What Are the Best Longboard Bearings?

Radial, axial, who cares as long as you’re flying faster!

Bearings are graded (based on precision which impacts performance) as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. This is your standard if you are into measuring bearing quality and or performance. The reality is (and this will put things into perspective in a snap) an ABEC (Annual Bearing Engineers Committee, established almost 35 years ago) grade is assigned by the committee to all (as in globally) bearings. Let’s put it this way: the guys over at NASA, they use bearings in their spaceships and for those kinds of forces (think tons of rocket fuel exploding under ultra-precise conditions), a grade 9 is required. The people in the know reassure us that for your longboarding madness a bearing graded above 3 isn’t even necessary.

No bearing no matter the grade is going to last on your long board. You know why? Bearings are designed for radial loads and pretty much everything you do on a longboard is axial and side load dominant. It’s not your fault your shred sled can burly and peter pan like a crazy! Is it?! Damn straight! All we’re saying is, no bearing in the world is going to last on a longboard so our advice is don’t let no company take your hard earned cash because they claim their bearing is extra ‘supa’ special because the ABEC grade is above 3! Before we get into our best longboard bearings is…if you can afford bearings with Cerbec® balls don’t hesitate to buy them – they are the ceramic superstars of bearing performance and durability (versus steel bearings).

Primitive High Precision Skateboard Bearings

primitive-skateboard-bearings-fasssport-1609-03-fasssport34Coming in an ultra-cool opulent black box with company’s “crafted with pride” golden embossed thunderbird on the lid are eight (8) size 608 top class high quality bearings sized at 8mm (core) 22mm (outer diameter) and 7mm wide. The folks at Primitive SkateboardingTM pre-lubricate your bearings making the unboxing to skating time negligible. We can’t say we’ve tried them but the people who have gush with admiration.

These P-Rod approved bearings have a racy adrenaline fueled appearance begging for the extreme. Each bearing carries the company’s insignia on the housing which we feel is a classy finish to a ride that can only be described as effortless. With unbridled shredding freedom, we highly recommend Primitive SkateboardingTM bearings to anyone brave enough to hit those fun boxes, ledges, pyramids, rails and hubbas at gnarly speeds.

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

bracbr8-16pk-2These guys have been in the understory for a quarter of a century and that’s why we’ve featured two of their products in this review. Included in the deal are a Bones Reds sticker and eight (8) bearings with high speed nylon ball retainers making them robust and faster. Also pre-lubricated (using Speed Cream) these bearings promise clearances, tolerances and materials with ‘skate rated’ approval.

With a six month shelf life you’ll get a sick ride that’ll have you pivot grinding up the park in no time.  This is a great price for some serious precision greased lightning. Touting ‘’America’s Bestselling” brand, we can see why. These red firecrackers have the convenience of non-metal (rubber) shields which makes cleaning them faster than you’d carve a bowl of super polished concrete.

NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

41jmvph-ykl-_sy400_There’s a new competitor in the skateboard bearing industry and they are making waves. Neal bearings, don’t ring bells like better known brands – not yet anyway, but that doesn’t change the value in their products. Sporting a choice of three (3) materials i.e. ceramic (‘Blackout’ housing), Swiss (orange housing) and titanium steel (also black) their bearings are marketed for skateboards, longboards, penny boards, inline skates, and scooters alike.

The brushed chrome finished bearings come in a durable satin aluminum case and include 4 skateboard spacers, 8 speed rings and a waterproof sticker to boot.  Promising unrivaled speed and durability Neal bearings are a mover and shaker company that appear to take the competition of better known brands in their stride. If you’re open to trying something new backed by the irrefutable claims of top grade materials then Neal is the way to go.

Andale Bearings Paul Rodriguez Pro Rated Precision Skateboard Bearings

41xpackcxhl-_sy300_If P-Rod has tested them then we know they’ve been put through every conceivable rigor of skateboarding mayhem. With, as one customer (and we agree) says, a ‘dope’ case that looks ultra-luxurious in Gold finishing and sporting P-Rod’s signature in black, comes 8 pro-rated and pre-lubricated bearings with 4 skateboard spacers. The bearings themselves have a gold finish with white retainer plate with the company’s logo in gold.

Watching the man put them on and effortlessly doing the ‘impossible’ will make even grandpa want to take the shred sled for an ollie or two! The specifications are standard i.e. you are looking at a (608 with an 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width) and the durability and performance are excellent. If you love the man (who doesn’t?) and quality bearings then grab some now, and slide with pride.

Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings, 8 Pack set

1bbob2cr01000006Coorstek is a leading company making engineered ceramics such as Cerbec balls used in Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings, 8 Pack set. The balls are made from silicon nitride and have phenomenal physical properties which when used on your long board amounts to a great deal of speed. The price is steeper (for obvious reasons) than metal bearings but you save ultimately with extended use and low maintenance. This space age technology is a veritable game changer on your longboard and so we highly recommend these bearings if money isn’t a question.

With this deal you get eight (8) red bearings with Bones’ high speed nylon ball retainer and user-friendly rubber shield removal design and because they pre-lubricated you can ride immediately. Just a reminder again those cerbec balls are ahead of their time in terms of technology and promise a faster, lighter, stronger, waterproof bearing with endless spin. Grab them now!

What are the Best Longboards for Cruising?

Cruising on a skateboard has been a part of the sport since it began as an alternative for surfers when the weather was bad or the waves were flat.  Cruising is where you simply ride the board, sans any of the fancy tricks, and just enjoy the mobile sensation of being faster than foot traffic. Cruising is leisurely and most boarders look at is as relaxing, but at the same time, there are those who derive excitement from it. You can cruise on any skateboard, but the longboard is exceptional at it because of the control it gives the rider and how smooth it rides compared to other boards. Finding the best longboards for cruising can take a bit of work, so we’ve put together a list for you below. 

Longboard cruising is very often found on campuses around the world and in those cities where commuting by board is also an option. When looking for the best longboard for cruising, you need to think about a few things. One, the length of the board and the flex, as it has to support the rider.  Also, take into consideration the stability and how much effort it takes to push the board. Anything with too much resistance is going to take the fun out of it.

Here is a look at some of the best longboards for cruising

Quest Skateboard Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

best longboards for cruising - Quest Skateboard Super Cruiser Longboard SkateboardThis is an artisan board, meaning it is made out of something in addition to standard wood, and this one is a bamboo board. Being made of bamboo, this board has great flex and its maple core still gives the stability a board needs to cruise around town.  With durable wheels and 7-inch trucks, this board is meant to be a smooth ride. This is the best longboard for cruising for the commuter, be it to and from class or your 9-to-5 this board will get you where you’re going with ease.


