What are the Best Mountainboard Brake Kits?

Mountainboard brake kits will be useful if you are riding in smaller spaces or obstacle-filled terrains where you do not have sufficient room to scrub off some of the speed and come to a halt or slow down. Where there is sufficient mountainboarding space, you can always slow down the speed by powersliding or carving your board.

Don’t just rush into buying mountainboard brake kits. It is generally advisable to purchase a brake kit after you have learned to brake the board or slow down using the normal methods. Using the brake from the word go or more often will often encourage bad riding habits. If you are braking too much, you will not be learning the nuanced riding skill and it might also take the fun out of the riding. We suggest purchasing a braking kit after you have mastered your mountainboarding and using it only as an aid where you are riding in difficult terrains such as steep mountain sides.

You can use the mountainboard brake kits if you are planning to ride your board along single tracks or on very steep terrain where braking can help reduce accidents or injuries. If you are beginner or an intermediate use, using a brake can also make your learning process a lot easier. Make sure you purchase brake kits that are compatible with your mountainboard trucks for optimal performance.

With that in mind and if you have decided that you are going to add some braking to your mountainboarding experience, here are some of the best mountainboard brake kits that you can try this season.

MBS V5 Aluminum Mountainboard Brake System

81b5jbvxlcl-_sx355_The MBS V5 mountainboard brake kits are a reverse V breaking system suited for the single-track riders. If you are beginner just learning how to ride your mountainboard then this will be a perfect option for you. It can be used by beginners, intermediate users as well as by the more advanced mountainboard riders. If you want to begin scaling tougher terrains, this will be a good choice for you. It has good compatibility with all MBS mountain boards. The brake arms are made from an aluminium material. The handles offer you a comfortable and durable grip and also have a shock cord for extra comfort. The brake disks have good compatibility with all the MBS hub types. If you are a beginner looking for single track riding, then this would be an ideal mountainboard brake kit for you.

The biggest fear of most beginners starting out on mountainboarding is the fear of going on a steep incline on the side of a mountain without the capability to hold a footbrake, slide or carve to a halt. Fortunately, most of the mountainboards currently in the market have a braking mechanism and many of them utilize the MBS V5 Mountainboard brake system.

Most of the mountainboard brakes utilize a simple system where the rider simply presses a handheld lever so that can they slow down the board. These simple systems are generally quite efficient especially if you purchase a quality and reputable system and will help you slow down your mountainboards considerably when going down the mountain sides.

Most MBS mountainboards come with a braking system. If there is an “x” in the naming such as MBS Atom 90x, then you can be sure that the mountainboard has been fitted with a braking mechanism. If you are planning to buy the mountainboard brakes separately, then you can go with the MBS V5 brake kits.

What are the Best Snowboard Bindings?

Are you shopping for the best snowboard bindings for the 2016/2017 winter season? No matter your requirements, whether those soft and cushy bindings for the more forgiving riding environments such as parks or stiff bindings for the more punishing all mountain terrains, you can be sure we have you covered with our review of the best snowboard bindings in the market.

The success of your snowboarding will depend, to a large extent, to the kind of the snowboard bindings that you purchase. The snowboard bindings serve as an interface between the boots and the boards. They are the piece of the snowboarding gear that will absorb those nuanced movements and allow you to have a smoother ride. Without the right snowboard bindings that are fit for purpose, a lot of things can go wrong on your snowboard ride.

While, theoretically and technically , you can use virtually any snowboard bindings, it will pay of if you use the right type of snowboard bindings that is not only constructed well but which is also fit for the type of application that you plan to put it into. If you are going to do soft rides in the park, then soft and cushy bindings will do but the same will not hold in the Alaskan mountains.

A good piece of binding will not only deliver on your snowboarding needs but it is also going to last you for several seasons. For many snowboarders, this is one of the most important investments that they will make for their snowboarding activity. To get your next snowboard trip on the right footing, we have compiled a list.

Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings

burton-cartel-snowboard-bindings-2016-blackThe 2016 Burton Cartel snowboard bindings come with a host of cool features. These snowboard bindings are best suited for freestyle all mountain riding experience. There is something for everyone whether you are looking for Living Hinge system which is perfect for highback rotation and enables you to make adjustments on the forward lean or whether you are shopping for the Zero Lean option that allows for ergonomic  comfort.

Thanks to the minimal Reactstrap in these bindings, they conform well to your boots so as to give you the best comfort as well as support. There is also the Gettagrip Capstrap that will comfortably conform to the toe. The Smooth Glide allows for super smooth releases.

Union Force Snowboard Binding 2016-M-L-Black

urlThe Union Force Snowboard binding is an all-round binding that has been an industry workhorse for the past decade. It is designed with the Multi Zone highback that gives you excellent flexibility as well as support. The Stage 4 baseplates for these bindings include dual density bushings for optimal dampening effect as well as comfort.

You will experience a true board feel with these bindings. Experience ultra smooth ratcheting thanks to the magnesium buckles used. These dependable bindings can be used by virtually all riders out there. They will also tackle virtually all kinds of riding conditions!

Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings Mens

url-1The NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings are powerful high performance bindings that have been designed with rockered Aluminium Alloy baseplates assuring you of excellent responses during your snowboarding sessions. You will get extra flex with tehse as well as a more lively snowboarding experience thanks to the Nylon Modblack that is filled with glass.

Other cool features include the Active Strap Technology and the ATM.8 support panels. These are snowboard bindings that are simply excellent in every way and will assure of a smooth snowboarding experience. They don’t come cheap but they offer good value for the price.

