What are the Best Snowboard Boots?

Snowboard boots are an integral part of snowboard gear. There is no two way about it; if you are going to snowboard, you will have to invest in the best boots as part of the setup. When you are looking for the best snowboard boots, do not just go with the marketing gimmicks. Instead, look at the qualities in the boots that will be a great match for your riding style. You have to choose the right kind of boot that will be a match for your riding style.

There is no discounting your own individual preferences but in general, the best snowboard boots should have qualities that will support the type of snowboard activity that you are planning to engage in. For example, you should go for the stiffer designs if you need mountain boots; a property that is not as important if you are shopping for freestyle boots. In case you will be engaging in splitboarding, you will need boots that have been designed with the some flex in the right places so as to optimally support your snowboarding activity.

Without carefully factoring in these small differences in the snowboarding boots, you might end up with boots which are most likely going to ruin your riding experience. Below, we review some of the best snowboard boots in the market suited for all kinds of riders and riding style. Whether you are looking for the stiffest snowboard boots for riding in the rugged backcountry or softer and more comfortable snowboard boots for a rider that is just starting out in a less punishing terrain, we have you covered. Without much ado, let us have a look at five of the best snowboard boots in the market that you will likely not regret.

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Deeluxe Empire TF Snowboard Boots

deeluxe-empire-tf-snowboard-boots-2016-blackYou can never go wrong with the Deeluxe Empire snowboard boots and the TF snowboard boots are the flagship design from this brand. These are an all-mountain boots that are ready for your all-mountain assault. You can easily move with these and get the required support when you require it whether you are snowboarding in the park or the rugged mountains. The design incorporates a softer flex thanks to the Asym flex on the inside of the boot. The outside of the boot gives the rider a stiffer response to help you take those tough all-mountain rides. With these snowboard boots, you will get a nice balanced ride along with great comfort throughout the day.

These snowboard boots also feature all-sectional lacing for a secure and comfortable closure in the right zones. The lower region of the boot features the D-Tex membrane so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet throughout your rides. On the upper side, there is the Powerstrap to give you the required customizable support in your calf area. For most riders, that means you are going to get the perfect fit with these snowboard boots. The Deeluxe Snowboard boots will give you an all round experience and riding support and that is why it is first on our list of the best snowboard boots.

Burton Ion Snowboard Boots

burton-ionSecond on our list are the Burton Ion Snowboard boots, which are an all-mountain boot that will give you similarly outstanding performance on the backcountry snowboarding. These boots have been designed with molded EVA as well as a reflective heat foil that have are place there to reflect the heat back to your feet’s bottom and keep your feet warm.

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Other design aspects of these snow boots include speed zone lacing that will help you in quickly getting the right fit for your snowboard boots. These snowboard boots New England ropes also carry a lifetime warranty.

Adidas The Samba Snowboard Boots

adidas-samba1With the Adidas The Samba snowboard boots , Adidas has truly upped the game when it comes to the snowboard boots offering in the market. These are freestyle boots that have been inspired by the Adidas Samba soccer boots. If you are looking for the perfect freestyle boots, these will tick all the right boxes.

They have a stylish design, have great ankle support and are also softer. They have excellent flex. The athletic sneaker design allows for tweaking grabs during your snowboarding. With these, you will be able to go on harder and more enduring rides without growing tired too quickly. Enjoy greater comfort and less fatigue on your snowboarding with the first freestyle snowboard boots on our list.

Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

32-lashed-snowboard-boots-2016-blackWe recommend the Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots for those riders that are looking for greater reliability more than anything else. You will use these time-tested snowboots until you grow tired of them. These are some of the best selling snowboard boots and for a good reason. It is an round high quality snow boot that is both durable and comfortable.

This all-round snowboard boot will perform exceptionally well in the mountains. It is also a premium quality but affordable option so it is accessible for most snowboarders.

Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots 2016

urlBurton Imperial is known for some premium quality and durable snowboard boots so anything from Burton has a mark of trust all over it and these 2016 release does not disappoint. These boots have undergone tweaks to give you the best all-mountain rides without blowing a fortune on them. The boots have been designed with the Imprint 3 liner that will last for the longest duration of time. They have been built to last and will perform beautifully in all seasons.

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The stiffness is 7/10 in the scale and the boot can handle aggressive terrains much faster thanks to the excellent response. It does this without sacrificing on the comfort even when you are going on those hot laps. The footbed has a reflective foil that adds to the warmth for your feet. The Vibram Eco-Step outsole of the boots also features rubber spikes. If you are an all-mountain snowboarder looking for a reliable and durable snowboard boot, then this will be an excellent choice.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to snowboard boots but these five are some of the best that you can buy, delivering performance, comfort and durability in all riding conditions.