What are the Best Mountainboard Brake Kits?

Mountainboard brake kits will be useful if you are riding in smaller spaces or obstacle-filled terrains where you do not have sufficient room to scrub off some of the speed and come to a halt or slow down. Where there is sufficient mountainboarding space, you can always slow down the speed by powersliding or carving your board.

Don’t just rush into buying mountainboard brake kits. It is generally advisable to purchase a brake kit after you have learned to brake the board or slow down using the normal methods. Using the brake from the word go or more often will often encourage bad riding habits. If you are braking too much, you will not be learning the nuanced riding skill and it might also take the fun out of the riding. We suggest purchasing a braking kit after you have mastered your mountainboarding and using it only as an aid where you are riding in difficult terrains such as steep mountain sides.

You can use the mountainboard brake kits if you are planning to ride your board along single tracks or on very steep terrain where braking can help reduce accidents or injuries. If you are beginner or an intermediate use, using a brake can also make your learning process a lot easier. Make sure you purchase brake kits that are compatible with your mountainboard trucks for optimal performance.

With that in mind and if you have decided that you are going to add some braking to your mountainboarding experience, here are some of the best mountainboard brake kits that you can try this season.

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MBS V5 Aluminum Mountainboard Brake System

81b5jbvxlcl-_sx355_The MBS V5 mountainboard brake kits are a reverse V breaking system suited for the single-track riders. If you are beginner just learning how to ride your mountainboard then this will be a perfect option for you. It can be used by beginners, intermediate users as well as by the more advanced mountainboard riders. If you want to begin scaling tougher terrains, this will be a good choice for you. It has good compatibility with all MBS mountain boards. The brake arms are made from an aluminium material. The handles offer you a comfortable and durable grip and also have a shock cord for extra comfort. The brake disks have good compatibility with all the MBS hub types. If you are a beginner looking for single track riding, then this would be an ideal mountainboard brake kit for you.

The biggest fear of most beginners starting out on mountainboarding is the fear of going on a steep incline on the side of a mountain without the capability to hold a footbrake, slide or carve to a halt. Fortunately, most of the mountainboards currently in the market have a braking mechanism and many of them utilize the MBS V5 Mountainboard brake system.

Most of the mountainboard brakes utilize a simple system where the rider simply presses a handheld lever so that can they slow down the board. These simple systems are generally quite efficient especially if you purchase a quality and reputable system and will help you slow down your mountainboards considerably when going down the mountain sides.

Most MBS mountainboards come with a braking system. If there is an “x” in the naming such as MBS Atom 90x, then you can be sure that the mountainboard has been fitted with a braking mechanism. If you are planning to buy the mountainboard brakes separately, then you can go with the MBS V5 brake kits.

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