What are the Best Snowboards for Beginners?

For many beginners, snowboarding can be a blistery and painful affair as you learn. Having a good snowboard for beginners can make things a little bearable and also speed up the learning curve. The best snowboards for beginners should have certain key features. The flexing should be a lot softer compared to the stiffer flexing for the snowboards for the more experienced users. Softer flex will give beginners a ride that is a lot more forgiving.

Apart from the soft flexing, the best snowboards for beginners should not have very aggressive edges and the shape should be easier as this will allow you to learn how to turn easily. Lastly, a beginner’s snowboard should be cheaper as it is likely to undergo lots of abuse as you learn the ropes.

We have selected a collection of snowboards that you can use as a beginner and also progress with as you grow into an intermediate snowboarder and then a pro. When purchasing a snowboard for beginners, you won’t want to buy one that you will outgrow too quickly.

Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2017

cloneThe Burton Ripcord Snowboard is a wonderful beginner snowboard. It packs a combination of all the excellent features that you will need in snowboard and which will make your experience easier and fun. The board features the V-Rocker profile that is quite soft and reduces the instances of you catching the edge when snowboarding.

There is also a directional flex giving you more pop on the tail as well as extra stability on the board’s nose when you are out snowboarding.  This is a good beginner board and if you are just starting out in this sport, you are going to have an easier time with the Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2016. There is a wider version that is more suited for riders that have bigger feet.

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DC Men’s Focus Snowboard

urlThis is a snowboard that is geared towards freestyle riders so no doubt it has excellent maneuverability as well as very good flex. It has a flex rating of 5/10 and is designed in a twin shape with bevelled edges.

If you are looking for a great beginner snowboard with which you can quickly hit the parks, then this should be a great choice. The light weight as well as the flexibility allows for easier moves. The board also comes at a very affordable pricing.

Burton Easy Livin Snowboard

burton-easy-livin-snowboard-2016-152This snowboard for beginners carries a premium price tag so you can expect some higher end features with this one. The board has been designed with a hybrid and more versatile flex that will give beginners a more forgiving ride. It also incorporates the Burton Ellip Kicks technology that allows for a floating a performance in a vast array of conditions.

Thanks to the Frostbite Edges, the snowboard will give you a great grip even on those icy conditions. The Burton Easy Livin’ is a snowboard that you will be able to grow with and is perfect all-mountain riding performance.

Arbor Westmark Rocker Snowboard 2016

arbor-westmark-rocker-snwbrd-all-16-prodPlanning to go snowboarding in the mountains? Then this all-mountain snowboard will be an ideal option for you. It can take all kinds of terrain. This is a great snowboard that for hitting the park or simply taking your first snowboard moves. It is a soft and flexy snowboard with the V Rocker shape that is fairly to easy ride.

The Arbor Westmark Rocker Snowboard is highly durable thanks to its extruded base and poplar core. There are sizes available; if you are bigger footed, you pick the Mid Wide size option. Whether you are just starting out or have mastered the skill to hit the trees and mountains, this board will make for an ideal companion.

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Capita Men’s Ultrafear ’17 153

6835ee7bf530a1e491dd472db0129045Capita Men’s Ultrafear certainly has a very stylish design but that is not its only claim to fame. Performance wise, it also offers users plenty of incredible features. Most professional snowboarders love this board so even if you are a complete novice, this is still a great beginner snowboard that you can grow with as you hone your snowboarding skills.

The flex is more forgiving making a good board with which you can master your first moves. The flat kick technology that it has been designed with also makes it a good board for beginners. With the board’s contact points slightly elevated, it will be easier for you to make turns as you master the fundamentals of snowboarding. You can even take it to the mountains once you have honed your snowboarding skills.

We hope our review of the best snowboards for beginners will point you in the right direction so that you can find an ideal snowboard that is a great for beginners. When shopping for your first snowboard, we recommend choosing one that will suit your ability level.

Stability is always an important consideration for beginners so shop for snowboards that are more stable as these will give you greater balance. Beginner boards should also make turn initiation a lot easier. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for stable boards with good turn initiation include the flat to rocker camber profiles, medium to soft flex, and a centered stance. It also important to make sure that you go for the extruded bases. All the snowboards for beginners that we have reviewed above exhibit these qualities and will be definite winners as you embark on your journey to be an excellent snowboarder.

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