What are the Best Snowboard Goggles?

It is hard to imagine a snowboard outwear kit minus the snowboard goggles. When you are shopping for the best snowboard goggles, it is paramount that you choose one that has the right fit. But you would also want to look and feel good as you go about your snowboarding so you will also be looking at how stylish it looks along with various other quirky features that will make your snowboarding a lot more fun. Here is a look at some of the considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best snowboard goggles:-

  • The foam that is in the nose area should allow you to breathe easily as you go about snowboarding. This is a very practical consideration.
  • The goggles should fit perfectly on your face and shouldn’t allow air to seep through and interfere with your sport. This could be potentially dangerous as it will cause the goggles to fog up.
  • Don’t just look at the fit in isolation; look at how well the goggles are going to fit with your helmets. Helmets are, undoubtedly, an essential snowboarding gear.

If you have found the right fit for your snowboard goggles, you can look at the tech aspects of this snowboarding gear. There are several options on these. For example, nowadays you can get quality snowboarding goggles with quick lens changing mechanisms. Some of these utilize locks while others are based on a magnetic system or even a system of levers. Every brand will generally offer you something unique, as they strive to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. If you find the right piece of snowboard goggles, it is most likely going to protect your eyes for several years not to forget that with the right stylish piece, you are also going to turn some heads as you engage in an activity that you love.

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Burton Anon Men’s M2 Goggles

51cuhlxxgfl-_sy355_The Anon M2 Men’s Goggles is one of the stylish and hottest goggles in the market right now. It utilizes a magnetic mechanism that simplifies the lens swapping part. The sealing system is fingerprint-spree and the carrier liner is made from a collection of sixteen rare earth magnets giving you up to eight points through which you can connect the goggles. Together, these constitute a retention force of up to 22lbs. The Burton Anon M2 also has a relatively quick closing mechanism and the lens swapping system for these goggles is one of the most accurate, allowing you an excellent and accurate free for a fog-free snowboarding experience. Every pair of the Anon M2 goggles is packed with low light premium quality lenses along with a hard case.

They also come with soft goggle sleeves to facilitate ease of cleaning and general scratch proof lenses for your snowboarding experience. Apart from the incredibly marvelous lens tech, you will also appreciate the wide screen fit that they offer as well as the excellent clarity that you get with these lenses. The Anon M2 Goggles are available in a wide array of colors that you can pick from. Best part is that they are available at very good pricing!

Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles Adults

oakley-flight-deck-xm-goggles-wet-dry-green-teal-dark-greySecond on our list is the Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles and for a good reason. They are among the best selling snowboard goggles in the market and are popular with many snowboarders thanks to the uber stylish designs, excellent color choices and incredible tech that makes it a desirable and reliable goggle to take out with you. This a scaled version of the Flight Deck Goggles that many would consider quite oversized. So if you like the look and the feel of the original Oakley Flight Deck and are looking for something smaller and “normal”, then this will be a great choice.

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It has spherical lenses on a borderless design. These goggles offer you good room where you can insert your spherical lenses. They come with anti-fog lenses that offer you perfect clarity. For the best contrast when you are charging at high speed at subzero temperatures, the lenses have a Prizm technology option. You can pick from a host of color combinations depending on your taste or preferences.

Anon Insurgent Goggles

anon-insurgent-goggles-agent-red-solxThe Anon Insurgent Goggles are available in just the perfect size and shape and also has a wide screen. The spherical screen of the lens has been de-centered and thanks to the design and technology used in these goggles, you are assured of a high level of optical clarity even when charging at top line speeds in ice cold weather. You will be able to see all that is in your path at all speeds and you don’t have to strain for that.

The elastic hinge has been designed with a pivoting hinge for ease of it. The strap of the goggle will easily wrap around the helmet without much strain. It neither applies pressure around the eyes nor pull back on your eyes. These oversized goggles are also designed with a triple layer face foam that will wick away moisture from the face thus leading to increased comfort when wearing these. There are lots of fanciful color combos that you can pick from. As part of the package, it also comes with a microfiber goggle bag for cleaning and storage purposes.

Electric California EG3 Adult Goggles

_58This frameless and oversized snowboard goggles will give you a cool and super clean look. They have been some of the hottest trends in 2016 among snowboarders and there is a great combo of color choices that you can choose from. We counted a whopping 20 design options with colors ranging from a jet black lens to gloss white, rose/blue chrome lens and bronze/red chrome lens among many others.

The lens has been made from a dual spherical injected polycarbonate material which has been re-engineered for anti-scratch and anti-fog performance. It has also been treated with anti-reflective technology that will fully protect your eyes from the UV rays. The goggle strap will securely wrap around your beanie or helmet and it is lined with a silicone material for a comfortable and secure hold. It has a foam material that adds to the comfort and wicks away moisture from the face. While the Electric EG3 goggles are oversized, they will fit well on most helmets. Not to forget that it is quite a looker.

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Dragon Alliance X2 Snowboard Goggles

urlThis is one of the best of Dragon Alliance’s oversized goggles. It incorporates not only the Frameless Lens Technology but also a Swiftlock system for quick lens changing and locking mechanism. Due to this design, you will get a good lock every time you put it on to charge forward in the terrains for hours of fun. There is also armored frame ventilation for overall fog-free use in all kinds of temperatures. They are made from molded injection polycarbonate that gives the best optical clarity even when charging at super high speeds. The triple layer face foam delivers excellent moisture wicking performance due to the micro-fleece lining.

While there is a large selection of snowboard goggles in the market available in various designs and numerous color combos, you won’t go wrong with our selection of the best snowboard goggles in the market.