What are the Best Kiteboarding Kites?

Want to take your water sport adventures to a whole new level? Then kiteboarding should be a new draw. It was one of the new surfing sports, although it is two decades old and ideally suited for the more venturesome daredevils who want to test the limits of risk and endurance. With kite surfing, you are both the driver and the rider and so, the importance of having an ideal kiteboarding equipment cannot be overlooked. It can mean the difference between having a smooth cruise and lunge into the skies and incurring a potentially debilitating injury.

Typical kiteboarding kit includes the kite itself, the board, fly lines, harness, footstraps as well as a host of various other safety essentials for the kiteboarding activity such as a lifejacket, a parachute knife as well as a helmet. The kitebaord kites are probably the most essential and most effective piece of kiteboarding gear. Without the kiteboard kites, there is simply no kiteboarding.

As a result, proper measures must be followed so as to choose the best kiteboard kites that are durable and reliable. For the avid kiteboarder, buying a good kiteboard kite constitutes a very important investment for your hobby or passion. The kind of kites that you pick must be highly durable, safe and should be one that you will be able to use for a longer duration of time because they do not come cheap.

Most kiteboard kites in the market have been manufactured from polyester. Their sizes generally range from 10 meters to 17 metres or 33 feet to 56 feet. Larger kiteboard kite sizes are, of course, going to cost you more.  On average, a kiteboard kite should be 12 metres or 39 feet long. The kind of kite that you purchase will also depend on the local wind conditions. If there is more wind, you will need less kite. That is why it is always advisable to have a backup kite that you can use on varied riding conditions or for various kiteboarding manoeuvres. If you are beginner, it is advisable to invest in the trainer kiteboard kites that allow you to easily learn how to control the kites in the skies. With that in mind, here is our review of some of the best kiteboard kites in the market:

HQ Rush V Pro 350 Trainer Kite

NEW 2015

NEW 2015

The HQ Rush V Pro 350 Trainer Kite is suited for intermediate and more experienced users and offers powerful performance along with an amazing fun and relaunch. This kiteboard kite offers riders greater stability and can be ridden effortlessly in low winds. It has a third line relaunch design which offers riders extra safety as well as reverse launch capabilities. This design feature also makes it ideal for beginners.

It comes as a package with 5 items including a key chain fob, WindBone decals, kiteboarding beverage cooler holder and foil control strap kite. In strong wind conditions, it will generate incredible pull.

2016 Liquid Force Envy Kite

urlThis is a premium value kiteboarding kite that is one of the finest in the market. It is built in a 3-strut design and offers riders excellent turning capabilities. You will also appreciate the versatile design and its ease of use in all riding conditions. This kite is suited for both beginners as well as professional riders.

It is designed with a high level of customisation and will give you the best freestyle riding performance. The downside is that it is pricey but definitely worth the value for money.

2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite

imgresenvyIf you are a savvy rider looking for an all-round performance as well as versatility in your kiteboarding, then the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite is a great choice for you. Like the Liquid Force Envy Kite, it is pricey but the incredible design, top quality construction and performance will definitely convince you to consider investing in this wonderful kite. It is available in varied sizes ranging from 4 metres to 14 metres.

The enhanced profile design will boost the low end power production and you can get top notch riding performance with a little bit of fine-tuning. With its 5-strut design, you can be sure that the canopy will maintain its intended shape thereby assuring you of the best riding performance in all kinds of windy conditions. Another feature setting it apart from the closest competitors is the aerodynamic profile and a full draft-forward design.  You can get maximum responsiveness and control thanks to the wide angles of attack. It works well in all riding styles and riding conditions. Definitely worth the investment.

Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite

flite-orangeThe Ocean Rodeo has the distinction as one of the lightest kitesurfing kits in the market and it combines that with a superior construction and high performance. Offers excellent upwind rides and you will be able to smoothly execute a host of manoeuvres including snappy turns and those daring jumps and loops without worrying about injuries on landing.

This is the perfect kite to take your ride to the next level; you can use it with a variety of riding styles and do that with greater confidence!