  • Great flex
  • Durable
  • Beginner board


  • Not made for tricks
  • Cannot slide with this board
  • Heavy board

SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Complete Longboard

SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Complete LongboardThis longboard comes with some great features. Standard comes with ABEC-5 bearings, seven-inch aluminum trucks, and 70mm wheels. The 40-inch deck is nice and long to give you better control and stability as you carve through the streets.  This board does not have a lot of flex, but it is sturdy and durable, giving you the peace of mind that it is going to withstand wipeouts. This is the best longboard for cruising for a beginner, someone who wants a board that will be forgiving and let them learn the ropes.


  • Great hardware
  • Durable
  • Beginner board


  • Not a lot of flex
  • Grip tape can come off
  • Not a very fast board

Rimable Pintail Longboard

Rimable Pintail LongboardThis 41-inch board is made from 9 ply maple and finished with a laminated deck.  It has drop through 7-inch aluminum trucks that give you more speed and turning ability, but for the sacrifice of stability. This is the best longboard for cruising if you are intermediate or above.  The speed of this board is much higher than the other boards, and it can even be used for light downhill longboarding. Standard comes with ABEC-9 bearings and 70 mm wheels.  This board can be your commuter board and the board you race your friends with.


  • Amazing hardware
  • Fast
  • Easy pushing


  • Not for beginners
  • Less stability
  • Damages easily

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

White Wave Bamboo LongboardThis is a drop through style longboard, meaning it is meant for downhill longboarding, but that does not mean it is not a great cruiser. Its low to the ground profile makes for easy pushing and the hardware on this board is fantastic. It comes standard with ABEC-9 Hellion bearings with built in spacers, 70mm wheels, and 7-inch trucks with rebound bushings.  It is made with layers of Bamboo and Canadian Maple and has clear grip tape so you can enjoy the beauty of the bamboo deck. This is an expert’s longboard, but it could be used by a beginner, just as long as you are prepared for quite a few wipeouts. This is the best longboard for cruising if you know what you are doing and want a board that can cruise and trick.


  • Easy pushing
  • Great hardware
  • Clear grip tape


  • Less turning with low profile
  • Not for beginners
  • Damages easily

New Brand Fashion Cruiser Through Longboard

New Brand Fashion Cruiser Through LongboardThis 42-inch board is a drop through the board, made for both downhill longboarding and cruising and carving the streets. This board comes with standard 69 mm wheels, 7-inch aluminum trucks, and ABEC-9 bearing.  Made with eight-ply sugar maple, it is lightweight for carting around and flexible. This is the best longboard for cruising if you want a fast ride. This board has a low center and pushes easily so that it takes almost no time to get up to speed and cruise around town. This board has a super strong grip tape that won’t come off the board and will help you to stay on it.


  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Great hardware


  • Not great for beginners
  • Not great for tricks
  • Damages easily

That was it for our breakdown of the best longboards for cruising. Honestly, any board can be used for cruising, from the small penny and nickel boards all the way up to the longest board but these give you an extra edge thanks to the design. It’s all in the style of ride you want and how much experience you have on a board. We hope that this has helped you to make some decisions on the board you are looking for and that you have a great time cruising and carving the streets.

What are the Best Downhill Longboards for Me?

Downhill longboarding is an advanced form of longboarding, where the focus is on going down hills or slopes as fast as possible. This is not a style of longboarding for beginners, as it requires technical skills and advanced ability to prevent total and complete wipeouts.  A downhill longboarder must be able to slide, turn quickly and stop safely all while going at extremely fast speeds. This style is primarily for racing which, in turn, has the riders doing all they can to avoid wind resistance. They crouch to achieve this and to have greater stability on the board.

Downhill style longboards are designed differently, with speed and handling in mind. The decks are dipped and allow for a lower center of gravity for the rider.  This gives more stability and control at high speeds, but can increase the chances of wiping out on corners and when making tight turns. They also often have a longer wheelbase to increase that stability. A board that will keep you from falling off is crucial when cruising down a hill at the speed cars normally go. When downhill longboarding, you should always wear a helmet of some form, preferably a full mask helmet to protect your head. Other protective gear up to racing leathers are also recommended to reduce damage done during wipeouts.

Now that we have gone over the basics of downhill longboarding, let’s take a look at the best downhill longboards which are available in the market currently. We are going to go over six different boards, and give a few pros and cons to each board.

So What are the Best Downhill Longboards on the Market?

Rimable Drop Through Longboard

 Best Downhill Longboards - Rimable Drop Through LongboardThis 41-inch board is made with nine-ply maple in its laminated deck. It comes standard with 7-inch aluminum trucks and 51 mm PU wheels. The bearings are high-speed ABEC-9 and it also comes with its own lubricant to increase the board’s efficiency. This is a drop-through style board with less stability than a drop deck board, but tighter turning capabilities.  This is the best downhill longboard for hills with a lot of turns and curves.


  • Great hardware
  • Tighter turning ability
  • Smooth ride


  • Damages easily
  • Bolts come loose easily
  • Less stability

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Best Downhill Longboards - Atom Drop Deck LongboardThis 41-inch board is an ultra-low riding longboard made for speed and stability.  Its lower deck makes pushing a breeze, making this the best downhill longboard for commuting as well as cruising.  The unique perimeter of this board gives it improved turning over other drop-deck boards, but not as much as a drop-through board. This comes standard with a full maple deck, reverse kingpin trucks, ABEC- 9 bearings, and 245-millimeter axles. Atom Longboards gives this board a one-year limited manufacturers warranty.


  • Lower center of gravity = more stability
  • Increased turning capabilities
  • Great hardware


  • Damages easily
  • Grip tape can peel off
  • Durability issues

Atom Drop Through Longboard

Best Downhill Longboards - Atom Drop Through LongboardLike the previous board, this is a high-quality Atom Board longboard designed for high speeds and downhill longboarding. This is the drop through style, and that means it is far better at turning and taking sharp curves than the other Atom board but it trades its stability for that ability. It is a maple/bamboo hybrid board, with Navigator Drone trucks, ABEC-9 bearings and Atom Area 51 wheels. A fantastic way to get around as well as bomb some hills, this is the best downhill longboard for recreation.