Flow Five Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

flow-five-hybrid-snowboard-bindings-2016-stormtrooperWe provide this for those snowboarders who are looking for something that is softer and also more forgiving. Think of park riders and beginners. With the Five Hybrid, you are presented with traditional binding design; it also incorporates the quick entry system for which Flow bindings are well known.

These bindings can be adjusted and tweaked just like the traditional bindings but with the advantage of quick release, which is a quintessentially Flow design feature for many of its bindings. These are also available in the hybrid version. Winning features include their soft flex, comfort as well as a very responsive binding performance. This will more than meet the needs of many beginners.

Union Contact Snowboard Bindings

urlHere is another much loved beginner snowboard. It offers a generous level of flex for riders and is ideal for those park shedders. It has the Asym S2 Highback that offers you great lateral support when you are executing the spins, presses and butters. Experience a more natural knee alignment as well as superb leverage thanks to the canted gas pedals. The super flex makes this a comfortable board for those beginners who want to hone their riding skills while still retaining the connection to their snowboards. This is a board that will be more giving whether you are a beginner or a pro looking for extra flex.

We have picked some of the best snowboard bindings in the market that will deliver not only in the performance department but will also last you several seasons. Some of these are fairly affordable but some are premium quality boards on the higher scale price. Pricing aside, the performance, quality and durability is indisputable. Make sure you choose the snowboard bindings that are suited for the kind of ride you plan to undertake, your level of experience and which will last. Know the right features such as the baseplate, straps and highbacks to look out for when selecting your bindings for the particular applications you plan to put them to.

Of course this is only a tiny selection of the numerous snowboard bindings that are available in the market but you will, definitely, not go wrong with these!

What are the Best Snowboard Goggles?

It is hard to imagine a snowboard outwear kit minus the snowboard goggles. When you are shopping for the best snowboard goggles, it is paramount that you choose one that has the right fit. But you would also want to look and feel good as you go about your snowboarding so you will also be looking at how stylish it looks along with various other quirky features that will make your snowboarding a lot more fun. Here is a look at some of the considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best snowboard goggles:-

  • The foam that is in the nose area should allow you to breathe easily as you go about snowboarding. This is a very practical consideration.
  • The goggles should fit perfectly on your face and shouldn’t allow air to seep through and interfere with your sport. This could be potentially dangerous as it will cause the goggles to fog up.
  • Don’t just look at the fit in isolation; look at how well the goggles are going to fit with your helmets. Helmets are, undoubtedly, an essential snowboarding gear.

If you have found the right fit for your snowboard goggles, you can look at the tech aspects of this snowboarding gear. There are several options on these. For example, nowadays you can get quality snowboarding goggles with quick lens changing mechanisms. Some of these utilize locks while others are based on a magnetic system or even a system of levers. Every brand will generally offer you something unique, as they strive to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. If you find the right piece of snowboard goggles, it is most likely going to protect your eyes for several years not to forget that with the right stylish piece, you are also going to turn some heads as you engage in an activity that you love.

Burton Anon Men’s M2 Goggles

51cuhlxxgfl-_sy355_The Anon M2 Men’s Goggles is one of the stylish and hottest goggles in the market right now. It utilizes a magnetic mechanism that simplifies the lens swapping part. The sealing system is fingerprint-spree and the carrier liner is made from a collection of sixteen rare earth magnets giving you up to eight points through which you can connect the goggles. Together, these constitute a retention force of up to 22lbs. The Burton Anon M2 also has a relatively quick closing mechanism and the lens swapping system for these goggles is one of the most accurate, allowing you an excellent and accurate free for a fog-free snowboarding experience. Every pair of the Anon M2 goggles is packed with low light premium quality lenses along with a hard case.

They also come with soft goggle sleeves to facilitate ease of cleaning and general scratch proof lenses for your snowboarding experience. Apart from the incredibly marvelous lens tech, you will also appreciate the wide screen fit that they offer as well as the excellent clarity that you get with these lenses. The Anon M2 Goggles are available in a wide array of colors that you can pick from. Best part is that they are available at very good pricing!

Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles Adults

oakley-flight-deck-xm-goggles-wet-dry-green-teal-dark-greySecond on our list is the Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles and for a good reason. They are among the best selling snowboard goggles in the market and are popular with many snowboarders thanks to the uber stylish designs, excellent color choices and incredible tech that makes it a desirable and reliable goggle to take out with you. This a scaled version of the Flight Deck Goggles that many would consider quite oversized. So if you like the look and the feel of the original Oakley Flight Deck and are looking for something smaller and “normal”, then this will be a great choice.

It has spherical lenses on a borderless design. These goggles offer you good room where you can insert your spherical lenses. They come with anti-fog lenses that offer you perfect clarity. For the best contrast when you are charging at high speed at subzero temperatures, the lenses have a Prizm technology option. You can pick from a host of color combinations depending on your taste or preferences.

Anon Insurgent Goggles

anon-insurgent-goggles-agent-red-solxThe Anon Insurgent Goggles are available in just the perfect size and shape and also has a wide screen. The spherical screen of the lens has been de-centered and thanks to the design and technology used in these goggles, you are assured of a high level of optical clarity even when charging at top line speeds in ice cold weather. You will be able to see all that is in your path at all speeds and you don’t have to strain for that.

The elastic hinge has been designed with a pivoting hinge for ease of it. The strap of the goggle will easily wrap around the helmet without much strain. It neither applies pressure around the eyes nor pull back on your eyes. These oversized goggles are also designed with a triple layer face foam that will wick away moisture from the face thus leading to increased comfort when wearing these. There are lots of fanciful color combos that you can pick from. As part of the package, it also comes with a microfiber goggle bag for cleaning and storage purposes.