2015 3d Shiva Kiteboarding Kite by Flexifoil

url-1The last kitesurfing kite in our review is the 3D Shiva by Flexifoil. We loved its overall ease of use which is simply unparalleled. You can launch this kite with relative ease and it also offers you excellent turning speeds. It has a good wind range that allows you to ride this in a host of conditions. The stability of this kiteboard kite is simply incredible; this is one of the safest kites that you can find out there. It is also easy to pack up and carry around conveniently to your favourite beach.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user or a pro kitesurfer, you will definitely an appropriate and durable kite among these that will suit your local conditions, riding style and level.

What are the Best Mountainboards for Kite Landboarding?

Are you into mountainboard kiting or kiteboarding or kite landboarding? These are all names that are used interchangeably to describe this new popular extreme sport.

Mountainboarding is one of the most popular and fastest growing extreme sports but some people are taking to a whole new level of extremes by introducing the kiting element. If you are already kite surfing in water, we imagine making the transition into mountainboard kiting wouldn’t be too hard. If you are already a consummate mountainboarder, you will need only a little practice to master mountainboarder kiter.

Once you have your ideal high quality mountainboard, you will only need a power kite that will power your ride in various surfaces including parks, beaches, across the country  or even dry lake beds. Mountain boards are simple in construction but they need to be sturdy and ultra reliable. Mountain boards are similar to offroad skates only that they have foot straps and adjustable suspension as well as pneumatic tires that will assure you of a smooth ride as well as superior performance and handling in the off-road environment.

Mountainboard kiting or kiteboarding is different in many respects to kitesurfing on water. While in the water, extra drag is created by the water which will require a bigger kite to provide you more water. The kite offers you extra power that will help keep you on top of the water. With kiteboarding, you have the hard surface to support you and there is less risk of you sinking into the ground when there is less kite power. With kiteboarding, therefore, you will need smaller kites.

So what should you look out for in mountainboards for kiting? There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind. You need to choose the right specs beginning with the length of the kite-landboard. There are various aspects of the length that you need to look at including the overall length of the kite-landboard which is the maximum with the tires included. There is also the deck length measurement which is the length of the top surface or deck. Finally, there is the axle to axle length which is the length between the axles.

Generally, shorter kite-landboard lengths are suited for those riders who want to make more spins and manoeuvres while longer boards are suited for those looking for stability on those long high speed cruises. Longer boards are better suited for taller people and shorter boards for smaller people.

The deck material is also an important consideration. Cheaper options include wood laminate and wood. Other material options include composite decks made from wood and fibreglass.

Here is a look at some of the mountainboards for kite landboarding that you can consider:

MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard

imagesThe MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard is a kite mountainboard for beginners. If you are looking for a beginner mountainboards for kiting that will stand vigorous use and abuse during the first sessions as you progress from an absolute novice into a power kiteboarder, then this will be a great choice.

An upgrade from previous versions, it is packed  with lots of awesome features including Genuine MBS T1 tires, an upgraded tube material along with genuine MBS rubber shielded bearings. It also has MBS’ new fivestar hubs. Thanks to the upgraded axles to the current 12mm, you can now take this mountainboard to dizzying heights. In addition to the upgrades in performance, the MBS Colt 90 is also so engineered that it is compatible with the others in the MBS line so replacing parts will not be a headache.

MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

colt_90x_-_mainHere is another superb mountainboard for kiting by MBS. The Colt 90X is a good kite landboard for beginners with an array of reliable and performance features that you will definitely appreciate. The deck is made from a sturdy maple-lam and it pack ATS 12 trucks and 12 mm axles that will assure you of higher jumps.

These are not only lighter but quite easy to adjust. The F1 Velcro bindings for this kiting mountainboard are also relatively easy to adjust and get to fit on your feet. It comes fully assembled with the reliable MBS V braking system. The FiveStar hubs by MBS will also assure you of extra reliability. To complete the setup, it comes with MBS tires which are great of speed. In fact, this goes faster than the legacy models from MBS!