  • Superior Turning
  • Great Hardware
  • Sturdy construction


  • Less stability
  • Damages easily
  • Grip tape can peel off

EIGHTBIT 41 inch Drop Down Complete Longboard

Best Downhill Longboards - EIGHTBIT 41 inch Drop Down Complete LongboardThis drop down longboard is the best downhill longboard for those who need that extra assurance that their board is going to stand up to high speeds. With its 41 inches 8-ply maple drop down deck and ABEC-7 bearings, this board is meant to bear the brunt of high-speed wear.  Its heavy duty trucks will not bend on you, and it comes with one year warranty.  This board is ideal for commuting, racing, cruising and carving.


  • Great stability
  • Great flex
  • Wide drop down deck


  • Poor turning abilities
  • Needs better wheels
  • Damages easily

SCSK8 Professional Speed Drop Down/ Drop Through Complete Longboard

Best Downhill Longboards - EIGHTBIT 41 inch Drop Down Complete LongboardThis board is designed to combine the best of both worlds, being both a drop down and drop through board.  It offers great stability, excellent handling and works well under the pressures of riding at high speeds.  This board will give you a smooth ride.  It has some great flex and offers fantastic gripping capabilities.


  • Great stability
  • Great Turning
  • Flexible board


  • Damages easily
  • Need better bearings
  • Needs better wheels

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

41QiH3G2+HLThis board means business. It comes standard with Q-ball wheels, HD7 Heavy duty trucks, ABEC- 7 bearings, and black widow 80a grip tape. It’s nine-ply maple construction has a high concave shape with very little flex in the board to give you the best in stability. It comes in 22 different color variations to match any style. This board handles high speeds without a case of the wobbles and will give you that edge when you are racing your friends.


  • Great hardware
  • Great stability
  • Smooth ride


  • Bearings could be upgraded to ABEC-9
  • Gets dirty fast
  • Grip tape can come off

Well, that sums up the breakdown of these six longboards.  Each one has its own unique perks and problems, and we hope that we have helped you to find the best downhill longboards for you.

What are the Best Penny Boards for Sale?

Penny boards are also commonly known as short cruisers or penny skateboards and are often made through the pairing of high-quality plastic decks with trucks and cruiser wheels. With the same mechanics as a skateboard in just a smaller package, this variety of board has become a favorite among university students and hobbyist skateboarders alike. Compact, portable and easy to carry, these smaller boards make commuting, whether to work or to class a breeze. Due to the amount of options on the market, finding the best Penny boards can be a challenge.

They come in a plethora of designs and colors to match any personality and any style. Its slim size makes perfect for tucking under a desk or away in a locker.  The boards come in 22 inches penny-sized, or 27 inches nickel-sized. We have searched the internet, and collected the best penny boards to give a detailed review so you can decide what the best penny boards for sale are.

What are the Best Penny Boards on Offer?

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

Best Penny Boards - Penny Board CompleteFirst up we have the brand that gave these boards their name, Penny Boards.  Penny Boards offers every variation of penny board you can imagine, but we are going to take a moment to look at the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard. With over 36 color varieties, this board can suit any tastes. It comes standard with soft wheels and ABEC 7 bearings, a 22-inch length, and weighs just 4.19 pounds.  Meant to bend and not break, this board can handle a rider of any dimensions, and is designed for any skill level. So if you are looking for a kickback to 80’s SK8ing or trying to introduce your youngster to the board, this is the best penny board for you. If you are looking for other board by Penny, we suggest the Penny Skateboard Standard Skateboard.


  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Lightweight
  • Great Handling


  • 22 inches is small for taller riders
  • Not best for rugged roads
  • Expensive

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard

Best Penny Boards - CruiserNext, let’s take a look at the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard. This penny sized board (22 inches) is designed a little different from the standard Penny Brand.  It comes with reinforced injection molded plastic, 3.15” trucks with 90a bushings, and super soft wheels. This board is described as sensitive, making it good for sharp, clean turns.  The design of the deck gives it great flex and makes it semi-grippy, so there is no need for gripper tape. This is the best penny board for beginners or children to learn to carve and cruise. This board is durable and can take a bit of a beating before it shows a great deal of wear and tear. Stereo board makes many other boards as well, even a board that supports breast cancer.


  • Flexible, semi-grippy board
  • Great maneuvering
  • Great for commuting


  • Bearings are sub par
  • Gets dirty easy
  • Not good for advanced tricks

EIGHTBIT 22 inch Complete Skateboard

Best Penny Boards - EightbitThis next board is a little bit more of a retro kickback than the rest, made by EIGHTBIT.  The EIGHTBIT 22 inch Complete Skateboard has retro waffle-grip plastic for a deck and aluminum trucks.  Coming standard with ABEC-7 bearings and super smooth EIGHTBIT wheels, this board is made for speedy cruising down a suburban street. Weighing exactly four pounds, this board is a little more lightweight than the former two, making it an easy portable mode of transportation. Another completely cosmetic bonus to this board is that it glows in the dark.  Add this in with its flexible but durable deck and great handling from the quality trucks and bearings and you are in for a super smooth ride.


  • ABEC-7 Bearings
  • Glows in the dark
  • Retro design


  • Harder to turn than other penny boards
  • Gets dirty fast
  • Wheels harder than other penny boards

Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Best Penny Boards - SkatroNext stop, we are going to take a look at the Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard. This lightweight penny sized board comes with some great features.  ABEC-7 bearings, Skatro brand wheels, and aluminum trucks come standard for this beautiful cruiser.  The design process of the board called the Skatro Flexy Technology, ensures optimal flex in every deck. Created with the commuter in mind, it comes in at just over four and a half pounds and is compact enough to take on any form of transportation or tuck away in any business space.


  • Lightweight
  • Free T-tool
  • Flexible deck


  • Wheels are very soft
  • Can chip with advanced tricks
  • Suspension is iffy

The Boss Board – Complete 22’ Vintage Skateboard

Best Penny Boards - BossLast but never the least we are going to take a look at The Boss Board – Complete 22’ Vintage Skateboard. With a name like that, this board has a lot to live up to. The boss penny board comes standard with ABEC-7 bearings, high-density plastic deck, 59mm smooth wheels, and solid aluminum trucks.  This board comes with a full lifetime warranty, so that if something goes wrong with your board they will take care of you. Weighing exactly four pounds this is one of the lighter penny boards, making it one of the best penny boards for commuting.  It comes in five classic color combinations (Dragon, Superman, Bunny, Revolution, and Stealth) and with waffle grip to give that full retro feel.


