What are the Best Mountainboard Wheels?

If you are looking for an extreme sport that is ultimately physically demanding, then try out mountain boarding. Not only does it push you to the limits, it is also a highly addictive activity; once you get hooked up into mountain boarding, it is extremely difficult to give it up.

The emergence of new technologies and more durable and high performance gear has taken the terrain extreme sports to a whole new level. Now you are able to perform the toughest of manoeuvres in the most extreme terrains without worrying about injury or reliability issues due to failing equipment. One of the most important components of the mountain boarding equipment is the mountainboard wheels. Without good wheels, your performance is going to be impeded and you may even get injured when you are rolling down the mountains at super high velocities.

Having great pairs of wheels on your mountain boards is going to significantly boost your performance on the terrain. It is just like having a good set of wheels on your off road vehicle. Due to the punishing and rugged terrain, you need sets of wheels that will stand stress and strain as well as the test of time. Most mountainboard wheels are generally 20cm in diameter. All wheels are not the same and there is a host of options to consider when shopping for the best wheels for your mountainboards ranging from plastic hubs to the sturdy metal hubs. The best wheels should seamlessly fit on your mountainboard after a short duration of practicing.

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If you are planning to undertake some seemingly preternatural manoeuvres on your mountain boards in those suicidal terrains, we have compiled some of the best wheels to consider that are highly durable and good value for money.

MBS Rock Star Pro Hub Set

imgresThe MBS Rock Star Hub Set offers you a solid and sturdy metallic hub set that will handle all the abuse in the toughest of terrains. They have been made out of super strong 6061-T6 Aluminium material. These upgrades even include an aluminium spacer thus capable of withstanding higher pressure levels.

If you are a free style rider that likes to apply higher pressure on your mountainboarding manoeuvres, then you will definitely fall in love with these hubs. You will have to purchase the bearings separately, though.

MBS 7” Knobby Wheel

mbs_7_inch_complete_wheelAnother winning wheel model by MBS, it comes as a complete wheel and has excellent compatibility with both the Atom 80 as well as the Atom 80X mountainboards. It is a one-piece wheel with a diameter of 7”.

They are also sold with 9.5mm bearings so if you are looking for the complete package at excellent value, this is a great budget option for you. One year warranty is provided for manufacturer defects.

MBS Twistar Hub Set-Green

urlWhen it comes to mountainboard wheels, MBS are clearly the industry leaders. With the MBS Twistar design of mountainboard wheels, you no longer have to worry about too much hardware fitted in your traditional 2-piece wheel hub design. Instead, these feature an interlocking teeth design which has been built into the hub.

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This new design simplifies the assembly process. All it takes is twisting the hub with the deflated tire in order to fit it in. This design also means that the Twistar hubs are relatively light in weight without compromising on the strength. They are also 100% rust-proof and can be disassembled just as easily. The MBS Twistar Hub is best suited for the freestylers. However, like the Rock Star Pro hubs, they do not come with the bearings.

MBS Rock Star II Hub- White- Single

rock_star_iis_-_singles_v2Too bad, folks. Still sticking to the MBS mountainboard wheels. We would wish to give you as much variety as possible but these models are simply of superior quality. They score really well on a variety of standards including weight, durability, performance, rust-proof quality as well as excellent compatibility with a variety of tires in the market. The Rock Star II, for example, will fit well into most of the 8-inch tires currently in the market.

The Rock Star II, thanks to its robust construction, can be a reliable companion as you take your mountainboarding to the next level. Its superior edge include its industry leading strength to weight ratio which is really the highest in the market for the injection moulded mountainboard hubs. These hubs can also handle higher tire pressures thanks to the improved stiffness and impact resistance. These are injection molded hubs that will guarantee you aluminium-grade performance. For many riders, this means good reliability and performance at the most affordable pricing.

MBS 8″ Knobby Wheel

urlThis is a wheel and tire package for the budget buyer. The MBS 8” Knobby Wheel is suited for the MBS all-terrain skate trucks although you can also use this with the vector trucks. It consists of tri-spoke hubs along with a rugged diamond tread and can perform in a host off road conditions. It is not a premium board but if you are looking for a relatively reliable mountainboard wheel at reasonable pricing, then this can make a great choice.

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MBS wheel are some if the most integral parts of the mountainboard. Without the wheels, there is simply no mountainboarding. Make sure you choose tried and trusted hubs from some of the leading brands in the market such as MBS, Primo or Trampa in order to get the best quality hubs.