MBS Pro 95 Mountainboard – Retaliation

urlNow here is a mountainboard for kiting that you can use to ride freestyle. The Pro 95 is an improvement over the legacy versions which all avid landboarder agree were quite incredible so you can expect the MBS Pro 95 to really deliver. It still retains the original Dan Wilson beautiful graphics which are conveniently protected by a tough and slick PBT layer even in the roughest of obstacles.

The mountainboard is packed with the reliable MBS MATRIX PRO trucks along with the F4 PRO bindings. Even if you are flying high in the air or simply spinning, you can expect this mountainboard to hold for seasons of fun.

MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard

91316-mbscomp95xHere is another freestyle mountainboard for kiting. The mountainboard deck is made from powerlam composite with Asym and a multi-camber. It utilizes the reliable Matrix II channel trucks along with the CRMO axles with shock blocks and a composite top truck. Expect same quality and reliability when it comes to the bindings,, hubs and tires relying on the MBS F5 Ratchet bindings as well as the FiveStar hubs by MBS.

It comes fully assembled with the MBS V5 braking system assuring you of incredible braking mechanism. It is a perfect for an adventurous beginner looking for more action in the rougher terrains.

MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard

mbs_comp95_09_isoWe are not done with the MBS boards and here is another wonderful board for those looking for a cruising board that they can push to new speed limits. The Comp 95 offers riders top line versatility and can be used by all levels of riders. This is a good investment that you will not outgrow easily even as you refine your landboarding skills. It is the perfect board for you if you want to push the boundaries.

It is packed with the reliable MBS Matrix trucks, which have been reengineered in this model and are now lighter and stronger. You will be able to execute ultra smooth carving with these trucks. You will also appreciate MBS’ revolutionary multi-camber profile, poppy and comfortable for all levels of riders. It has plenty of other enhancements which make it one of the most versatile mountainboards for kiting.

That wraps up our review of the best mountainboards for kiting. We would have wished to add more brands and models but you will never go wrong with an MBS board.

What are the Best Kiteboard Control Bars?

Kiteboarding has progressed considerably over the past few years and the gear is now more efficient and reliable. While getting the kite and the board is key to successful kite boarding, you also need to get the gear right and one of the main key pieces of kitesurfing gear are the kiteboard control bars.

Just like the other pieces of kiteboard gear, these too have progressed considerably in the past few years. Today, they are more user friendly than they were a decade or two ago. Today you don’t have to worry about being blown over the hills and mountains or getting out of the sea because you are unable ton exert more effective control on your kite.

Today’s kiteboard control bars are like a very effective braking system for that power sports vehicle or bike, capable of halting just at the right moment so as to prevent a disaster or potential serious injury.

There are many options for kiteboard control bars that will help you have a more comfortable and quality ride, personalised to your unique riding style. Here, we review some of the best kiteboard control bars in the market, that are reliable and with impeccable safety features.

2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Kiteboard Bar 48-56cm



This is a pricey premium control bar but one that is adjustable and with the proprietary QuickLoopTM harnessing, which is an opening harmless connection. It works through a very simple mechanism that will not disappoint based on Cabrinha’s 1X security system.

When activated, it will automatically shut off the power of the kite allowing it to come down instantly on land or water. Due to its simplicity and reliability, the QuickLoopTM mechanism has become an industry benchmark for control bars, assuring riders of reliable landing no matter the circumstances. You can easily depower it on demand and rest it with its Quick Release mechanism. Activation process is also incredibly simple.

Ocean Rodeo Sports Control Kiteboarding Bar

urlYou can use this control bar with all the generations of the Ocean Rodeo kites as well as all the other kite brands in the market. What you get when you purchase this control bar is unbeatable versatility and superior construction.

Some of the admirable features that it packs include swivelling chicken finger, length and adjustments for the rear line, as well as a shorter chicken loop length. There is also an optional suicide leash configuration feature. In case of a safety eject, this control bar will guarantee you a total depower!