  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Lightweight only 4lbs
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not as flexible as other boards
  • Does not handle turns as well as other boards
  • Trucks glued to the board

Selecting the right penny board can be a difficult decision, with the options on the market and all the information available it can seem like a real nightmare. Add in brand credibility and actual durability of the mini cruiser and you have research on top of research to do. That is why we took a solid look at these top brands and broke down the good, the bad and the ugly of each one.

So if you are looking to get a real deal name brand Penny board, or a cheaper alternative that still has the quality, these are the best penny boards to look into.

What the Best Longboard Safety Gear Should you Buy?

Skateboarding has been a crucial part of an alternative lifestyle for over 30 years. Skateboarders were those that had a beef with authority, a streak of masochism and a love for long roads. Longboarding just recently became a trend and as such, the market has become flooded with companies trying to capitalize on it. All this choice makes it hard to understand what it is that you need to skate safely with a longboard. That is why we have taken some of the hard work out of it and broken it down for you.  The key pieces of longboard safety gear, which we are going to go over in detail, are a helmet, gloves, pads, and leathers. 

Longboard Helmets

81+-NIUI3RL._SX522_Your brain is the center of your being, the source of your ability to move and yes, ride your longboard. That is why you should take the most care in picking a helmet, as it is your most important piece of longboard safety gear. Riding without a helmet is not just stupid, it is dangerous, one misjudgment and your brains can be quickly meeting concrete in devastating and possibly fatal ways. Don’t be that one person who thinks they are too cool for helmets. Trust us; you aren’t.

A good helmet will cost a decent amount, but you are must make sure you are getting what you pay for. Solid one piece construction is important, along with secure straps and high-quality EPS foam liner. Everything else is just the bells and whistles.

For a basic helmet that will still protect your head, check out the PROTEC Original Classic Helmet. It is CPSC certified, comes in a variety of sick colors and fits all the previous criteria.  For full face coverage, try the TSG Pass Helmet.

Longboard Gloves

Just as important as your head, your hands need to be protected from the road too.  Sturdy, well-made gloves are great longboardLongboard Gloves safety gear, but you also need to make sure that that fit is right. Nothing sucks more than losing a glove because the wrist couldn’t tighten enough and now you’ve got road rash on your palm.  Gloves also can help you with some moves, especially if you get yourself some sliding gloves.

Sliding gloves are durable gloves with pucks attached. The primary puck is on the palm, letting you glide along the road with grace and style. For beginners or those who need the extra protection, there are also gloves that have finger and thumb pucks, to keep you from shredding your gloves and your fingers.

Gloves shouldn’t cost an arm and leg, but some are a higher price for higher quality. When you are looking for gloves, make sure you get the right size, and know what you want. Gloves without pucks are just for protection and should be durable and tight fitting to protect your hands in the case of a wipeout. Sliding gloves as said before, come in two types, with just a palm puck, or pucks for the fingers too. 

For a beginner to sliding, go for the pucks for the fingers, such as the Loaded Longboards GoatSkin Race Slide Gloves.  For someone who has some experience with sliding, go for gloves like Triple 8 Sliders Downhill Gloves or Sector 9 BHNC Adult Slide Gloves.

Longboard Pads

The next set of longboard safety gear protects your joints and bones. Pads come in different varieties, from knee and elbow pads to wrist and shin guards. Ensuring that you are protecting yourself while enjoying your hobby is crucial, and it will save you in an unexpected tango with the sidewalk. Kneepads and Elbow pads are tBest Longboard Safety Gear - Padshe most commonly used pads, made to help when you catch yourself and not scuff up your knees and elbows.

When choosing pads, like with any other protective gear, you have to have the right fit, or else it is useless. Pads should be snug but not restrictive, and your should be able to move naturally in them. They should also come with the hard outer shell as one solid piece and with inner foam.

A good set to work with would be the Triple 8 Saver Series, which comes with Wrist, Knee and Elbow pads. Another set is the TSG 3-Piece Pad Pack.  Getting a set is a great way to make sure that all your gear matches, but if you want to piece it together for your needs, you can get separate pieces.

Longboard Leathers

Longboarding suits are not necessary a need as the previous three are, but they are great for those that do a lot of boarding orBest Longboard Safety Gear - Pads seeking to be pro or semi-pro. These suits, or leathers as they are aptly called, are designed primarily of leather, with Kevlar in places where you need to flex and stretch. Proving full body protection from road rash and damage from wipeouts, these suits also have medium density foam at the knees, elbows and back. Leathers are also comfortable, designed for long rides and half-pipes. Leather suits are not for beginners, more for those who do more than casual longboarding.

If you are looking for a set of leathers, make sure that you get all your measurements taken, with all the gear you plan to wear while riding your longboard.  A leather suit to look into would be the NJK Leathers Race Ready Leather Skateboarding Suit. Coming in a few colors and with double ply leather in all contact areas you can rest assured that your skin is safe in the worst case scenarios.

You’re safety while you ride is incredibly important, to not just your health, but the quality of your ride. It is hard to enjoy the sensation of coasting downhill if you are worried about what happens if you fall. Taking your safety into your hands, we want you to have the best ride possible, which is why we’ve given you this in-depth look at exactly what longboard safety gear you need, from beginner on up.

What are the Best Pintail Longboards?

Pintail longboards are a class of longboards that have grown increasingly popular in the recent years in the skating community. These boards are designed with a “pintail” shape. The main purpose of this design is to prevent the wheels of the board from coming into contact with board deck, a phenomenon known as the wheelbite. The pintail models are therefore designed to minimize the wheelbite effects as much as possible. It does this while also providing the rider with a maximum foot space and stability when longboarding.

There are several factors that you need to look into when choosing the right pintail longboards. These include:-

  • The design influences of the longboards,
  • The materials used,
  • The length,
  • The volume,
  • The shape
  • The weight.

The true test of any longboard is, however, its performance while you are out skating. While every board is ride-able, the best boards are simply amazing. They are innovative in construction, sometimes a bit outlandish and simply deliver the results. All the main components of the longboard are synchronized to deliver the ultimate performance and experience. Here is a list of some of the best pintail longboards in the market:

What are the Best Pintail Longboards?