Electric California EG3 Adult Goggles

_58This frameless and oversized snowboard goggles will give you a cool and super clean look. They have been some of the hottest trends in 2016 among snowboarders and there is a great combo of color choices that you can choose from. We counted a whopping 20 design options with colors ranging from a jet black lens to gloss white, rose/blue chrome lens and bronze/red chrome lens among many others.

The lens has been made from a dual spherical injected polycarbonate material which has been re-engineered for anti-scratch and anti-fog performance. It has also been treated with anti-reflective technology that will fully protect your eyes from the UV rays. The goggle strap will securely wrap around your beanie or helmet and it is lined with a silicone material for a comfortable and secure hold. It has a foam material that adds to the comfort and wicks away moisture from the face. While the Electric EG3 goggles are oversized, they will fit well on most helmets. Not to forget that it is quite a looker.

Dragon Alliance X2 Snowboard Goggles

urlThis is one of the best of Dragon Alliance’s oversized goggles. It incorporates not only the Frameless Lens Technology but also a Swiftlock system for quick lens changing and locking mechanism. Due to this design, you will get a good lock every time you put it on to charge forward in the terrains for hours of fun. There is also armored frame ventilation for overall fog-free use in all kinds of temperatures. They are made from molded injection polycarbonate that gives the best optical clarity even when charging at super high speeds. The triple layer face foam delivers excellent moisture wicking performance due to the micro-fleece lining.

While there is a large selection of snowboard goggles in the market available in various designs and numerous color combos, you won’t go wrong with our selection of the best snowboard goggles in the market.

What are the Best Snowboard Helmets?

Most fatal or debilitating injuries in high impact sports or riding sports such as skating, snowboarding or mountainboarding occur due to head injuries. That is why the technology to save lives has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Every few years, innovations in the helmet design continue to emerge and deliver the life saving benefits to those who like edgier activities and are not afraid to put their lives on the line for the thrills. Snowboarding is not a very extreme sport but accidents can occur and when that happens, you need to be well prepared.

Today’s snowboard helmets now have cutting edge impact absorption and very good ventilation to give you maximum comfort and protection. However, you can’t go for just about any helmet out there if you are snowboarding. In this case, you will need to choose those helmets that have snowboard-specific design and features. These are the kinds of helmets that will deliver optimal performance on your snowboarding activities whether you are doing it in the parks or in all mountain terrain.

A distinguishing feature of many snowboards is that they typically have a removable chin strap. It is not just strap for getting the right fit but you can also use it as a board lock. They are not just designed differently; snowboard helmets also look much nicer than your typical biking helmet. When shopping for snowboarding helmets, it is also necessary that you factor in the kind of goggles that you plan to use it with. The last thing you want is a mismatched snowboard head gear that will not offer you the adequate protection and clarity to go about your activity smoothly. Below, we review some of the best snowboard helmets that you can purchase this season.

Oakley Mod 3 Snow Helmet Mens

urlThe Oakley Mod 3 Snow helmet offers you great style as well as comfort. These snowboard helmets are also fully compatible with an array of snowboard gear. The design features a Modular Brim System or MBS that will assure you of that ideal fit for various models of goggles.

Thanks to the Brim Ventilation, the helmets also have great anti-fog properties so you can look forward to excellent optical clarity on the snow. In-Mold construction reduces the helmet weight; it has a lighter weight shell without sacrificing on the performance. For great fit with the Oakley goggles, you can choose between large brim options and the small brim options. Other good functional design features include an integrated venting design that will keep your head feeling cool and comfortable.

Giro Ledge MIPS LTD Snow Helmet

url-1Here is a wonderful snowboard helmet by Giro that utilizes the MIPS helmet protection system. MIPS is an acronym for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and refers to a cutting edge helmet protection technology. It entails an inner liner allowing the helmet to rotate around the head.

When there is an impact, this rotation will reduce the rotational force that occurs on impact which in turn minimizes the head injuries that you could get in case of an accident. The beauty with this is that you get a MIPS functionality and technology at an affordable pricing. It also has removable ear pads as well as good compatibility with all the Giro goggle models. It also has good compatibility with all the aftermarket Giro snowboard gear in the market. We recommend you go for this if safety is uppermost in your mind.

K2 Route Ski Helmet

k2-route_helmet_blackThe manufacturer claims it is the lightest snow helmet in the market and weighing only 320 grams or 11.3 ounces, they couldn’t be far off the mark. Apart from the ultra light weight, it is also highly ventilated so it will keep your head relatively cool even if you wear it for a longer duration of time. There is also a waterproof and stretchy cover that will ventilation holes on the helmet in case of a snowstorm.

The design of the K2 Route Ski Helmet is highly customisable and you can use it in varied ways beyond what is offered by the manufacturer such as goggle clips, a removable headlamp clip or a Boa dial fit system. Here is a good lightweight helmet that is light and will keep you dry and comfortable throughout.

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Variance Snow Helmet

matchWith the Smith Variance Snow Helmet, you get plenty of high tech features but at a much lower price. It features a hybrid shell construction that will guarantee you of extra protection without packing too much weight in the helmet.

It has a total of 18 ventilation holes with a low profile and an adjustable climate control. You can also choose from a vast array of colors. With the Smith Variance Helmet, you will be able to ride with great confidence and general peace of mind.