Cabrinha Quickloop Overdrive 1x with Trim Lite Depower Control Bar

398424_398424_1Like the other Cabrinha, kiteboard control bars on the list, this too comes with the QuickLoopTM opening harness look. The advantage with this is the overall ease of use that you get thanks to the 1X security system. Once you activate this, the kite is automatically depowered and comes down on water or land.

Another defining feature is the overdrive that you can activate so as to easily expand the bar length by up to 8cm via a simple adjustment so as to ramp up the turning speed. With the TrimLite CleatTM feature, you will be able to make positive trim adjustments very precisely.

Switch Controller 3 Bar 55cm – 45cm Orange Grey

51fulzxcucl-_sy355_The Switch Controller 3 bar is a highly sophisticated nextgen kiteboard control bar that gives you the complete kite control that you desire. Everything about this control bar is state-of-the-art ranging from the design to the materials used in making it.  The kite control system is highly sophisticated and has been performance engineered to meet the highest standards of professional riders in the industry.

It is safe, easy and strong; a control bar you can rely on to deliver in the most exerting of situations. Safety mechanisms include low friction and internal Quick Release, a 5th line system and the rounded soft bar ends. It has a safety leash with a strong fail safe guaranteeing you excellent safety during your kiteboarding.

Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Compstick with Guardian Control Bar

ss_2017_compstick_sentinelYou could never go wrong with the SlingShot kiteboarding accessories. The Compstick Guardian has a deceptively simplistic design with an easy to access depower system situated below the bar. It offers you a streamlined design with an unobstructed view. All the eye-level features of the control bar are situated in an easily reachable position below the bar. It is a very simple and clutter-free design unlike that of many of the control bars you will find in the market.

The Compstick Guardian control bar offers plenty of goodies including very strong and durable lines that you can use for the longest time; an efficient below-the-bar setup as well as big depower that is easy to attain. It has a low profile design that assures you of great reliability. The safety release system of the control bar is very easy to reset. This control bar will be right for you if what you need is the complete control of your kite as well as the need to ride with confidence without worrying about the failure of your kiteboarding gear. The control bar’s efficient, streamlined and lean profile can only be rivalled with a few control bars currently in the market.

That’s it folks. There are numerous kiteboard control bars models and brands in the market such as Peter Lynn control bars, Ozone, HQ, SlingShot, Airush, Ocean Rodeo Sports and Cabrinha among others. Various models offer various performance characteristics and features for riders of various levels of proficiency and styles. We have picked some of the best control bars in the market that will meet your performance needs and which are also durable and worth value for money. They may not be the cheapest but if you are looking for reliability under extreme pressure, these kiteboard control bars will definitely meet your requirements.

Seeking out the Best Kiteboard Bindings

Most kiteboards come with a strap as part of the standard gear. The footstraps will keep you attached to the board when riding the kite and even allow you to perform certain manoeuvres. The main feature of the footstraps is that they are easily detachable and can also be attached easily to the board. The more experienced riders can do without them but if you want to do those crazy jumps and other board off tricks, it is generally required to put them on.

If you are looking for something that is extra clingy, especially if you are a wake style rider, then you will need to invest in great and durable kiteboard bindings. These offer a greater grip onto the board allowing you to do all the tricks that you want without getting off the board. The bindings can make your riding experience a lot better and safer. The main drawback is they might minimize your flexibility but they are ok to have if you are not planning to go off board as much.

Here is a look at some of the best kiteboard bindings in the market:-

Slingshot RAD Wakeboard Binding 2016

cloneSlingshot has continued to refine its wakeboard binding designs and with the RAD Wakeboard Binding 2016, you not only get a performance improvement but also styling makeover. Riders have said that it feels like a “marshmallow massage”. These kiteboard bindings have been constructed with a host of high performance features that many seasoned riders will highly appreciate.

The base system is bottomless and riders will have excellent feel between the board and the boot. There is also excellent heel hold thanks to its integrated HHD harness design. The Reflex liners have undergone a makeover, too, and now offer riders superior cushioning and comfort. They are also highly durable so that you can work them through lots of wakeboarding action. The fit of these kiteboard bindings can be customised almost instantly thanks to the laced lower parts as well as the Velcro uppers.

