What Are the Best Longboard Bearings?

Radial, axial, who cares as long as you’re flying faster!

Bearings are graded (based on precision which impacts performance) as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. This is your standard if you are into measuring bearing quality and or performance. The reality is (and this will put things into perspective in a snap) an ABEC (Annual Bearing Engineers Committee, established almost 35 years ago) grade is assigned by the committee to all (as in globally) bearings. Let’s put it this way: the guys over at NASA, they use bearings in their spaceships and for those kinds of forces (think tons of rocket fuel exploding under ultra-precise conditions), a grade 9 is required. The people in the know reassure us that for your longboarding madness a bearing graded above 3 isn’t even necessary.

No bearing no matter the grade is going to last on your long board. You know why? Bearings are designed for radial loads and pretty much everything you do on a longboard is axial and side load dominant. It’s not your fault your shred sled can burly and peter pan like a crazy! Is it?! Damn straight! All we’re saying is, no bearing in the world is going to last on a longboard so our advice is don’t let no company take your hard earned cash because they claim their bearing is extra ‘supa’ special because the ABEC grade is above 3! Before we get into our best longboard bearings is…if you can afford bearings with Cerbec® balls don’t hesitate to buy them – they are the ceramic superstars of bearing performance and durability (versus steel bearings).

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Primitive High Precision Skateboard Bearings

primitive-skateboard-bearings-fasssport-1609-03-fasssport34Coming in an ultra-cool opulent black box with company’s “crafted with pride” golden embossed thunderbird on the lid are eight (8) size 608 top class high quality bearings sized at 8mm (core) 22mm (outer diameter) and 7mm wide. The folks at Primitive SkateboardingTM pre-lubricate your bearings making the unboxing to skating time negligible. We can’t say we’ve tried them but the people who have gush with admiration.

These P-Rod approved bearings have a racy adrenaline fueled appearance begging for the extreme. Each bearing carries the company’s insignia on the housing which we feel is a classy finish to a ride that can only be described as effortless. With unbridled shredding freedom, we highly recommend Primitive SkateboardingTM bearings to anyone brave enough to hit those fun boxes, ledges, pyramids, rails and hubbas at gnarly speeds.

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

bracbr8-16pk-2These guys have been in the understory for a quarter of a century and that’s why we’ve featured two of their products in this review. Included in the deal are a Bones Reds sticker and eight (8) bearings with high speed nylon ball retainers making them robust and faster. Also pre-lubricated (using Speed Cream) these bearings promise clearances, tolerances and materials with ‘skate rated’ approval.

With a six month shelf life you’ll get a sick ride that’ll have you pivot grinding up the park in no time.  This is a great price for some serious precision greased lightning. Touting ‘’America’s Bestselling” brand, we can see why. These red firecrackers have the convenience of non-metal (rubber) shields which makes cleaning them faster than you’d carve a bowl of super polished concrete.

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NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

41jmvph-ykl-_sy400_There’s a new competitor in the skateboard bearing industry and they are making waves. Neal bearings, don’t ring bells like better known brands – not yet anyway, but that doesn’t change the value in their products. Sporting a choice of three (3) materials i.e. ceramic (‘Blackout’ housing), Swiss (orange housing) and titanium steel (also black) their bearings are marketed for skateboards, longboards, penny boards, inline skates, and scooters alike.

The brushed chrome finished bearings come in a durable satin aluminum case and include 4 skateboard spacers, 8 speed rings and a waterproof sticker to boot.  Promising unrivaled speed and durability Neal bearings are a mover and shaker company that appear to take the competition of better known brands in their stride. If you’re open to trying something new backed by the irrefutable claims of top grade materials then Neal is the way to go.

Andale Bearings Paul Rodriguez Pro Rated Precision Skateboard Bearings

41xpackcxhl-_sy300_If P-Rod has tested them then we know they’ve been put through every conceivable rigor of skateboarding mayhem. With, as one customer (and we agree) says, a ‘dope’ case that looks ultra-luxurious in Gold finishing and sporting P-Rod’s signature in black, comes 8 pro-rated and pre-lubricated bearings with 4 skateboard spacers. The bearings themselves have a gold finish with white retainer plate with the company’s logo in gold.

Watching the man put them on and effortlessly doing the ‘impossible’ will make even grandpa want to take the shred sled for an ollie or two! The specifications are standard i.e. you are looking at a (608 with an 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width) and the durability and performance are excellent. If you love the man (who doesn’t?) and quality bearings then grab some now, and slide with pride.

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Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings, 8 Pack set

1bbob2cr01000006Coorstek is a leading company making engineered ceramics such as Cerbec balls used in Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings, 8 Pack set. The balls are made from silicon nitride and have phenomenal physical properties which when used on your long board amounts to a great deal of speed. The price is steeper (for obvious reasons) than metal bearings but you save ultimately with extended use and low maintenance. This space age technology is a veritable game changer on your longboard and so we highly recommend these bearings if money isn’t a question.

With this deal you get eight (8) red bearings with Bones’ high speed nylon ball retainer and user-friendly rubber shield removal design and because they pre-lubricated you can ride immediately. Just a reminder again those cerbec balls are ahead of their time in terms of technology and promise a faster, lighter, stronger, waterproof bearing with endless spin. Grab them now!