The Atom Pintail Longboard

Best Pintail Longboards - AtomAccording to buyer reviews, this board is simply designed to perfection and is one of the best in the market. You will appreciate the quality of the design from a mere look at the board. There is a great attention to detail in the design of every component. It is also a great board for the beginners who are just starting out in the longboarding planet. While it is generally regarded as a great board for the beginners, the intermediate users will also find it well suited for their application.

Atom pintail longboards are built with the classic deck shape that helps you avoid wheel bite when surfing. The board has been designed with 8.5” Aluminum trucks along with the ABEC 5 bearings and offers good balance and stability to riders. In addition, it has 78A urethane wheels that provide maximum traction. The Maple laminate deck of the board offers full coverage to the surfers with a grip tape top.

The board is great for cruising applications and is an ideal entry level board for many beginners. The Atom Pintail longboard rides smoothly and is also quite affordable.

Check the Latest Prices, Discounts and Reviews on Amazon Here

Moose Black Pintail Longboards

Best Pintail Longboards - Moose BlackWith plenty of reviews on Amazon, this is one of the most popular pintail boards. The most distinctive feature about this board is the price. It is dirt cheap (although the quality is impeccable). You may have an issue with the bearings but you can replace these with the Bone Red’s or any other quality bearings out there on the market. The board has a size of 9”x43”.

The board’s deck offers you a clean, bouncy feel. The paint job on the deck surface is glossy although it is not quite as fancy. It has the classic board design which saves you from wheelbites. The main take away from this is the relative premium quality at very affordable pricing. It is perfect for beginners and offers excellent stability when the bearings are replaced.

Check the Latest Prices, Discounts and Reviews on Amazon Here

The BigFish V-Lam 43”

Best Pintail Longboards - Big FishThe BigFish is a unique type of pintail board. It does not have some of the problems that are typically inherent in the pintails such as the wheelbites, little room for your feet and useless elongated noses. These pintail longboards are in a class of their own.

This is a board that has been designed with the skater in mind. It offers incredible performance and is still available at affordable pricing. You can acquire this for under $200. While it mimics the legendary pintail boards, it offers additional enhancements that make it a popular choice amongst the top skaters. It has a light aspen core with a rock maple laminate.

This has been loaded with a pre-cured fiberglass laminate material. The design of the board is quite light but technically advanced resulting in a board that is light, flexible and with great responsiveness. It can power you through rough skating terrains including carves and pumps.

Osprey Labrinth Pintail Longboard 41”

Best Pintail Longboards - OspreyIf you are looking for something which strays away from the more conventional skateboarding products, then the Osprey 41” is your best choice. It offers a more relaxed alternative for cruisers (but allows for fewer tricks). You are, however, able to achieve top speeds with this board, along with incredibly tight turns when you are cornering on it.

The board has a durable 7ply deck which has been constructed using Canadian Maple and the hardwearing Chinese materials. This guarantees robustness and durability of the pintail longboard. The classic pintail design reduces the effects of wheelbites. The deck of the board is covered with an 80AB grip tape that ensures you maintain stability and your grounding when carving tight corners or cruising on the streets. A nice zigzag line embosses the grip tape helps to bring out the beautiful wood finishing.

Osprey’s unique “Solar Flare” design decorates the base of the deck. Both the truck and the base of the board have been made of tough aluminum to provide a durable polished finish. 12mm risers have been installed between the base and the truck to act as shock absorbers.

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Original Longboards Alders Pintail 43

Best Pintail Longboards - OriginalThis is at the high end of the market when it comes to the choice of pintail longboards. It allows you to cruise with a great degree of confidence thanks to the unique construction that puts a premium on stability and maintaining your grounding.

The deck design of the board has a concave that will keep your feet centered thus ensuring maximum comfort when you are on the move. It has a stiffer flex. The performance of the board has been tuned to the wheelbase. The board enables you to mount a great variety of wheels thus making it a perfect all-rounder that can guarantee you a smooth ride with difference set-ups.

The construction is an amazing 9ply which matches its elongated wheelbase. With stiffer flex construction, you can enjoy more stable rides with these boards. The Pintail 43 has ample length capable of accommodating wide stances as well as the various adjustments that may be made by the more inexperienced riders. With this pintail board, you are able to stray a little bit from your comfort zone with a great deal of confidence.

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What are the Best Longboards for Girls?

What are the best longboards for girls? This is a question that many a beginner is likely to ask as they get started in this popular and fun sport. We all want the right longboard skateboards when are just getting started in order to have an easy debut into this form of skating. Like guys, girls too need longboards that will perfectly suit both their style and attitude when it comes to skateboarding.

Like many other longboard buying dilemmas, the best type of longboards for girls will depend on a variety of factors. For example are they beginners or more experienced skaters? Are they planning to cruise, speed-ride, free-ride, carve or roll on downhill? Are they interested in executing some tricks or maneuvers? All these will be important tips to factor in when looking for the most suitable longboards for girls.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular longboards for girls that can be used in various forms of longboarding. Hopefully, these can help you shop in the vast marketplace and make a more informed position instead of shopping “blindly” for products that you are unfamiliar with.

If you are entry level skater chick, there are certain features that you will be looking for when it comes to choosing a longboard. These include a durable quality, stability, big soft wheels, impeccable design, smooth bearings and an end that is longer and wider that allows you to skate with confidence. Pricing is also an important consideration when it comes to choosing longboards for girls. After all, you want to choose something that you can actually afford.

Some of the most desirable longboards for girls include the Sector 9 Snapper, the Arbor Cork Fish, the Gold Coast Floater, the Globe Kaguya and the Landyachtz Totem longboards.

What are the Best Longboards for Girls?

Sector 9 Complete Longboard

Best Longboards for Girls - snapperFeaturing a patented lamination process, the skateboard a 5ply vertically laminated bamboo with an aesthetically pleasing top design and a smooth-grained bottom bamboo finishing which has some cool graphics. It is a great longboard for girl beginners and is fully assembled. You will get rolling in no time.

It makes use of the Sector 9 Patented lamination process. The Trucks of the longboard skateboard are made using Gullwing 9.0” Mission. These are 61mm 78A Sector 9 Biothane wheels and are built with PDP ABEC5 bearings. It has a width of 8.75” and a length of 34”. The wheelbase of the skater is 21”.

Part of the Sector 9 Bamboo Series, it is a new and redesigned skateboard. The sweet graphics and cool finishing are pleasing to the eye.

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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard - QuestThe Quest Super Cruiser is one of the most popular longboards for girls. It really lives up to its name thanks to the unique construction employed in the design of the board. The board offers lady an efficient way to glide across the city in great fashion and style. It is not only quick, stable and efficient but also an eco-friendly option for many lady skaters.