Cabrinha H1 Kite Making 2017/Standard

urlCabrinha is a top brand in the surfing and wakeboarding market so you can expect that their wakeboard gear can only be of the highest quality. That is what you get with the Cabrinha H1 Kite Making/Standard bindings. This is a single strap binding with an asymmetrical body shape. It offers riders an excellent fit that allows for superior control and ease of use. These kiteboard bindings also provide great support; they are fairly light in weight and highly flexible.

This design accommodates a variety of riding styles ranging from freeriding to freestyle riding styles. Attachment to the board is a fairly seamless affair; you will do it in no time. The footpad is also extra cushy giving you excellent comfort, powerful toe grip as well as good heel coverage.

2016 Cabrinha H2 Bindings

cabrinha-h2-bindings-2016-25154pThe 2016 Cabrinha H2 bindings offer kite surfers a wider body and a two strap connection that will be clingy enough for all kinds of manoeuvres. Riders will appreciate that wider base that they offer as well as the more complete coverage for the foot. With this construction, you can look forward to better control and high precision in your kiteboarding.

These kiteboard bindings will allow you to create the needed pressure when you are doing those massive freestyle tricks on your wakeboards. There is good foot cushioning thanks to its softer footbeds. You will, therefore, be able to create those perfect and smooth landings when you are dropping from the skies. This is also a fairly affordable option. Top takeaways include its floating tongue that accommodates a larger range of sizes; full coverage with positive edge engagement thanks to the quick adjusting Velcro straps and its triple density foot pad for the smoothest and most comfortable rides without sacrificing the grip and the impact resistance.

Dakine AC Kiteboard Bindings

dakine-ac-bindingsIf you are looking for kiteboard bindings on the lower price scale which are also quite as effective, then go for the Dakine AC Kiteboard bindings. They cost less than $50 and offer a super effective and affordable option to cling to the boards when executing  your wakeboard manoeuvres.

They are designed with two bolts per binding and are perfect for standard kiteboarding. If you are looking for more high performance options, check out the above kiteboard binding options.

Cabrinha H3 Kite Bindings/Boots 2017

6The Cabrinha H3 Kite bindings have been built for those rare kiting applications assuring riders of solid grip between the boot and the boards. These bindings have an outer shell that is very light in weight while the upper parts of have a lower profile to give you freer lateral movements while still maintaining a high level of support.  Some of the main features of the Cabrinha H3 include a neoprene flex zone that will give you extra flexibility during your kiting.

There is better fit and less cramping thanks to the closed toe design of the bindings. Thanks to the baseless chassis, there is better impact absorption thus assuring you of smoother landings during your kiting. You will get quick entry and exit with this design with the three Velcro straps which are quick adjusting. Choose from a host of sizes and enjoy a stable and high performing binding for your wakeboard tricks.

These wind up our review of the best kiteboard bindings designed to meet the specific requirements as well as budget for a wide category of buyers. We hope that you have found what you are looking for. Time now to head to the sea and ride the winds for the ultimate surfkiting thrill.

What are the Best Kiteboards for Beginners?

What are some of the best kiteboards for beginners? If you are just starting out on the wonderful sport of kitesurfing, then you will need to choose kiteboards that are best suited for your ability or lack of it thereof. Generally, these are kiteboards that are fairly easy to ride.

For beginners, generally, it is advisable to choose kiteboards that are large and flat. Having such a large surface area gives you a greater ability to plan your rides without applying too much power on the board which can be destabilizing if you are just getting used to kitesurfing. If the kiteboard is bigger, you won’t need to apply too much. If you are beginner, you will be more successful riding an underpowered kite as well as a massive board that gives you greater stability. As you will build your experience and riding ability, you will be able to upgrade to smaller kiteboards.

