What are the Best Snowboard Helmets?

Most fatal or debilitating injuries in high impact sports or riding sports such as skating, snowboarding or mountainboarding occur due to head injuries. That is why the technology to save lives has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Every few years, innovations in the helmet design continue to emerge and deliver the life saving benefits to those who like edgier activities and are not afraid to put their lives on the line for the thrills. Snowboarding is not a very extreme sport but accidents can occur and when that happens, you need to be well prepared.

Today’s snowboard helmets now have cutting edge impact absorption and very good ventilation to give you maximum comfort and protection. However, you can’t go for just about any helmet out there if you are snowboarding. In this case, you will need to choose those helmets that have snowboard-specific design and features. These are the kinds of helmets that will deliver optimal performance on your snowboarding activities whether you are doing it in the parks or in all mountain terrain.

A distinguishing feature of many snowboards is that they typically have a removable chin strap. It is not just strap for getting the right fit but you can also use it as a board lock. They are not just designed differently; snowboard helmets also look much nicer than your typical biking helmet. When shopping for snowboarding helmets, it is also necessary that you factor in the kind of goggles that you plan to use it with. The last thing you want is a mismatched snowboard head gear that will not offer you the adequate protection and clarity to go about your activity smoothly. Below, we review some of the best snowboard helmets that you can purchase this season.

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Oakley Mod 3 Snow Helmet Mens

urlThe Oakley Mod 3 Snow helmet offers you great style as well as comfort. These snowboard helmets are also fully compatible with an array of snowboard gear. The design features a Modular Brim System or MBS that will assure you of that ideal fit for various models of goggles.

Thanks to the Brim Ventilation, the helmets also have great anti-fog properties so you can look forward to excellent optical clarity on the snow. In-Mold construction reduces the helmet weight; it has a lighter weight shell without sacrificing on the performance. For great fit with the Oakley goggles, you can choose between large brim options and the small brim options. Other good functional design features include an integrated venting design that will keep your head feeling cool and comfortable.

Giro Ledge MIPS LTD Snow Helmet

url-1Here is a wonderful snowboard helmet by Giro that utilizes the MIPS helmet protection system. MIPS is an acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and refers to a cutting edge helmet protection technology. It entails an inner liner allowing the helmet to rotate around the head.

When there is an impact, this rotation will reduce the rotational force that occurs on impact which in turn minimizes the head injuries that you could get in case of an accident. The beauty with this is that you get a MIPS functionality and technology at an affordable pricing. It also has removable ear pads as well as good compatibility with all the Giro goggle models. It also has good compatibility with all the aftermarket Giro snowboard gear in the market. We recommend you go for this if safety is uppermost in your mind.

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K2 Route Ski Helmet

k2-route_helmet_blackThe manufacturer claims it is the lightest snow helmet in the market and weighing only 320 grams or 11.3 ounces, they couldn’t be far off the mark. Apart from the ultra light weight, it is also highly ventilated so it will keep your head relatively cool even if you wear it for a longer duration of time. There is also a waterproof and stretchy cover that will ventilation holes on the helmet in case of a snowstorm.

The design of the K2 Route Ski Helmet is highly customisable and you can use it in varied ways beyond what is offered by the manufacturer such as goggle clips, a removable headlamp clip or a Boa dial fit system. Here is a good lightweight helmet that is light and will keep you dry and comfortable throughout.

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Helmet

matchWith the Smith Variance Snow Helmet, you get plenty of high tech features but at a much lower price. It features a hybrid shell construction that will guarantee you of extra protection without packing too much weight in the helmet.

It has a total of 18 ventilation holes with a low profile and an adjustable climate control. You can also choose from a vast array of colors. With the Smith Variance Helmet, you will be able to ride with great confidence and general peace of mind.

Bolle Synergy Ski Helmet

bolle-synergy-ski-helmet-2Get the best of all you need in a snowboard helmet with the Bolle Synergy Ski Helmet. It combines functionality with style, offering you maximum head protection while at the same time making you look good. Like the previous snowboard helmet, it also has a Hybrid shell construction to give you the best possible protection on the head in case of an accident and impact on the head. The lower part of the helmet gives it the overall light weight and stylish design.

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You can customise how much air comes in via the helmet to cool it down with the adjustable vents. You can also put it on and get it off with the much ease due to the quick release design of the chin straps. So in case of an emergency, you won’t waste too much time fiddling with the helmet!

There you have it; some of the coolest and techiest snowboard helmets in the market that will give you a wonderful snowboarding experience. These helmets are also light in weight, well vented and they also maximize strength for maximum protection in case of a fall.