What are the Best Wakeboard Bindings?

Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport that has you zipping over the surface of the water behind a boat on a buoyant resin board. And how do you stay up on that board, so that it’s not just your feet gliding over the water and your board long behind you? Bindings. Bindings are secure boots that attach directly to the wakeboard via hardware so that you cannot lose the board while riding. Bindings protect your ankles and feet to ensure you have an accident-free ride. Each brand of binding has its design and key features that make them their version of the best wakeboard bindings.  Because of this, we are going to go over what you should look for in bindings.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing bindings. Primarily, the fit; bindings are often one size fits most, so if you are someone with an odd size, it is recommended that you find a shop and try a few on before you completely decide on the one for you. Another aspect to look into is how it attaches to the board and how much control that will give you.  The distance between your foot and the board greatly affects your reaction time and how much control you have over the movements.  Even cushioning can change how the board moves for you. Here is a look at some of the best wakeboard bindings in the market:

So here are the Best Wakeboard Bindings…

AIRHEAD AHB-6 Grind Adult wakeboard bindings

Best Wakeboard BAIRHEAD AHB-6 Grind Adult wakeboard bindingsThese bindings are designed to fit a wide range of adult feet, stating that it fits a Men’s 8 to a Men’s 12. This is not the best wakeboard bindings for anyone with small feet, as it is likely that you will slip right out of them.  The boots come with a cinch tightening system that is pretty nice when compared to having to lace them instead. This binding offers ankle support, helping to allow beginner riders more control over the board and to progress further into their skill. It connects to the board rather closely giving more control over your movements.


  • One cinch tightening
  • Made for larger feet
  • Great control


  • Not for small feet
  • Seams can rip
  • Not for advanced riders

Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings

Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard BindingsThese bindings are more for the intermediate rider, made to prevent heel lift when turning and more flexibility for tricks and aggressive turning.  They fit Men’s size 4-8, meaning these are perfect for those with small feet, no chances of slipping out. However, this is not the best wakeboard bindings for those with larger feet, as they will not be able to get them on. It has a dual Velcro closure and adjustable lacings.  They have limited cushioning, so the control is good with this boot.


  • Made for smaller feet
  • Great control
  • Advanced rider bindings


  • Not for beginners
  • Not for large feet
  • Have to cinch and tighten multiple times

Ronix Divide Wakeboard Boots

Ronix Divide Wakeboard BootsThese low profile boots are designed to give superior board control and are made to be ultralight for swing and turn control.  The tongue design is made to fit a variety of shoe sizes all the way up to  Size 14 men’s shoes.  They have lacing and Velcro to secure them, so you can get a tight fit while still being comfortable. These boots come with J bars and an articulating cuff to help with heel lift and flexibility for the rider. These boots can be used by all levels of wakeboarder from the beginner to an expert.


  • Low base = great control
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents heel lift


  • Expensive for a beginner boot
  • Will not fit 8’in holes on older boards
  • Not for smaller feet

O’Brien Connect Wakeboarding Bindings

 Click to open expanded view O'Brien Connect Wakeboard BindingThese open toed bindings are great for those who are concerned about comfort while riding. They have an orthotic footbed for lasting comfort, but this does sacrifice some control due to the distance between your feet and the board. The open toe design is made to help fit more sizes, and it has no lacing, only three Velcro straps.  The built in J-bars help to prevent heel lift on turns and this set of bindings can be used for beginner to intermediate riders.


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Fits most feet
  • J bars


  • Less control
  • Velcro only does not allow for custom fit
  • Does not fit 8” inch holes in older boards

2015 Hyperlite Team Boot

2015 Hyperlite Team BootThese are closed toed almost sneaker-like bindings that hold you firmly on your board. They fit men’s size seven all the way up to men’s 12, meaning that it the best wakeboard bindings for those with average feet. You can be sure that you will not lose your footing in these bindings. They come with lacing to be tightened in several places.  These bindings have a Heel hold zone and flow through drain panels to make these the most comfortable boots possible. For the more advanced rider, these boots offer more control and the ability to do more tricks while still being comfortable and secure.


  • Fits most feet
  • Heel hold zone
  • Low profile and high-density footbed


  • Not for beginners
  • Not for large or small feet
  • Takes some time to put on

We know it is a diverse market with so many options and features to look out for, which is why we hope that we have helped level the playing field in your favor so that you can select the best wakeboard boots for you.

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