Some of the kiteboard options that beginners can choose from include the following:-

  • Choose light wind monster kiteboards which are wide and flat. The lengths for these can range anywhere from 150cm to 170cm. With the large surface area of these boards, a kiteboard can easily ride up wind in lighter wind conditions.
  • Choose all round large boards with lengths of 140 to 150cm. These are not only easier for beginners to ride but they also give you versatility in various riding conditions. They are boards you can grow with to the intermediate riding ability. With these kiteboards, you also get an increased rocker compared to the light wind monster kiteboards.
  • An every day performance kiteboard: With lengths ranging from 135 to 142cm, these are the kinds of kiteboards you would like to ride on in those perfect conditions. It is also a kiteboard that you can grow with into the intermediate sessions .
  • Lastly, there are the high wind and light weight riders with lengths ranging from 126 to 135cm. Because they are smaller in size, they can sink deeper into water ensuring you get more control during the high winds. Perfect for lighter riders.

Here is a look at some of the best kiteboards in the market that beginners can choose:

Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Misfit Kiteboard

2017-slingshot-misfit-dThis board is part of Slingshot’s 2017 lineup and you can bet that it is packed with plenty of beauties for your kite landboarding thrills. It is an upgrade of the Slingshot 2016 Misfit kiteboard which has, over the years , stood the test of time and performance in a vast array of settings and terrains.

The 2017 Slingshot line-up will retain the same mild rocker and outline. So it is a perfect board for an all-round freestyle ride. They still have the NACA channels which will give you an excellent grip as well as incredible speeds for the kiteboards. New additions include the Carbon inserts; the channel system is no more. Thanks to the Carbon inserts, you now get a continuous flex pattern all over the kiteboard. The Slingshot MisFit is a kiteboard that will deliver in all conditions including the most demanding kiteboarding sessions.

Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Karolina Pro 135 Kiteboard

urlHere is another impressive 2017 lineup by Slingshot. This is an upgrade of the Slingshot 2016 Refraction Karolina that was released with much hype this year. This too, is a freestyle board that is built for the more aggressive female riders who are not afraid to go for those hard charging moves.

This is a board that has been built to deliver incredible power whether you are riding with or without boots. It has an aggressive rocker line along with a milder V-spine allowing for softer and smoother landings. You will also appreciate the excellent flex and popping performance in these kiteboards thanks to the Carbon bedrock inserts. With its power and performance, you won’t be surprised to learn that this kiteboard was built to the specifications and named after a world champion-Karolina Winkowska.

2016 Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard

url-1The 2016 Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard is a design that has been engineered for rapid progression. It is designed with a smooth concave center built for quick progression which will allow you to shift your ride in a relatively short duration of time. It is packed with lots of beauties including inline inserts, rails and a see-through to its beautiful core graphics.

If you are looking for top line performance at very affordable pricing, then this potent board is the one for you. Don’t forget to check out the 2017 lineup version which is an improvement over the 2016 version and gives you an even better progression.

2016 North Gonzales Kiteboard

url-2The 2016 North Gonzales is a kiteboard that you generally enjoy to ride whether in the small or large sizes.  It is smoother and more manoeuvrable in the smaller size and makes for a greater beginner kiteboard in the larger size. Beginners generally need kiteboards that they can use to progress and also, as they get used to it in subsequent sessions, make that progression a lot faster.

The North Gonzales kiteboard is just the kind of board that you can use in making those progressions without sacrificing on the performance. The outline of the board is more forgiving and it is also designed with a softer flex pattern. With a range that includes 5 sizes, you will definitely find a mountainboard that suits your riding level.

2016 Liquid Force Legacy Kiteboard

legacy_139_frontIf you tried Liquid Force’s original kiteboards , then you will certainly love the Liquid Force Legacy kiteboard. It is inspired by the legacy designs but with cutting edge features. It has the same feel as its legacy counterparts. The design is still thinner and lighter and the performance has improved considerably, currently unmatched by that of its peers.

Some of the new high performance features include its cutting edge flex profile that will make easy work of any choppy kite riding conditions. With the new flex profile, you can now enjoy very soft landings as well as takeoffs that are incredibly powerful, giving you the all round performance that you need to fully enjoy your kiteboarding hobby.

That concludes our review of the best kiteboards for beginners. If you are just starting out on your kiteboarding thrill, you will never go wrong with these top rated kiteboards.