Bolle Synergy Ski Helmet

bolle-synergy-ski-helmet-2Get the best of all you need in a snowboard helmet with the Bolle Synergy Ski Helmet. It combines functionality with style, offering you maximum head protection while at the same time making you look good. Like the previous snowboard helmet, it also has a Hybrid shell construction to give you the best possible protection on the head in case of an accident and impact on the head. The lower part of the helmet gives it the overall light weight and stylish design.

You can customise how much air comes in via the helmet to cool it down with the adjustable vents. You can also put it on and get it off with the much ease due to the quick release design of the chin straps. So in case of an emergency, you won’t waste too much time fiddling with the helmet!

There you have it; some of the coolest and techiest snowboard helmets in the market that will give you a wonderful snowboarding experience. These helmets are also light in weight, well vented and they also maximize strength for maximum protection in case of a fall.

What are the Best Snowboards for Beginners?

For many beginners, snowboarding can be a blistery and painful affair as you learn. Having a good snowboard for beginners can make things a little bearable and also speed up the learning curve. The best snowboards for beginners should have certain key features. The flexing should be a lot softer compared to the stiffer flexing for the snowboards for the more experienced users. Softer flex will give beginners a ride that is a lot more forgiving.

Apart from the soft flexing, the best snowboards for beginners should not have very aggressive edges and the shape should be easier as this will allow you to learn how to turn easily. Lastly, a beginner’s snowboard should be cheaper as it is likely to undergo lots of abuse as you learn the ropes.

We have selected a collection of snowboards that you can use as a beginner and also progress with as you grow into an intermediate snowboarder and then a pro. When purchasing a snowboard for beginners, you won’t want to buy one that you will outgrow too quickly.

Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2017

cloneThe Burton Ripcord Snowboard is a wonderful beginner snowboard. It packs a combination of all the excellent features that you will need in snowboard and which will make your experience easier and fun. The board features the V-Rocker profile that is quite soft and reduces the instances of you catching the edge when snowboarding.

There is also a directional flex giving you more pop on the tail as well as extra stability on the board’s nose when you are out snowboarding.  This is a good beginner board and if you are just starting out in this sport, you are going to have an easier time with the Burton Ripcord Snowboard 2016. There is a wider version that is more suited for riders that have bigger feet.

DC Men’s Focus Snowboard

urlThis is a snowboard that is geared towards freestyle riders so no doubt it has excellent maneuverability as well as very good flex. It has a flex rating of 5/10 and is designed in a twin shape with bevelled edges.

If you are looking for a great beginner snowboard with which you can quickly hit the parks, then this should be a great choice. The light weight as well as the flexibility allows for easier moves. The board also comes at a very affordable pricing.

Burton Easy Livin Snowboard

burton-easy-livin-snowboard-2016-152This snowboard for beginners carries a premium price tag so you can expect some higher end features with this one. The board has been designed with a hybrid and more versatile flex that will give beginners a more forgiving ride. It also incorporates the Burton Ellip Kicks technology that allows for a floating a performance in a vast array of conditions.

Thanks to the Frostbite Edges, the snowboard will give you a great grip even on those icy conditions. The Burton Easy Livin’ is a snowboard that you will be able to grow with and is perfect all-mountain riding performance.

Arbor Westmark Rocker Snowboard 2016

arbor-westmark-rocker-snwbrd-all-16-prodPlanning to go snowboarding in the mountains? Then this all-mountain snowboard will be an ideal option for you. It can take all kinds of terrain. This is a great snowboard that for hitting the park or simply taking your first snowboard moves. It is a soft and flexy snowboard with the V Rocker shape that is fairly to easy ride.

The Arbor Westmark Rocker Snowboard is highly durable thanks to its extruded base and poplar core. There are sizes available; if you are bigger footed, you pick the Mid Wide size option. Whether you are just starting out or have mastered the skill to hit the trees and mountains, this board will make for an ideal companion.

Capita Men’s Ultrafear ’17 153

6835ee7bf530a1e491dd472db0129045Capita Men’s Ultrafear certainly has a very stylish design but that is not its only claim to fame. Performance wise, it also offers users plenty of incredible features. Most professional snowboarders love this board so even if you are a complete novice, this is still a great beginner snowboard that you can grow with as you hone your snowboarding skills.

The flex is more forgiving making a good board with which you can master your first moves. The flat kick technology that it has been designed with also makes it a good board for beginners. With the board’s contact points slightly elevated, it will be easier for you to make turns as you master the fundamentals of snowboarding. You can even take it to the mountains once you have honed your snowboarding skills.

We hope our review of the best snowboards for beginners will point you in the right direction so that you can find an ideal snowboard that is a great for beginners. When shopping for your first snowboard, we recommend choosing one that will suit your ability level.

Stability is always an important consideration for beginners so shop for snowboards that are more stable as these will give you greater balance. Beginner boards should also make turn initiation a lot easier. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for stable boards with good turn initiation include the flat to rocker camber profiles, medium to soft flex, and a centered stance. It also important to make sure that you go for the extruded bases. All the snowboards for beginners that we have reviewed above exhibit these qualities and will be definite winners as you embark on your journey to be an excellent snowboarder.

What are the Best Mountainboard Trucks?

Mountainboard trucks are essential for successful and safe mountainboarding so you will need trucks that will withstand your riding style and routine and also assure you of excellent value for money. Due to the wild popularity of the sports, there are now numerous companies out there offering various kinds of mountainboarding gear and if you are not plugged into the market or lack years of experience, then choosing the right trucks for your needs can be quite daunting. You could get it wrong and end up jeopardizing your safety or blow a lot of money on the mountainboard trucks that you don’t really need.

