What the Best Longboard Safety Gear Should you Buy?

Skateboarding has been a crucial part of an alternative lifestyle for over 30 years. Skateboarders were those that had a beef with authority, a streak of masochism and a love for long roads. Longboarding just recently became a trend and as such, the market has become flooded with companies trying to capitalize on it. All this choice makes it hard to understand what it is that you need to skate safely with a longboard. That is why we have taken some of the hard work out of it and broken it down for you.  The key pieces of longboard safety gear, which we are going to go over in detail, are a helmet, gloves, pads, and leathers. 

Longboard Helmets

81+-NIUI3RL._SX522_Your brain is the center of your being, the source of your ability to move and yes, ride your longboard. That is why you should take the most care in picking a helmet, as it is your most important piece of longboard safety gear. Riding without a helmet is not just stupid, it is dangerous, one misjudgment and your brains can be quickly meeting concrete in devastating and possibly fatal ways. Don’t be that one person who thinks they are too cool for helmets. Trust us; you aren’t.

A good helmet will cost a decent amount, but you are must make sure you are getting what you pay for. Solid one piece construction is important, along with secure straps and high-quality EPS foam liner. Everything else is just the bells and whistles.

For a basic helmet that will still protect your head, check out the PROTEC Original Classic Helmet. It is CPSC certified, comes in a variety of sick colors and fits all the previous criteria.  For full face coverage, try the TSG Pass Helmet.

Longboard Gloves

Just as important as your head, your hands need to be protected from the road too.  Sturdy, well-made gloves are great longboardLongboard Gloves safety gear, but you also need to make sure that that fit is right. Nothing sucks more than losing a glove because the wrist couldn’t tighten enough and now you’ve got road rash on your palm.  Gloves also can help you with some moves, especially if you get yourself some sliding gloves.

Sliding gloves are durable gloves with pucks attached. The primary puck is on the palm, letting you glide along the road with grace and style. For beginners or those who need the extra protection, there are also gloves that have finger and thumb pucks, to keep you from shredding your gloves and your fingers.

Gloves shouldn’t cost an arm and leg, but some are a higher price for higher quality. When you are looking for gloves, make sure you get the right size, and know what you want. Gloves without pucks are just for protection and should be durable and tight fitting to protect your hands in the case of a wipeout. Sliding gloves as said before, come in two types, with just a palm puck, or pucks for the fingers too. 

For a beginner to sliding, go for the pucks for the fingers, such as the Loaded Longboards GoatSkin Race Slide Gloves.  For someone who has some experience with sliding, go for gloves like Triple 8 Sliders Downhill Gloves or Sector 9 BHNC Adult Slide Gloves.

Longboard Pads

The next set of longboard safety gear protects your joints and bones. Pads come in different varieties, from knee and elbow pads to wrist and shin guards. Ensuring that you are protecting yourself while enjoying your hobby is crucial, and it will save you in an unexpected tango with the sidewalk. Kneepads and Elbow pads are tBest Longboard Safety Gear - Padshe most commonly used pads, made to help when you catch yourself and not scuff up your knees and elbows.

When choosing pads, like with any other protective gear, you have to have the right fit, or else it is useless. Pads should be snug but not restrictive, and your should be able to move naturally in them. They should also come with the hard outer shell as one solid piece and with inner foam.

A good set to work with would be the Triple 8 Saver Series, which comes with Wrist, Knee and Elbow pads. Another set is the TSG 3-Piece Pad Pack.  Getting a set is a great way to make sure that all your gear matches, but if you want to piece it together for your needs, you can get separate pieces.

Longboard Leathers

Longboarding suits are not necessary a need as the previous three are, but they are great for those that do a lot of boarding orBest Longboard Safety Gear - Pads seeking to be pro or semi-pro. These suits, or leathers as they are aptly called, are designed primarily of leather, with Kevlar in places where you need to flex and stretch. Proving full body protection from road rash and damage from wipeouts, these suits also have medium density foam at the knees, elbows and back. Leathers are also comfortable, designed for long rides and half-pipes. Leather suits are not for beginners, more for those who do more than casual longboarding.

If you are looking for a set of leathers, make sure that you get all your measurements taken, with all the gear you plan to wear while riding your longboard.  A leather suit to look into would be the NJK Leathers Race Ready Leather Skateboarding Suit. Coming in a few colors and with double ply leather in all contact areas you can rest assured that your skin is safe in the worst case scenarios.

You’re safety while you ride is incredibly important, to not just your health, but the quality of your ride. It is hard to enjoy the sensation of coasting downhill if you are worried about what happens if you fall. Taking your safety into your hands, we want you to have the best ride possible, which is why we’ve given you this in-depth look at exactly what longboard safety gear you need, from beginner on up.

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