The Best Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9 The Wedge Skateboard Review

Sector 9 The WedgeThe  Sector 9 The Wedge Skateboard has been hailed as a great carving board, with all the hardware to make easy work of obstacles and hard to ride roads.  The Sector 9 The Wedge Skateboard has even moved over into the commuter section, as many use this colorful board to get from point A to point B with haste.

This board has great flex, making it superb for carving, and its 7 ply maple still gives it a sturdy base to work. There is no lack of quality on this board, everything from the deck to the wheels is top notch high-quality construction, designed to give the absolute best to its rider.  Anyone can ride this board, and it will be great to learn on. Not to mention, it fits into almost every budget. No one wants to drop three hundred dollars on a board, and with the quality that sector nine offers, you don’t have to. You lose nothing in the investment in this board, as it has a great design, durable hardware, and a great colorful look.  Let’s take a look at other features that make this board a superb board.

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Sector 9 Meridian Complete Longboard Review

Sector 9 Meridian longboardThere are many reasons why this has been such a popular longboard. It is in the classic drop-through shape that a lot of veteran longboarders will easily recognize. The board has an 8-ply maple construction, 30.5in wheelbase, 9.75in width and a 40-inch length. The classic longboard shape is unmistakable. It is perfect for both free ride and commuter ride.

Previously, the Sector 9 Meridian longboard was better known as Natasha. It offers a great platform as well as moderate concave.  If you are looking for a standup slide along those narrow corners, this will be an excellent longboard choice for you. If you prefer a wide-style baseplate on the trucks of your board, then you will comfortably ride on this board and it will take in all the tricks that you can conjure.

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Sector 9 Fractal Longboard Review

Sector 9 Fractal LongboardThe Sector 9 Fractal longboard is easily recognizable by the stunning graphics on its deck. You are definitely going to turn a few heads if you are riding this board out and about town. Apart from its stunning visuals, you will also notice its pintail deck that has been built out of 8-ply maple deck. The trucks of the deck are a drop-through. The drop through trucks will offer you extra stability when you are cruising with the longboard at high speeds.

The deck of the longboard also contains cutouts at the back as well as the front. These are not just for aesthetic purposes. They also perform an important function in preventing wheel bite. As the name suggests, wheel bite occurs the wheels scratch the surface of the deck especially if you are making sharp turns with the longboards. The cutout design of the Sector 9 Fractal longboard will ensure that the wheel bite phenomenon is completely eliminated.

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Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill Review

Sector 9 Aperture SidewinderThe Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard is a fairly popular board to see these days. It is being used by pros and beginners alike. These boards are seen zipping along campus streets as a form of transportation, college students using them in lieu of cars or motorbikes. Pros are using it for steep downhill races and sliding along hilly streets. This Sidewinder Drop Through board has some serious versatility to it, with the ability to be used for both racing and cruising. The design is of top-notch quality, using industry standard materials such as 8 ply maple material, cold pressed. This board has a serious focus on stability, giving you maximum speed without sacrificing control. This durable board can handle a lot of different obstacles and still keep going.

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Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop Through Longboard Review

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout LongboardThe idea of riding down a street or down a specially designed ramp on what is essentially a plank of wood with wheels might seem strange to some, but for others, it is the epitome of fun and exhilaration. Tony Hawk may have made skateboarding cool; however, it is Canadian longboarder Patrick Switzer who has redefined the longboard in particular. A longboard as defined by Wikipedia as being exactly what the name suggests – it is a longer than average skateboard with larger wheels which is designed for maximum speed.

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