What are the Best Kiteboards for Beginners?

What are some of the best kiteboards for beginners? If you are just starting out on the wonderful sport of kitesurfing, then you will need to choose kiteboards that are best suited for your ability or lack of it thereof. Generally, these are kiteboards that are fairly easy to ride.

For beginners, generally, it is advisable to choose kiteboards that are large and flat. Having such a large surface area gives you a greater ability to plan your rides without applying too much power on the board which can be destabilizing if you are just getting used to kitesurfing. If the kiteboard is bigger, you won’t need to apply too much. If you are beginner, you will be more successful riding an underpowered kite as well as a massive board that gives you greater stability. As you will build your experience and riding ability, you will be able to upgrade to smaller kiteboards.

Some of the kiteboard options that beginners can choose from include the following:-

  • Choose light wind monster kiteboards which are wide and flat. The lengths for these can range anywhere from 150cm to 170cm. With the large surface area of these boards, a kiteboard can easily ride up wind in lighter wind conditions.
  • Choose all round large boards with lengths of 140 to 150cm. These are not only easier for beginners to ride but they also give you versatility in various riding conditions. They are boards you can grow with to the intermediate riding ability. With these kiteboards, you also get an increased rocker compared to the light wind monster kiteboards.
  • An every day performance kiteboard: With lengths ranging from 135 to 142cm, these are the kinds of kiteboards you would like to ride on in those perfect conditions. It is also a kiteboard that you can grow with into the intermediate sessions .
  • Lastly, there are the high wind and light weight riders with lengths ranging from 126 to 135cm. Because they are smaller in size, they can sink deeper into water ensuring you get more control during the high winds. Perfect for lighter riders.
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Here is a look at some of the best kiteboards in the market that beginners can choose:

Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Misfit Kiteboard

2017-slingshot-misfit-dThis board is part of Slingshot’s 2017 lineup and you can bet that it is packed with plenty of beauties for your kite landboarding thrills. It is an upgrade of the Slingshot 2016 Misfit kiteboard which has, over the years , stood the test of time and performance in a vast array of settings and terrains.

The 2017 Slingshot line-up will retain the same mild rocker and outline. So it is a perfect board for an all-round freestyle ride. They still have the NACA channels which will give you an excellent grip as well as incredible speeds for the kiteboards. New additions include the Carbon inserts; the channel system is no more. Thanks to the Carbon inserts, you now get a continuous flex pattern all over the kiteboard. The Slingshot MisFit is a kiteboard that will deliver in all conditions including the most demanding kiteboarding sessions.

Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Karolina Pro 135 Kiteboard

urlHere is another impressive 2017 lineup by Slingshot. This is an upgrade of the Slingshot 2016 Refraction Karolina that was released with much hype this year. This too, is a freestyle board that is built for the more aggressive female riders who are not afraid to go for those hard charging moves.

This is a board that has been built to deliver incredible power whether you are riding with or without boots. It has an aggressive rocker line along with a milder V-spine allowing for softer and smoother landings. You will also appreciate the excellent flex and popping performance in these kiteboards thanks to the Carbon bedrock inserts. With its power and performance, you won’t be surprised to learn that this kiteboard was built to the specifications and named after a world champion-Karolina Winkowska.

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2016 Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard

url-1The 2016 Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard is a design that has been engineered for rapid progression. It is designed with a smooth concave center built for quick progression which will allow you to shift your ride in a relatively short duration of time. It is packed with lots of beauties including inline inserts, rails and a see-through to its beautiful core graphics.

If you are looking for top line performance at very affordable pricing, then this potent board is the one for you. Don’t forget to check out the 2017 lineup version which is an improvement over the 2016 version and gives you an even better progression.

2016 North Gonzales Kiteboard

url-2The 2016 North Gonzales is a kiteboard that you generally enjoy to ride whether in the small or large sizes.  It is smoother and more manoeuvrable in the smaller size and makes for a greater beginner kiteboard in the larger size. Beginners generally need kiteboards that they can use to progress and also, as they get used to it in subsequent sessions, make that progression a lot faster.

The North Gonzales kiteboard is just the kind of board that you can use in making those progressions without sacrificing on the performance. The outline of the board is more forgiving and it is also designed with a softer flex pattern. With a range that includes 5 sizes, you will definitely find a mountainboard that suits your riding level.

2016 Liquid Force Legacy Kiteboard

legacy_139_frontIf you tried Liquid Force’s original kiteboards , then you will certainly love the Liquid Force Legacy kiteboard. It is inspired by the legacy designs but with cutting edge features. It has the same feel as its legacy counterparts. The design is still thinner and lighter and the performance has improved considerably, currently unmatched by that of its peers.

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Some of the new high performance features include its cutting edge flex profile that will make easy work of any choppy kite riding conditions. With the new flex profile, you can now enjoy very soft landings as well as takeoffs that are incredibly powerful, giving you the all round performance that you need to fully enjoy your kiteboarding hobby.

That concludes our review of the best kiteboards for beginners. If you are just starting out on your kiteboarding thrill, you will never go wrong with these top rated kiteboards.