What are the Best Kiteboard Control Bars?

Kiteboarding has progressed considerably over the past few years and the gear is now more efficient and reliable. While getting the kite and the board is key to successful kite boarding, you also need to get the gear right and one of the main key pieces of kitesurfing gear are the kiteboard control bars.

Just like the other pieces of kiteboard gear, these too have progressed considerably in the past few years. Today, they are more user friendly than they were a decade or two ago. Today you don’t have to worry about being blown over the hills and mountains or getting out of the sea because you are unable ton exert more effective control on your kite.

Today’s kiteboard control bars are like a very effective braking system for that power sports vehicle or bike, capable of halting just at the right moment so as to prevent a disaster or potential serious injury.

There are many options for kiteboard control bars that will help you have a more comfortable and quality ride, personalised to your unique riding style. Here, we review some of the best kiteboard control bars in the market, that are reliable and with impeccable safety features.

2015 Cabrinha Overdrive 1x Kiteboard Bar 48-56cm



This is a pricey premium control bar but one that is adjustable and with the proprietary QuickLoopTM harnessing, which is an opening harmless connection. It works through a very simple mechanism that will not disappoint based on Cabrinha’s 1X security system.

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When activated, it will automatically shut off the power of the kite allowing it to come down instantly on land or water. Due to its simplicity and reliability, the QuickLoopTM mechanism has become an industry benchmark for control bars, assuring riders of reliable landing no matter the circumstances. You can easily depower it on demand and rest it with its Quick Release mechanism. Activation process is also incredibly simple.

Ocean Rodeo Sports Control Kiteboarding Bar

urlYou can use this control bar with all the generations of the Ocean Rodeo kites as well as all the other kite brands in the market. What you get when you purchase this control bar is unbeatable versatility and superior construction.

Some of the admirable features that it packs include swivelling chicken finger, length and adjustments for the rear line, as well as a shorter chicken loop length. There is also an optional suicide leash configuration feature. In case of a safety eject, this control bar will guarantee you a total depower!

Cabrinha Quickloop Overdrive 1x with Trim Lite Depower Control Bar

398424_398424_1Like the other Cabrinha, kiteboard control bars on the list, this too comes with the QuickLoopTM opening harness look. The advantage with this is the overall ease of use that you get thanks to the 1X security system. Once you activate this, the kite is automatically depowered and comes down on water or land.

Another defining feature is the overdrive that you can activate so as to easily expand the bar length by up to 8cm via a simple adjustment so as to ramp up the turning speed. With the TrimLite CleatTM feature, you will be able to make positive trim adjustments very precisely.

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Switch Controller 3 Bar 55cm – 45cm Orange Grey

51fulzxcucl-_sy355_The Switch Controller 3 bar is a highly sophisticated nextgen kiteboard control bar that gives you the complete kite control that you desire. Everything about this control bar is state-of-the-art ranging from the design to the materials used in making it.  The kite control system is highly sophisticated and has been performance engineered to meet the highest standards of professional riders in the industry.

It is safe, easy and strong; a control bar you can rely on to deliver in the most exerting of situations. Safety mechanisms include low friction and internal Quick Release, a 5th line system and the rounded soft bar ends. It has a safety leash with a strong fail safe guaranteeing you excellent safety during your kiteboarding.

Slingshot Kiteboarding 2017 Compstick with Guardian Control Bar

ss_2017_compstick_sentinelYou could never go wrong with the SlingShot kiteboarding accessories. The Compstick Guardian has a deceptively simplistic design with an easy to access depower system situated below the bar. It offers you a streamlined design with an unobstructed view. All the eye-level features of the control bar are situated in an easily reachable position below the bar. It is a very simple and clutter-free design unlike that of many of the control bars you will find in the market.

The Compstick Guardian control bar offers plenty of goodies including very strong and durable lines that you can use for the longest time; an efficient below-the-bar setup as well as big depower that is easy to attain. It has a low profile design that assures you of great reliability. The safety release system of the control bar is very easy to reset. This control bar will be right for you if what you need is the complete control of your kite as well as the need to ride with confidence without worrying about the failure of your kiteboarding gear. The control bar’s efficient, streamlined and lean profile can only be rivalled with a few control bars currently in the market.

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That’s it folks. There are numerous kiteboard control bars models and brands in the market such as Peter Lynn control bars, Ozone, HQ, SlingShot, Airush, Ocean Rodeo Sports and Cabrinha among others. Various models offer various performance characteristics and features for riders of various levels of proficiency and styles. We have picked some of the best control bars in the market that will meet your performance needs and which are also durable and worth value for money. They may not be the cheapest but if you are looking for reliability under extreme pressure, these kiteboard control bars will definitely meet your requirements.