Because mountainboard trucks are probably the most important piece of gear that you will need, it is very important that you know what you are looking for so that you can get it right. When it comes to choosing the mountainboard trucks, there are three main types that you can choose. These include:-

  • Channel trucks
  • All terrain skate trucks
  • Vectors

Apart from these broad categories of mountainboard trucks, there are numerous other kinds of specially engineered mountainboard trucks such as bionic trucks and a host of others used in kiteboarding.

Channel Trucks: These have been engineered with springs so as to give them more balance when you make turns. The spring also acts as a dampener providing resistance for the trucks. The axles are channel-shaped and will bolt in a horizontal manner in a hanger. There are some channel mountainboard trucks where you can even adjust movement depending on your preferences, whether light or stiff. These are trucks are mostly for beginners but they can also be used by pros who need extra stability as well as adjustability.

Skate trucks: The skate trucks for mountainboards are similar to those found in the skateboards. However, these are heavier and sturdier in construction. You can, therefore, use them for mountainboarding in the toughest of terrains. The axles in these mountainboard trucks are also longer so as to accommodate larger wheels. You can easily make turns with the skate trucks. They are commonly used in the smaller and lighter mountainboard trucks.

Vector trucks: If you are looking for mountainboard trucks in between the skate and channel trucks, then the vector trucks are for you. Unlike most channel trucks, they are lighter in weight but they have also been engineered for better speed handling than the skate trucks. They are also fairly affordable.

Having dispensed with the types of mountainboard trucks in the market currently, here is a look at five of the best mountainboard trucks that you can spend your money on.

MBS Matrix Channel Trucks

The MBS Trucks are an industry workhorse, top selling trucks that every mountainboarder would like to have supporting their boards. With the MBS Matrix Channel Trucks, you will get unbeatable truck precision thanks to the design that incorporates a spring and egg combination design. The trucks deliver on-the-fly adjustability and rebound performance and are the sort of trucks that are going to last you a lifetime.  The axle to axle distance is 15.5” and they have an axle diameter of 12mm. The trucks also come fully assembled with the Yellow Eggshocks. If you are looking for high quality trucks that will offer smooth precision turning, then these are the right trucks for you. It is sold as a single piece and two are required per board.

MBS Matrix Pro Truck System

The new MBS Matrix Pro trucks give you the best of both worlds. You get lighter mountainboard trucks which are also incredibly stronger. These mountainboard trucks are also some of the most precise, guaranteeing you of top-line performance during your mountain boarding sports. These trucks also utilize MBS’ spring and egg combination technology. These mountainboard trucks have been reengineered with the bulletproof CNC 6061-T6 Aluminium design. It rides well and also looks nice. It also incorporates extra spring compression for increased speed.

MBS All-Terrain ATS Skate Trucks

The ATS trucks are beefed up skate trucks that are ideal for beginners or light mountainboarders. If you will be going on your first run, then these will be great mountainboard trucks for you. They are lightweight but incredibly string so they will withstand a lot of punishment especially for someone who is just getting started in the sport. They are custom designed MBS trucks that are designed with a skate key adjustment dial. You can use this to easily dial the suspensions so as to achieve the precise tension that you are looking for. The trucks are also sold together with the mounting hardware. The best part is that it is an affordable quality that will not break the bank.

MBS ATS PRO Ti-Titanium Axle Truck

These new trucks are some of the lightest in the market and also provide incredible strength for many mountainboarders. Weighing only 500g, you can easily carry them from one location to another or enjoy hours of mountainboarding and board tricks without getting tired too quickly.

The ATS Pro trucks feature strong solid titanium axles that outdo many of the traditional style trucks in the market in strength. The trucks also have excellent corrosion resistance. These are excellent trucks for freestylers.

Thunder Polish Hi 147 High Performance Skateboard TrucksAmazon ASIN: B002JSOCXC

Design with the quick release geometry, these powerful skateboard trucks are just right for your light mountainboarding excursions. They are super light without sacrificing on the strength. They have excellent response times and will turn much quicker than a lot of other mountainboard trucks currently in the market. You will also appreciate the generous manufacture guarantee offered for these trucks which cover all defects.

What are the Best Kiteboarding Kites?

Want to take your water sport adventures to a whole new level? Then kiteboarding should be a new draw. It was one of the new surfing sports, although it is two decades old and ideally suited for the more venturesome daredevils who want to test the limits of risk and endurance. With kite surfing, you are both the driver and the rider and so, the importance of having an ideal kiteboarding equipment cannot be overlooked. It can mean the difference between having a smooth cruise and lunge into the skies and incurring a potentially debilitating injury.

Typical kiteboarding kit includes the kite itself, the board, fly lines, harness, footstraps as well as a host of various other safety essentials for the kiteboarding activity such as a lifejacket, a parachute knife as well as a helmet. The kitebaord kites are probably the most essential and most effective piece of kiteboarding gear. Without the kiteboard kites, there is simply no kiteboarding.

As a result, proper measures must be followed so as to choose the best kiteboard kites that are durable and reliable. For the avid kiteboarder, buying a good kiteboard kite constitutes a very important investment for your hobby or passion. The kind of kites that you pick must be highly durable, safe and should be one that you will be able to use for a longer duration of time because they do not come cheap.