It is built with a host of features that make it highly suitable for both the beginners and the more experienced skaters. Apart from the stability of the board, it also comes with ease of maneuverability and ease of control. Ladies will certainly love the fresh and elegant design of the skateboard. It is beautifully designed but has no trace of tackiness, a quality that you are unlikely to find in other longboards in the market. The longboard is free of wheelbites and very suitable for carving applications.

Arbor Genesis 44

Arbor Genesis 44The Arbor Genesis 44 is a top line cruiser and is one of the most popular longboards for girls. It also lends itself to powerful carving and flatland tricks applications. It has fiberglass reinforcement and a dampening flex design.

The Arbor Genesis 44 is designed with a fully functional nose that will allow you to execute lots of manuals as well as many other tricks when you are longboarding. It is also built with a torsional flex but you are still able to execute to a more forgiving ride thanks to the excellent shock absorption capabilities. Riders can ride close to the ground and still maintain excellent stability thanks to the longboard’s drop-through mounting position.

The Arbor Genesis 44 longboards for girls offers a lightweight longboard skateboard option that will allow you to cruise, carve, commute or execute some mellow moves that will leave others overawed with your skating abilities.
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The Sector 9 Seeker Complete

The Sector 9 SeekerThis board is designed for freestyle longboarding. You can use this to seamlessly kick turns and execute freestyle carving moves. It is built with a drop-through deck which has been reinforced with carbon stringers. These provide for a very responsive and lively ride that will keep you highly energized throughout your skating activities.

This longboard is perfectly symmetrical and will, therefore, give you a relative peace of mind during your skating activities. You can even ride the longboard backwards and get some free-flowing skating experience.

Specifications for the longboard include the 10” Gullwing Chargers, CNC drop-through mounting, a 5Ply Maple sandwich, fiberglass material and Sector 9 race wheels that are equipped with the PDP ABEC5 bearings.
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Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite

Krown Rasta Freestyle EliteThis one of the best longboards for girls and forms a part of Krown’s Elite longboard series. The construction of this board features an 8-Ply Maple. The board dimensions are 9.25”x36”. It has a drop-through shape that makes it highly suitable for the riders who are looking for speed and greater stability. This is in part, due to its low center of gravity.

The shape of the board is through-mounted and it comes equipped with 71mm wheels. It also has 7.0 trucks along with the speed bearings. Due to the board’s low center of gravity, the board is incredibly stable at very high speeds. This makes it one of the most awesome boards to ride.
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What are the Best Longboards for Beginners?

Longboarding as a sport has seen an explosion in popularity in the recent years. More and more users are now willing to learn it and that means thousands of first-time users are getting hooked and shopping for the longboard skateboards. One of its many attractions is that it is quite easy to learn. You can simply pick a skateboard and begin “longboarding” in no time. If you are a beginner to the sport, then you must start by choosing the best longboards for beginners. This is a fairly recent sport but there are countless brands already catering to this niche. This includes those who specialize in designing boards for the beginners.

Considerations When Purchasing the Best Longboards for Beginners

There are plenty of considerations that you will need to factor in when shopping for the longboards for beginners. Many of the experienced longboard skaters-and purists- recommend beginning with the pintail longboards which allow you to try every maneuver and discipline using a variety of trucks and decks before “graduating” to the other board designs. Another school of thought contends that any type of board that you pick will be appropriate for your needs.

There are, however, certain characteristics that you should go for when shopping for the longboards for beginners. One challenge that most beginners have is that they really have no clue on what they are looking for. A majority of them want to cruise. There are some who may want to carve the hills, pump, move at high speeds or simply execute some tricks and maneuvers. Generally, many simply want to skate but they have no clue on the specifics of skating or the form that their skating will take.

When choosing the longboards for beginners, it is, therefore, important to simply go for those boards that they can use to do the most basic things. Once they have mastered skating, they can decide the form that they want their longboard skating to take. Here are some of the best longboards for beginners that you can purchase:

Sector 9 Longboards

Best Longboards for Beginners - The Sector 9 SeekerMost first-time riders will choose the Sector 9 longboards. They are by far the most recommended longboards for beginners. One of their main winning points is accessibility or availability. You will find them in almost all longboard retail stores. After a year or so, most users will attempt to upgrade into more advanced longboard skateboards.

The top board is aesthetically pleasing while the bottom includes a Bamboo grain as well some graphics. The longboard rides with the 10” Gullwing Chargers which have the 74mm 78A top shelf wheels. These have the high-quality PDP ABEC5 bearings. The board is free-ride capable with very good technical ability. This is due to the drop through mounting of the longboard’s lookout. It has a camber mold a 5ply bamboo that is vertically laminated. The length is 42” while the width is 9.6”. It has a wheelbase of 31.5”.

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The Atom Pintail Longboard

The Atom Pintail LongboardBuilt in the classical design, the Atom Pintail Longboard is one of the best entry-level longboards in the market. It has a classic shape that almost eliminates the wheelbites and it is one of the most affordable premium quality longboards in the market. You can use it whether you are beginning just getting introduced to the sport or an intermediate user planning to carve some of the most difficult turns.

The board has a stiff Maple laminate deck and is made of PHT material. The grip tape is made of an 80 grit Aluminum oxide. The trucks are also made of polished Aluminum. If you are interested in beginning your longboard skateboarding journey with a pintail, then this badass longboard is a sure recommendation for you.
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The Original Pintail 40 Longboard

Original Pintail 40 LongboardThis all-around crowd-pleaser is one of the best longboards for beginners that you can acquire. The platform offers 40 inches of stability and has been built for controlled cruising. You can also deploy the Pintail 40 for some premium carving action.

The longboard sits very low on the trucks. The board is mounted with an original S8 and 200mm carving trucks. It has not been built with risers. With these boards, you can enjoy a new level of cruising and carving performances in your skateboard longboarding. You will also love the beautiful and serious visual styling used on the board which has been inspired by Jay Alders’ “Out of the Blue”.
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The Landyachtz Switchblade 2014 40″ Longboard

The Landyachtz Switchblade 2014 40" LongboardThe Landyachtz Switchblade longboard is suitable for an entry-level rider looking for an ultra-low ride in the city. It is also a good skateboard longboard for the most experienced skaters who are intent on increasing the mastery of longboarding in order to become one of the best in the world. The badass switchblade will be your ideal weapon in your battle to become a super-skater.

