What are the Best Snowboard Bindings?

Are you shopping for the best snowboard bindings for the 2016/2017 winter season? No matter your requirements, whether those soft and cushy bindings for the more forgiving riding environments such as parks or stiff bindings for the more punishing all mountain terrains, you can be sure we have you covered with our review of the best snowboard bindings in the market.

The success of your snowboarding will depend, to a large extent, to the kind of the snowboard bindings that you purchase. The snowboard bindings serve as an interface between the boots and the boards. They are the piece of the snowboarding gear that will absorb those nuanced movements and allow you to have a smoother ride. Without the right snowboard bindings that are fit for purpose, a lot of things can go wrong on your snowboard ride.

While, theoretically and technically , you can use virtually any snowboard bindings, it will pay of if you use the right type of snowboard bindings that is not only constructed well but which is also fit for the type of application that you plan to put it into. If you are going to do soft rides in the park, then soft and cushy bindings will do but the same will not hold in the Alaskan mountains.

A good piece of binding will not only deliver on your snowboarding needs but it is also going to last you for several seasons. For many snowboarders, this is one of the most important investments that they will make for their snowboarding activity. To get your next snowboard trip on the right footing, we have compiled a list.

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Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings

burton-cartel-snowboard-bindings-2016-blackThe 2016 Burton Cartel snowboard bindings come with a host of cool features. These snowboard bindings are best suited for freestyle all mountain riding experience. There is something for everyone whether you are looking for Living Hinge system which is perfect for highback rotation and enables you to make adjustments on the forward lean or whether you are shopping for the Zero Lean option that allows for ergonomic  comfort.

Thanks to the minimal Reactstrap in these bindings, they conform well to your boots so as to give you the best comfort as well as support. There is also the Gettagrip Capstrap that will comfortably conform to the toe. The Smooth Glide allows for super smooth releases.

Union Force Snowboard Binding 2016-M-L-Black

urlThe Union Force Snowboard binding is an all-round binding that has been an industry workhorse for the past decade. It is designed with the Multi Zone highback that gives you excellent flexibility as well as support. The Stage 4 baseplates for these bindings include dual density bushings for optimal dampening effect as well as comfort.

You will experience a true board feel with these bindings. Experience ultra smooth ratcheting thanks to the magnesium buckles used. These dependable bindings can be used by virtually all riders out there. They will also tackle virtually all kinds of riding conditions!

Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings Mens

url-1The NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings are powerful high performance bindings that have been designed with rockered Aluminium Alloy baseplates assuring you of excellent responses during your snowboarding sessions. You will get extra flex with tehse as well as a more lively snowboarding experience thanks to the Nylon Modblack that is filled with glass.

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Other cool features include the Active Strap Technology and the ATM.8 support panels. These are snowboard bindings that are simply excellent in every way and will assure of a smooth snowboarding experience. They don’t come cheap but they offer good value for the price.

Flow Five Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

flow-five-hybrid-snowboard-bindings-2016-stormtrooperWe provide this for those snowboarders who are looking for something that is softer and also more forgiving. Think of park riders and beginners. With the Five Hybrid, you are presented with traditional binding design; it also incorporates the quick entry system for which Flow bindings are well known.

These bindings can be adjusted and tweaked just like the traditional bindings but with the advantage of quick release, which is a quintessentially Flow design feature for many of its bindings. These are also available in the hybrid version. Winning features include their soft flex, comfort as well as a very responsive binding performance. This will more than meet the needs of many beginners.

Union Contact Snowboard Bindings

urlHere is another much loved beginner snowboard. It offers a generous level of flex for riders and is ideal for those park shedders. It has the Asym S2 Highback that offers you great lateral support when you are executing the spins, presses and butters. Experience a more natural knee alignment as well as superb leverage thanks to the canted gas pedals. The super flex makes this a comfortable board for those beginners who want to hone their riding skills while still retaining the connection to their snowboards. This is a board that will be more giving whether you are a beginner or a pro looking for extra flex.

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We have picked some of the best snowboard bindings in the market that will deliver not only in the performance department but will also last you several seasons. Some of these are fairly affordable but some are premium quality boards on the higher scale price. Pricing aside, the performance, quality and durability is indisputable. Make sure you choose the snowboard bindings that are suited for the kind of ride you plan to undertake, your level of experience and which will last. Know the right features such as the baseplate, straps and highbacks to look out for when selecting your bindings for the particular applications you plan to put them to.

Of course this is only a tiny selection of the numerous snowboard bindings that are available in the market but you will, definitely, not go wrong with these!