in weight for easier navigation allowing you take this self balancing scooter virtually anywhere. There are also optional protective bumpers that you can choose to add.

Swagway X1 Hands Free Hoverboard

Swagway x1 self balancing scooterThe Swagway X1 is light in weight and you can easily carry it in one hand. It has a maximum speed of 10km/hr and works continuously for 5 hours after it has been fully charged. The mileage after it has been fully charged is 15 miles. The build is solid and steady and the rubber tires are highly durable. It utilizes two smart motors beneath each pedal which are controlled by pressure sensors. To move forward, press both of your feet on the pressure sensors.

SKQUE 10” Self Balancing Scooter

SKQUE 10” Self Balancing ScooterThis self balancing scooter has a maximum speed of 10km/hr and a mileage of 11 to 15 miles once it has been fully charged. You will get quick responses and a more stable ride making it fairly easier to control. With its steep turning radius, you can ride it even in the narrowest of spaces. There are two motors in its wheels that can you can easily control by just stepping on them with both feet and you will be able to accelerate, brake smoothly, rotate and make easy turns. It costs just under $600.

That completes our roundup of some of the safest, powerful and more affordable hoverboards on the market. Depending on your preferences, you are going to find something here that ultimately meets your powered skating requirements.

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