What are the Best Mountainboards for Kite Landboarding?

Are you into mountainboard kiting or kiteboarding or kite landboarding? These are all names that are used interchangeably to describe this new popular extreme sport.

Mountainboarding is one of the most popular and fastest growing extreme sports but some people are taking to a whole new level of extremes by introducing the kiting element. If you are already kite surfing in water, we imagine making the transition into mountainboard kiting wouldn’t be too hard. If you are already a consummate mountainboarder, you will need only a little practice to master mountainboarder kiter.

Once you have your ideal high quality mountainboard, you will only need a power kite that will power your ride in various surfaces including parks, beaches, across the country  or even dry lake beds. Mountain boards are simple in construction but they need to be sturdy and ultra reliable. Mountain boards are similar to offroad skates only that they have foot straps and adjustable suspension as well as pneumatic tires that will assure you of a smooth ride as well as superior performance and handling in the off-road environment.

Mountainboard kiting or kiteboarding is different in many respects to kitesurfing on water. While in the water, extra drag is created by the water which will require a bigger kite to provide you more water. The kite offers you extra power that will help keep you on top of the water. With kiteboarding, you have the hard surface to support you and there is less risk of you sinking into the ground when there is less kite power. With kiteboarding, therefore, you will need smaller kites.

So what should you look out for in mountainboards for kiting? There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind. You need to choose the right specs beginning with the length of the kite-landboard. There are various aspects of the length that you need to look at including the overall length of the kite-landboard which is the maximum with the tires included. There is also the deck length measurement which is the length of the top surface or deck. Finally, there is the axle to axle length which is the length between the axles.

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Generally, shorter kite-landboard lengths are suited for those riders who want to make more spins and manoeuvres while longer boards are suited for those looking for stability on those long high speed cruises. Longer boards are better suited for taller people and shorter boards for smaller people.

The deck material is also an important consideration. Cheaper options include wood laminate and wood. Other material options include composite decks made from wood and fibreglass.

Here is a look at some of the mountainboards for kite landboarding that you can consider:

MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard

imagesThe MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard is a kite mountainboard for beginners. If you are looking for a beginner mountainboards for kiting that will stand vigorous use and abuse during the first sessions as you progress from an absolute novice into a power kiteboarder, then this will be a great choice.

An upgrade from previous versions, it is packed  with lots of awesome features including Genuine MBS T1 tires, an upgraded tube material along with genuine MBS rubber shielded bearings. It also has MBS’ new fivestar hubs. Thanks to the upgraded axles to the current 12mm, you can now take this mountainboard to dizzying heights. In addition to the upgrades in performance, the MBS Colt 90 is also so engineered that it is compatible with the others in the MBS line so replacing parts will not be a headache.

MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

colt_90x_-_mainHere is another superb mountainboard for kiting by MBS. The Colt 90X is a good kite landboard for beginners with an array of reliable and performance features that you will definitely appreciate. The deck is made from a sturdy maple-lam and it pack ATS 12 trucks and 12 mm axles that will assure you of higher jumps.

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These are not only lighter but quite easy to adjust. The F1 Velcro bindings for this kiting mountainboard are also relatively easy to adjust and get to fit on your feet. It comes fully assembled with the reliable MBS V braking system. The FiveStar hubs by MBS will also assure you of extra reliability. To complete the setup, it comes with MBS tires which are great of speed. In fact, this goes faster than the legacy models from MBS!

MBS Pro 95 Mountainboard – Retaliation

urlNow here is a mountainboard for kiting that you can use to ride freestyle. The Pro 95 is an improvement over the legacy versions which all avid landboarder agree were quite incredible so you can expect the MBS Pro 95 to really deliver. It still retains the original Dan Wilson beautiful graphics which are conveniently protected by a tough and slick PBT layer even in the roughest of obstacles.

The mountainboard is packed with the reliable MBS MATRIX PRO trucks along with the F4 PRO bindings. Even if you are flying high in the air or simply spinning, you can expect this mountainboard to hold for seasons of fun.

MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard

91316-mbscomp95xHere is another freestyle mountainboard for kiting. The mountainboard deck is made from powerlam composite with Asym and a multi-camber. It utilizes the reliable Matrix II channel trucks along with the CRMO axles with shock blocks and a composite top truck. Expect same quality and reliability when it comes to the bindings,, hubs and tires relying on the MBS F5 Ratchet bindings as well as the FiveStar hubs by MBS.

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It comes fully assembled with the MBS V5 braking system assuring you of incredible braking mechanism. It is a perfect for an adventurous beginner looking for more action in the rougher terrains.

MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard

mbs_comp95_09_isoWe are not done with the MBS boards and here is another wonderful board for those looking for a cruising board that they can push to new speed limits. The Comp 95 offers riders top line versatility and can be used by all levels of riders. This is a good investment that you will not outgrow easily even as you refine your landboarding skills. It is the perfect board for you if you want to push the boundaries.

It is packed with the reliable MBS Matrix trucks, which have been reengineered in this model and are now lighter and stronger. You will be able to execute ultra smooth carving with these trucks. You will also appreciate MBS’ revolutionary multi-camber profile, poppy and comfortable for all levels of riders. It has plenty of other enhancements which make it one of the most versatile mountainboards for kiting.

That wraps up our review of the best mountainboards for kiting. We would have wished to add more brands and models but you will never go wrong with an MBS board.