Most kiteboard kites in the market have been manufactured from polyester. Their sizes generally range from 10 meters to 17 metres or 33 feet to 56 feet. Larger kiteboard kite sizes are, of course, going to cost you more.  On average, a kiteboard kite should be 12 metres or 39 feet long. The kind of kite that you purchase will also depend on the local wind conditions. If there is more wind, you will need less kite. That is why it is always advisable to have a backup kite that you can use on varied riding conditions or for various kiteboarding manoeuvres. If you are beginner, it is advisable to invest in the trainer kiteboard kites that allow you to easily learn how to control the kites in the skies. With that in mind, here is our review of some of the best kiteboard kites in the market:

HQ Rush V Pro 350 Trainer Kite

NEW 2015

NEW 2015

The HQ Rush V Pro 350 Trainer Kite is suited for intermediate and more experienced users and offers powerful performance along with an amazing fun and relaunch. This kiteboard kite offers riders greater stability and can be ridden effortlessly in low winds. It has a third line relaunch design which offers riders extra safety as well as reverse launch capabilities. This design feature also makes it ideal for beginners.

It comes as a package with 5 items including a key chain fob, WindBone decals, kiteboarding beverage cooler holder and foil control strap kite. In strong wind conditions, it will generate incredible pull.

2016 Liquid Force Envy Kite

urlThis is a premium value kiteboarding kite that is one of the finest in the market. It is built in a 3-strut design and offers riders excellent turning capabilities. You will also appreciate the versatile design and its ease of use in all riding conditions. This kite is suited for both beginners as well as professional riders.

It is designed with a high level of customisation and will give you the best freestyle riding performance. The downside is that it is pricey but definitely worth the value for money.

2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite

imgresenvyIf you are a savvy rider looking for an all-round performance as well as versatility in your kiteboarding, then the 2016 Cabrinha Switchblade Kitesurfing Kite is a great choice for you. Like the Liquid Force Envy Kite, it is pricey but the incredible design, top quality construction and performance will definitely convince you to consider investing in this wonderful kite. It is available in varied sizes ranging from 4 metres to 14 metres.

The enhanced profile design will boost the low end power production and you can get top notch riding performance with a little bit of fine-tuning. With its 5-strut design, you can be sure that the canopy will maintain its intended shape thereby assuring you of the best riding performance in all kinds of windy conditions. Another feature setting it apart from the closest competitors is the aerodynamic profile and a full draft-forward design.  You can get maximum responsiveness and control thanks to the wide angles of attack. It works well in all riding styles and riding conditions. Definitely worth the investment.

Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite

flite-orangeThe Ocean Rodeo has the distinction as one of the lightest kitesurfing kits in the market and it combines that with a superior construction and high performance. Offers excellent upwind rides and you will be able to smoothly execute a host of manoeuvres including snappy turns and those daring jumps and loops without worrying about injuries on landing.

This is the perfect kite to take your ride to the next level; you can use it with a variety of riding styles and do that with greater confidence!

2015 3d Shiva Kiteboarding Kite by Flexifoil

url-1The last kitesurfing kite in our review is the 3D Shiva by Flexifoil. We loved its overall ease of use which is simply unparalleled. You can launch this kite with relative ease and it also offers you excellent turning speeds. It has a good wind range that allows you to ride this in a host of conditions. The stability of this kiteboard kite is simply incredible; this is one of the safest kites that you can find out there. It is also easy to pack up and carry around conveniently to your favourite beach.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate user or a pro kitesurfer, you will definitely an appropriate and durable kite among these that will suit your local conditions, riding style and level.

What are the Best Snowboard Boots?

Snowboard boots are an integral part of snowboard gear. There is no two way about it; if you are going to snowboard, you will have to invest in the best boots as part of the setup. When you are looking for the best snowboard boots, do not just go with the marketing gimmicks. Instead, look at the qualities in the boots that will be a great match for your riding style. You have to choose the right kind of boot that will be a match for your riding style.

There is no discounting your own individual preferences but in general, the best snowboard boots should have qualities that will support the type of snowboard activity that you are planning to engage in. For example, you should go for the stiffer designs if you need mountain boots; a property that is not as important if you are shopping for freestyle boots. In case you will be engaging in splitboarding, you will need boots that have been designed with the some flex in the right places so as to optimally support your snowboarding activity.

Without carefully factoring in these small differences in the snowboarding boots, you might end up with boots which are most likely going to ruin your riding experience. Below, we review some of the best snowboard boots in the market suited for all kinds of riders and riding style. Whether you are looking for the stiffest snowboard boots for riding in the rugged backcountry or softer and more comfortable snowboard boots for a rider that is just starting out in a less punishing terrain, we have you covered. Without much ado, let us have a look at five of the best snowboard boots in the market that you will likely not regret.

Deeluxe Empire TF Snowboard Boots

deeluxe-empire-tf-snowboard-boots-2016-blackYou can never go wrong with the Deeluxe Empire snowboard boots and the TF snowboard boots are the flagship design from this brand. These are an all-mountain boots that are ready for your all-mountain assault. You can easily move with these and get the required support when you require it whether you are snowboarding in the park or the rugged mountains. The design incorporates a softer flex thanks to the Asym flex on the inside of the boot. The outside of the boot gives the rider a stiffer response to help you take those tough all-mountain rides. With these snowboard boots, you will get a nice balanced ride along with great comfort throughout the day.

These snowboard boots also feature all-sectional lacing for a secure and comfortable closure in the right zones. The lower region of the boot features the D-Tex membrane so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet throughout your rides. On the upper side, there is the Powerstrap to give you the required customizable support in your calf area. For most riders, that means you are going to get the perfect fit with these snowboard boots. The Deeluxe Snowboard boots will give you an all round experience and riding support and that is why it is first on our list of the best snowboard boots.

Burton Ion Snowboard Boots

burton-ionSecond on our list are the Burton Ion Snowboard boots, which are an all-mountain boot that will give you similarly outstanding performance on the backcountry snowboarding. These boots have been designed with molded EVA as well as a reflective heat foil that have are place there to reflect the heat back to your feet’s bottom and keep your feet warm.