The board is built with a very stiff design with very little flex. This makes it a very stable board and offers you complete confidence and control of your skateboarding. The aggressive concave of the longboards for beginners will lock your feet in on the deck. In addition, there is also the drop platform that caters for the sides of your feet when skating on this longboard. This leads to incredible stability which is necessary for new riders. The symmetrical shape of the board makes it highly suitable for free-riding, switches or the regular rides. The Landyachtz Switchblade has been built for the downhill riding but it can also be applied in cruising and pushing.

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The Pintail 43 Longboard by Original

The Pintail 43 Longboard by OriginalThis is another of the best longboards for beginners. The Pintail 43 is dropped low and comes with a plate special as well as fixins that will certainly satiate your hunger for action. It is a medium longboard with a slight concave. You will also appreciate the beautiful art on the board which is the handiwork of Jay Alders. It is a suitable board for beginners although advanced users can also deploy it.

This is the board that lets you cruise with a great deal of confidence. It has a mellow feel to it and offers a very predictable ride. Tune into the top performance in your longboarding with the Pintail 43 today.
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What are the Best Longboard Wheels?

Your choice of the best longboard wheels should be a very deliberate one. One of the most important considerations that you will have to look at is your riding style. For example, are you going on some cruising or carving rides? Are you planning to roll downhill or execute some tricks and maneuvers? The form that your longboard skateboarding will take will be very dependent on the wheel types that you will choose for your boards. Once you get a grip on the type of longboarding experience that you want, it is very easy to pick the right type of wheels for your use.

When it comes to the wheel specs, three things will be important when you are out shopping for the best longboard skateboard wheels: the wheel diameter, the durometer rating, and the size of the contact pitch. These will be explained shortly.

As an illustration, if you are keen on moving at high speeds or zooming downhill over a wide patch, then the most suitable wheels for you will be the big diameter, square lips as well as the low durometer wheels. For sliding longboard skateboarding, you will most certainly need wheels that are built with a narrow contact patch, smaller diameters, more rounded lips and durometer ratings that are higher. For the general cruising longboarding in the city, the most suitable types of longboard wheels will be those with an average contact patch, smaller diameters, a neutral rating for the durometer and square or rounded lips.

When you are out shopping for the best longboard wheels, researching and finding the right wheels that will fit each of these criteria for your longboarding applications is going to take you some time as well as work. If you are new to the sport, your chances of success are even lower when it comes to choosing the most suitable wheels for your longboards.

In this article, we are doing the heavy lifting for you and offering you a brief and workable review of some of the best longboard skateboard wheels in the market which you can choose for your application. Here is a guide of five of the best longboard wheels in the market which can suit riders of all styles as well skills levels.

Choosing the Best Longboard Wheels?

ABEC 11 Classic Centrax

Best Longboard Wheels - ABEC 11 Classic CentraxThe ABEC 11 Classic Centrax are the most suitable wheels for the Adrenaline junkie. They have a 77mm diameter and are built with a flashy design that will get you rolling downhill with confidence and in style. With the large wheel diameters, you can easily attain and maintain the top speeds effortlessly. The added weight adds to the extra momentum that helps you retain the top speeds.

The wheels have a durometer rating of 75a and are therefore highly responsive and also quite comfortable. This makes them highly suitable for downhilling in your longboards at top speeds. The wheels have an excellent shock-absorption capacity and will absorb most of the vibrations on the track. With its square lips, you will make maximum contact with the ground thus offering you extra stability.

The wheel edges give you extra control and grip as you navigate sharp turns. The wheels are centre-set and will continue offering you extra grip even when the outside of the wheel wears out. For downhill racers, the ABEC 11 Classic Centrax wheels are some of the most highly sought after.

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Orangatang Fat Free Wheels

Best Longboard Wheels - Orangatang Fat Free WheelsThese are amongst the best-rated wheels for freeriding and sliding. They are designed with rounded lips which will reduce the contact with the road surface and thus the friction. As a result, the wheels can be comfortably used during longer slides when you are longboarding.

If longboard sliding appeals to you, then these are your best go-to longboard wheels. They allow you to effortlessly initiate your longboard slides and gain greater control in your skating. With a diameter of 65mm, the wheels are low on the ground which in turn allows for a smoother initiation of slides. These badass longboard wheels will make your acceleration a breeze due to the relative smaller size and lighter weight.

With a durometer of 86a, you will get the feel of a very hard wheel but you get the advantage of chatter-free wheel slides. In addition, they wear out slowly and consistently over a long duration of time. The harder construction of the wheels also allows you to skate in your neighborhood without leaving behind the often irritating streaks of urethane on the road surface.

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ABEC 11 Grippins

ABEC 11 GrippinsThese wheels will serve you well if you are commuting or on a cruise around town. The durometer rating is softer at 75a and you will therefore be comfortable confronting the bumps, cracks or rocks on the highway. It will offer you with excellent cushioning against the vibrations.

The square lips of the Abec 11 Grippins offer you added grip thanks to the huge 50.5mm contact patch. With such a powerful grip, you will have little problems navigating the sharp corners and cleaning past some of the sharpest turns.

With a diameter of 70mm, the longboard wheels are quite low on the ground and that offers you the extra stability that you will need. The low centre of gravity offers you incredible confidence to weave easily past any obstacles on your path. It is a very durable wheel thanks to the centre-set core. These are sold in sets of four wheels.

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ABEC 11 Flashbacks

ABEC 11 FlashbacksReferred to as the jacks of all trades, the wheels are perfectly suited for the entry level users or any skater who wants to experiment with virtually everything on their longboards. It is a highly versatile multi-purpose longboard wheel that delivers incredible performance for the longboard skaters.

The wheels are built with a 70mm diameter and a contact path that is 43mm wide. The longboard wheels are not only light in weight but relatively easy to maneuver during your rides. The square edge lips offer you a powerful added grip that allows you to skate comfortably and with confidence.

The wheels also have a relatively softer 78a durometer rating that allows you to hit the top speeds, roll downhill, carve, slide or cruise at top speeds around the city without worrying about the hard obstacles. The soft durometer rating gives the wheel the softness to absorb all the shocks on your path from obstacles such as bumps, cracks and rocks on the path.

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Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus Longboard WheelsThe Orangatang Stimulus wheels have been built for freeriding applications. The wheels can be quite grippy when needed. They are built with a hard 86a durometer rating and have very consistent slide characteristics.

