What are the Best Mini Segways in 2016?

best mini segways

The mini segway market is quite complicated. There are potentially hundreds of brands selling hoverboards and many of these have been largely sourced from a single location in China before they are re-branded by resellers. There are some, though, which are also manufactured in the United States. They are generally called by various names including self balancing scooters, self balancing boards or simply electric hoverboards.

To complicate matters further for buyers, many of the mini Segways have also recently faced a lot of safety issues leading to a mass recall by manufacturers across the board. Today, a key determinant of safety in the mini Segways is whether the boards have been UL2272 certified.

The mini Segways generally create the impression that the rider is hovering hence the name hoverboards. They also come in a variety of shapes as well as sizes and have lots of bells and whistles such as Bluetooth and LED lights although these vary from one brand or model to another. Some of the factors that you need to focus when shopping for the best mini segways include the UL2272 certification, the kind of battery used and the various features that have been deployed in the hoverboard. Generally, Samsung or LG Lithium Ion batteries are likely to give you better performance.

Performance-wise, look at features such as charge time, duration of use after charge,  the maximum speed, the mileage of the board, the weight limit and whether the manufacturer or retailer offers any warranty on the products.

So What are the Best Mini Segways on the Market?

Ninebot by Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO ninebotThe Ninebot by Segway miniPRO offers great performance, hitting up to 10m/hr. The miniPRO offers premium quality performance at an affordable pricing, being one of the few UL 2272 Certified products on the market.

It’s fast, highly responsive and very easy to ride. You will learn how to ride this in a matter of minutes. The board, however, has a range of only 14 miles after a marathon 10-hour charging time. It also has a weight capacity limit of only 220 pounds.

HOVERZON Self Balancing Hoverboard

Hoverzon Self balancing ScooterThe HOVERZON has a UL2272 certification and will generally give you an overall peace of mind knowing you are reading one of the safest hoverboards in the marketplace. Get superior battery performance thanks to the battery management system along with better responsive control to its improved motor and gear stabilization capabilities. There are two ride modes for a beginner and a more experienced rider. Add to the bold and attractive colors and you have a great mini segway that delivers the desired performance and which can suit your personal tastes.

SKQUE 10 Self Balancing Scooter

SKQUE 10” Self Balancing ScooterUnlike the other mini Segways in the market, the SKQUE 10 is one of the only few ones with a UL certification and that means a proven and tested safety rating that you can count on. It has larger 10” wheels, unlike the other models that have a 6” or 8” along with a large Samsung/LG 44,000mAh battery pack that will guarantee you hours of enjoyable riding. Other features include front-facing LED battery lights along with rubber foot pads for extra protection. It has a maximum speed of 10km/hr and will go a maximum distance of 20-25km. The maximum load rating for this mini segway is 264lbs.

Swagtron T1 Hands Free Electric Scooter

81AbhushqnL._SL1500_This is another mini segway that is UL certified and which will assure of enhanced safety features.  The charge time for its lithium ion batteries is between 2 and 3 hours and it has numerous other extras including headlights, battery indicators and rubber bumpers for extra protection. There is superior tire traction and non-slip pedals that for improved safety. It is one of the more affordable safe mini Segways.

Daily Saw 6.5” Hoverboard

Dailysaw Self balancing scooterThis mini segway by Street Saw is built for optimal riding performance right from the design to the performance features. It uses a high-quality brushless motor technology and has dual front-facing LED lights that ensure you are seen by motorists on the road. One of the main issues you should look out when buying a mini segway is the quality of the battery. The Daily Saw 6.5” utilizes Samsung/LG lithium ion batteries noted for their energy efficiency and top performance. Once charged, the battery will last you up 6 hours.  The smaller tires mean that it is a lighter mini segway that you can navigate easily around the sharpest of bends. For extra protection, you can also have the bumpers installed for extra protection. However, if you are already a moiré experienced rider, you can go with the clean sleek look which is already quite striking due to the bold and attractive color options.

When buying your mini Segways, always focus on the most important features such as the battery performance, safety certification, speed, the range of the mini segway, ease of use as well as the maximum weight of capacity. These are the right boxes that should check out before you look at other factors such as Bluetooth, remote control functionality or even the bold colour and styling of the mini segway.

We hope that our review of the best mini Segways in the market has helped you picked out the best product that is suitable for your needs and which will facilitate your smooth powered skating performance. With time, as many other mini segway manufacturers comply with the stringent safety measures that are now in place, there will be more options to choose from but for now, these are among the best and safest that will offer you excellent value for money. Try them out today.

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