What are the Best Wakeboard Ropes?

Wakeboard ropes are an essential accessory for all wakeboard lovers and these ropes should have special qualities. For wakeboarders to pull off tricks off their wakeboards, they need to load the rope so as to push them off the wake. For them to pull off these tricks, they will need wakeboard ropes that do not stretch or even substandard wakeboard ropes otherwise your wakeboard tricks will be brought to a sudden halt which can could also be fraught with some injuries. When looking for the best wakeboard ropes, choose ones that are wakeboard specific. This will not only guarantee you extra performance but also plenty of fun.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Wakeboard ropes

Even the best wakeboards will not take you far if you don’t choose the best ropes that will propel you forward to execute your manoeuvres. You will need to factor in things such as the handle, length as well as material.

Materials: Wakeboard ropes are made from a variety of materials such as Poly E, Dyneema and Spectra. Poly E materials stretch a bit and are suited for normal riding activities. Dyneema materials are super strong and with no stretch. In terms of fatigue levels, they outstrip  both steel and various other synthetic rope materials. Then there is Spectra which are the strongest ropes with strength that is 10 times that of steel. The other advantage is that it is ultra-light and highly durable.

Rope coating: Apart from the rope material, it is also important to look at the wakeboard line coating. Good coating will help protect the ropes from UV rays thus ensuring extra strength and durability.

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Wakeboard ropes length: The length you choose for your wakeboard ropes will vary depending on your level of riding experience, typically in the range of 55 to 75 feet, with the longer wakeboard ropes suited for the more experienced riders. Beginners can begin with shorter line lengths.

Handles: There are a host of handles available to suit the needs of all kinds of wakeboarders. You can choose from a variety of handles of varying shapes, sizes and materials.

Now let us have a look at some of the best wakeboard ropes that you can buy for your next wakeboard adventure:-

AIRHEAD AHWR-4 Wakeboard Rope Spectra Thermal 4 section

ahwr-4This is a Spectra Thermal wakeboard rope that doesn’t stretch an inch. If you are looking for snappy instant response in your wakeboarding, then this will make a good rope. It comes with a thermal coating that ensures its durability and also helps in maintaining the stiffness and rigidness so you will not have to grapple with the twisting and kinking. The rope has incredible resistance with a breaking point of a whopping 2000 pounds.

These wakeropes are 70 feet long and it also comes with a five foot handle bridle. The EVA grip for this has a width of 15 inches with two foam floats. These ropes also have greater durability thanks to the full length PVC tubing on the rope. For ease of storage, it comes with a rope keeper so you don’t have to worry about wake ropes tangling.

Proline LGS PKG Wakeboard Rope

proline-80-lgs2-wakeboard-rope-package_23044017The Pro Line LGS PKG Wakeboard Rope is a light weight Dyneema wake line option with a super smooth grip. It is designed with four light weights which ensure sit floats on top of the water at all times. You never have to worry about this rope sinking and losing it altogether.

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Components of the rope include the 80ft Mainline which is reliable and strong. This is not the kind of rope that will give you the knots thanks to the smooth PVC coating. It is designed with a stitching pattern that increases the surface area of the line and allows it to accommodate extra torque and this also gives you extra control. It comes in a full package that includes a rope and a handle. Grab this and embark on the most amazing ride, folks.

Spectra Wakeboard Rope

ahwr-12blMade from 100% Spectra, the strength of this double braided wake line is indisputable. The rope is very thin but with a high level of strength. It is 100% non stretch and has been coated well so to as give it sufficient protection from UV rays and potential abrasion that may shorten the lifespan of the rope.

The main line is 75 feet long and it comes with five extra detachable extensions. It comes in a bright red color.

Accurate A Line Neon Green Wakeboard Mainline Rope

urlAvailable in a brilliant neon green color, the Accurate Mainline Rope for wakeboarders is a strong 80 feet Dyneema wakeboard rope that is suitable for the advanced and intermediate riders. The Accurate wakeboard line are some of the best in the industry so expect to see some quality performance as well as durability. This is one of the best mainropes that you can use on water. It is not only resistant to snag but it doesn’t tangle.

This rope comes with a silicone outer cover to protect it from UV and abrasion. Thanks to the silicone outer cover, it glides through easily through the hands without crimping. Because this is a no-stretch wakeline, you can get extra pop as well as a consistent pull; you won’t have to worry about being pulled off balance when you are using the Accurate A Line Mainline Rope. There is a reason why it is classified as one of the best wakeropes.

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Hyperlite A-Line Wakeboard Mainline Sz 80ft

51pxs9p3gilThis Dyneema wakeboard rope is every wakeboarder’s dream. It is an 80 feet mainline that is silicone coated to ensure its durability and strength is preserved for the longest time. The rope is a 12 strand braided piece. It is light enough and will float on the water; no need to worry that the rope will sink and you have to search for it in the open wide sea! The Hyperlite A-Line Mainline Sz rope has incredible strength and is also highly durable. The length is also customizable. For many wakeboarders, this is a piece of wakeline that ticks all the right boxes.

From Proline to Accurate wakeropes, from dyneema to Spectra wakeboard ropes, we offer you a review of some of the best wakeboard ropes in the market to support your hobby. We hope you have found this review helpful.