Other design aspects of these snow boots include speed zone lacing that will help you in quickly getting the right fit for your snowboard boots. These snowboard boots New England ropes also carry a lifetime warranty.

Adidas The Samba Snowboard Boots

adidas-samba1With the Adidas The Samba snowboard boots , Adidas has truly upped the game when it comes to the snowboard boots offering in the market. These are freestyle boots that have been inspired by the Adidas Samba soccer boots. If you are looking for the perfect freestyle boots, these will tick all the right boxes.

They have a stylish design, have great ankle support and are also softer. They have excellent flex. The athletic sneaker design allows for tweaking grabs during your snowboarding. With these, you will be able to go on harder and more enduring rides without growing tired too quickly. Enjoy greater comfort and less fatigue on your snowboarding with the first freestyle snowboard boots on our list.

Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

32-lashed-snowboard-boots-2016-blackWe recommend the Thirtytwo Lashed Snowboard Boots for those riders that are looking for greater reliability more than anything else. You will use these time-tested snowboots until you grow tired of them. These are some of the best selling snowboard boots and for a good reason. It is an round high quality snow boot that is both durable and comfortable.

This all-round snowboard boot will perform exceptionally well in the mountains. It is also a premium quality but affordable option so it is accessible for most snowboarders.

Burton Imperial Snowboard Boots 2016

urlBurton Imperial is known for some premium quality and durable snowboard boots so anything from Burton has a mark of trust all over it and these 2016 release does not disappoint. These boots have undergone tweaks to give you the best all-mountain rides without blowing a fortune on them. The boots have been designed with the Imprint 3 liner that will last for the longest duration of time. They have been built to last and will perform beautifully in all seasons.

The stiffness is 7/10 in the scale and the boot can handle aggressive terrains much faster thanks to the excellent response. It does this without sacrificing on the comfort even when you are going on those hot laps. The footbed has a reflective foil that adds to the warmth for your feet. The Vibram Eco-Step outsole of the boots also features rubber spikes. If you are an all-mountain snowboarder looking for a reliable and durable snowboard boot, then this will be an excellent choice.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to snowboard boots but these five are some of the best that you can buy, delivering performance, comfort and durability in all riding conditions.

What are the Best Wakeboard Ropes?

Wakeboard ropes are an essential accessory for all wakeboard lovers and these ropes should have special qualities. For wakeboarders to pull off tricks off their wakeboards, they need to load the rope so as to push them off the wake. For them to pull off these tricks, they will need wakeboard ropes that do not stretch or even substandard wakeboard ropes otherwise your wakeboard tricks will be brought to a sudden halt which can could also be fraught with some injuries. When looking for the best wakeboard ropes, choose ones that are wakeboard specific. This will not only guarantee you extra performance but also plenty of fun.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Wakeboard ropes

Even the best wakeboards will not take you far if you don’t choose the best ropes that will propel you forward to execute your manoeuvres. You will need to factor in things such as the handle, length as well as material.

Materials: Wakeboard ropes are made from a variety of materials such as Poly E, Dyneema and Spectra. Poly E materials stretch a bit and are suited for normal riding activities. Dyneema materials are super strong and with no stretch. In terms of fatigue levels, they outstrip  both steel and various other synthetic rope materials. Then there is Spectra which are the strongest ropes with strength that is 10 times that of steel. The other advantage is that it is ultra-light and highly durable.

Rope coating: Apart from the rope material, it is also important to look at the wakeboard line coating. Good coating will help protect the ropes from UV rays thus ensuring extra strength and durability.

Wakeboard ropes length: The length you choose for your wakeboard ropes will vary depending on your level of riding experience, typically in the range of 55 to 75 feet, with the longer wakeboard ropes suited for the more experienced riders. Beginners can begin with shorter line lengths.

Handles: There are a host of handles available to suit the needs of all kinds of wakeboarders. You can choose from a variety of handles of varying shapes, sizes and materials.

Now let us have a look at some of the best wakeboard ropes that you can buy for your next wakeboard adventure:-

AIRHEAD AHWR-4 Wakeboard Rope Spectra Thermal 4 section

ahwr-4This is a Spectra Thermal wakeboard rope that doesn’t stretch an inch. If you are looking for snappy instant response in your wakeboarding, then this will make a good rope. It comes with a thermal coating that ensures its durability and also helps in maintaining the stiffness and rigidness so you will not have to grapple with the twisting and kinking. The rope has incredible resistance with a breaking point of a whopping 2000 pounds.

These wakeropes are 70 feet long and it also comes with a five foot handle bridle. The EVA grip for this has a width of 15 inches with two foam floats. These ropes also have greater durability thanks to the full length PVC tubing on the rope. For ease of storage, it comes with a rope keeper so you don’t have to worry about wake ropes tangling.

Proline LGS PKG Wakeboard Rope

proline-80-lgs2-wakeboard-rope-package_23044017The Pro Line LGS PKG Wakeboard Rope is a light weight Dyneema wake line option with a super smooth grip. It is designed with four light weights which ensure sit floats on top of the water at all times. You never have to worry about this rope sinking and losing it altogether.

Components of the rope include the 80ft Mainline which is reliable and strong. This is not the kind of rope that will give you the knots thanks to the smooth PVC coating. It is designed with a stitching pattern that increases the surface area of the line and allows it to accommodate extra torque and this also gives you extra control. It comes in a full package that includes a rope and a handle. Grab this and embark on the most amazing ride, folks.