With 70mm diameters, the wheels offer riders a low centre of gravity that allows them to ride with a great deal of comfort and confidence. You can attain enhanced control and quick accelerations during your longboarding with 70mm longboard wheels. It also offers you greater control and you will be able to weave easily past many obstacles on your path. The 42mm contact path is relatively wide which offers you with an added grip during your rides.

Both inner and outer lips are rounded and have very stiff flex designs for chatter-free and smoother slides. These longboard wheels wear out slowly and consistently over a long duration of time.

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What are the Best Longboard Trucks?

The longboard trucks refer to the T-shaped metallic pieces which are installed on the underbelly of the longboards and which also attach to the longboard wheels. They are part of the essential components which make the longboard design complete. Each longboard requires two trucks. These can be measured based on the axle width or the hanger width.

Before you invest in longboard trucks, it is very important to clearly understand their anatomy and the types that are available in the marketplace. There are different kinds of longboard trucks with varied components which can, essentially, change how your board functions. Understanding these will help you in picking the best trucks that are perfectly suited for your kind of application. At the end of the day, you will need the right kind of truck that will suit your riding style and which will be critical in helping you achieve an optimal riding style for your particular kind of longboard skateboarding.

In order to choose your longboard trucks with greater precision, it may be important to understand many of the jargons and components that constitute the whole trucks. These include the components such as the truck’s axel, the hangar, the baseplate angle of the truck, the truck’s bushing seat and the kingpin amongst others.

Rule of Thumb When Choosing the Best Longboard Trucks

One way to simplify the buying process for any product is by understanding the general rule of thumb that you can apply in order to ensure that you are on the safe side. When it comes to the longboard trucks, having a wider hangar will result in greater stability and greater control during your longboarding. On the other hand, a narrower truck construction is good if you are looking for ease of maneuverability and tighter turns. The same applies when you are looking at the truck’s baseplate angle. A higher angle degree will give you tighter turns and ease of maneuverability while the lower degree angle is good for extra stability and control. The trucks can also be broadly classified into cast trucks and the high precision trucks.

Here is a compilation of some of the top performers in the market when it comes to the longboard trucks options:-

Randall R-11 180mm Trucks

Randall R-11 180mm Trucks - Best Longboard TrucksThe Randall trucks are generally the gold standard for the longboard trucks. The trucks are designed with a very sleek chrome look and have a design that supports multiple disciplines. Best of all, they are quite affordable which is quite remarkable for such excellent quality of design.

The boards are Made in the USA and come with an unbelievable lifetime warranty for users. The trucks offer top-notch functionality but users may need to change the bushings in order to realize their full potential. You can, for example, upgrade to the Venoms bushings which offer an above par performance with the Randall-11 longboard trucks.

They have a 50⁰ baseplate and a 3⁰ rake. This allows you to ride it on 53⁰ or 47⁰ on the flip. With this, it is possible for riders to easily deploy a cruising or carving setup when riding on the trucks. For better stability, particularly when you are downhilling, you can flip the trucks to a lower degree. They are good for cruising and riders have been able to achieve up to 40mph with these bad boys!

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Paris 150mm Trucks

Paris 150mm Trucks - Best Longboard TrucksParis is another top longboard trucks manufacturing brand which builds the trucks that are meant to last. The other top longboard truck brands are Caliber, Randall, Bear, Independent, and Gullwing. The Paris trucks are top-of-the-line brands which are much preferred by some of the most experienced longboard enthusiasts in the market.

The Paris 150mm trucks are perfectly well suited for carving and cruising applications. The base plates of the trucks sit at 50⁰ thus offering riders a greater angle above the ground. This angle also offers just the right balance and mobility for the longboard skateboarders. This is further achieved due to the shortened hangar width which has been reduced to 150mm from 180mm.

This design achieves a deck with a tighter turning radius and which has a greater leverage for the rider compared to the wider trucks. They are ideal trucks for the longboarders whose main focus is cruising and carving.

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Ronin Cast 180mm Trucks

Ronin Cast 180mm TrucksRonin is another top longboard truck model. It is one of the best cast trucks in the market! The Ronin Cast is unique in offering skaters high precision truck technology at a relatively affordable price that is accessible to most longboard enthusiasts. The Ronin Cast is a strong suit for downhill riding. It has a 42⁰ baseplate along with a rake that takes you closer to the ground as much possible and enables you to achieve a very low center of gravity. In skateboarding terms, this means you are able to achieve greater comfort and stability during your rides.

The truck’s hangar is pretty wide at about 180mm which combines with the low center of gravity to add to the stability of the ride. The truck also has 92a strong bushings that will enable you to surmount any longboarding speed on the tracks.

With Ronin Cast 180mm, you get technology and performance that is very close to that of the precision trucks but you do this at a fraction of the cost. It also quite versatile and you can easily interchange the parts of cast with that of its precision counterparts in order to get the desired truck application. The 150mm offers you an identical high precision engineering which is available in a more affordable package.

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Caliber II 160mm Trucks

Caliber II 160mm TrucksCaliber is another top brand that builds longboard trucks to last. These trucks are also built for the cruising and carving types. The Caliber II 160mm trucks, like the Ronin Cast, also offers you a high precision trucking technology and performance in a cast package. That means superior engineering available at a relatively low price.

The Caliber II offers several functionalities that make it a top of the line longboard truck. These include the truck’s superior bushing seat, an increased strength level, along with tighter tolerances in the manufacturing of the longboard truck. In addition, the trucks look really nice and also feel nice.

The baseplate of the trucks in the Caliber II 160mm have undergone reinforcement through the thickening of the metal in the direction of the kingpin.

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Gullwing X Munkae 183mm Trucks

Gullwing X Munkae 183mm TrucksThese are the truly precision longboard trucks in this review. That means they offer a much superior quality when compared to the cast trucks. Unlike the cast trucks that are usually made from the recycled molten Aluminum material, the precision trucks are made from the solid high-quality Aluminum. As a result, the build is a lot stronger and there is little chance that the trucks will bend.

The Gullwing X Munkae is a product of collaboration between Gullwing and the Precision Truck Company. The trucks are made from billet Aluminum and guarantee excellent strength. Not only are they a lot stronger but the axles of the truck are also replaceable.

The truck is more stable due to the restrictive bushings and it is built for top speed. These are the perfect trucks for skaters who are interested in fast freeriding and downhill skating. These high precision trucks will definitely cost you a fortune.

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