Spectra Wakeboard Rope

ahwr-12blMade from 100% Spectra, the strength of this double braided wake line is indisputable. The rope is very thin but with a high level of strength. It is 100% non stretch and has been coated well so to as give it sufficient protection from UV rays and potential abrasion that may shorten the lifespan of the rope.

The main line is 75 feet long and it comes with five extra detachable extensions. It comes in a bright red color.

Accurate A Line Neon Green Wakeboard Mainline Rope

urlAvailable in a brilliant neon green color, the Accurate Mainline Rope for wakeboarders is a strong 80 feet Dyneema wakeboard rope that is suitable for the advanced and intermediate riders. The Accurate wakeboard line are some of the best in the industry so expect to see some quality performance as well as durability. This is one of the best mainropes that you can use on water. It is not only resistant to snag but it doesn’t tangle.

This rope comes with a silicone outer cover to protect it from UV and abrasion. Thanks to the silicone outer cover, it glides through easily through the hands without crimping. Because this is a no-stretch wakeline, you can get extra pop as well as a consistent pull; you won’t have to worry about being pulled off balance when you are using the Accurate A Line Mainline Rope. There is a reason why it is classified as one of the best wakeropes.

Hyperlite A-Line Wakeboard Mainline Sz 80ft

51pxs9p3gilThis Dyneema wakeboard rope is every wakeboarder’s dream. It is an 80 feet mainline that is silicone coated to ensure its durability and strength is preserved for the longest time. The rope is a 12 strand braided piece. It is light enough and will float on the water; no need to worry that the rope will sink and you have to search for it in the open wide sea! The Hyperlite A-Line Mainline Sz rope has incredible strength and is also highly durable. The length is also customizable. For many wakeboarders, this is a piece of wakeline that ticks all the right boxes.

From Proline to Accurate wakeropes, from dyneema to Spectra wakeboard ropes, we offer you a review of some of the best wakeboard ropes in the market to support your hobby. We hope you have found this review helpful.

What are the Best Mountainboard Wheels?

If you are looking for an extreme sport that is ultimately physically demanding, then try out mountain boarding. Not only does it push you to the limits, it is also a highly addictive activity; once you get hooked up into mountain boarding, it is extremely difficult to give it up.

The emergence of new technologies and more durable and high performance gear has taken the terrain extreme sports to a whole new level. Now you are able to perform the toughest of manoeuvres in the most extreme terrains without worrying about injury or reliability issues due to failing equipment. One of the most important components of the mountain boarding equipment is the mountainboard wheels. Without good wheels, your performance is going to be impeded and you may even get injured when you are rolling down the mountains at super high velocities.

Having great pairs of wheels on your mountain boards is going to significantly boost your performance on the terrain. It is just like having a good set of wheels on your off road vehicle. Due to the punishing and rugged terrain, you need sets of wheels that will stand stress and strain as well as the test of time. Most mountainboard wheels are generally 20cm in diameter. All wheels are not the same and there is a host of options to consider when shopping for the best wheels for your mountainboards ranging from plastic hubs to the sturdy metal hubs. The best wheels should seamlessly fit on your mountainboard after a short duration of practicing.

If you are planning to undertake some seemingly preternatural manoeuvres on your mountain boards in those suicidal terrains, we have compiled some of the best wheels to consider that are highly durable and good value for money.

MBS Rock Star Pro Hub Set

imgresThe MBS Rock Star Hub Set offers you a solid and sturdy metallic hub set that will handle all the abuse in the toughest of terrains. They have been made out of super strong 6061-T6 Aluminium material. These upgrades even include an aluminium spacer thus capable of withstanding higher pressure levels.

If you are a free style rider that likes to apply higher pressure on your mountainboarding manoeuvres, then you will definitely fall in love with these hubs. You will have to purchase the bearings separately, though.

MBS 7” Knobby Wheel

mbs_7_inch_complete_wheelAnother winning wheel model by MBS, it comes as a complete wheel and has excellent compatibility with both the Atom 80 as well as the Atom 80X mountainboards. It is a one-piece wheel with a diameter of 7”.

They are also sold with 9.5mm bearings so if you are looking for the complete package at excellent value, this is a great budget option for you. One year warranty is provided for manufacturer defects.

MBS Twistar Hub Set-Green

urlWhen it comes to mountainboard wheels, MBS are clearly the industry leaders. With the MBS Twistar design of mountainboard wheels, you no longer have to worry about too much hardware fitted in your traditional 2-piece wheel hub design. Instead, these feature an interlocking teeth design which has been built into the hub.

This new design simplifies the assembly process. All it takes is twisting the hub with the deflated tire in order to fit it in. This design also means that the Twistar hubs are relatively light in weight without compromising on the strength. They are also 100% rust-proof and can be disassembled just as easily. The MBS Twistar Hub is best suited for the freestylers. However, like the Rock Star Pro hubs, they do not come with the bearings.

MBS Rock Star II Hub- White- Single

rock_star_iis_-_singles_v2Too bad, folks. Still sticking to the MBS mountainboard wheels. We would wish to give you as much variety as possible but these models are simply of superior quality. They score really well on a variety of standards including weight, durability, performance, rust-proof quality as well as excellent compatibility with a variety of tires in the market. The Rock Star II, for example, will fit well into most of the 8-inch tires currently in the market.

The Rock Star II, thanks to its robust construction, can be a reliable companion as you take your mountainboarding to the next level. Its superior edge include its industry leading strength to weight ratio which is really the highest in the market for the injection moulded mountainboard hubs. These hubs can also handle higher tire pressures thanks to the improved stiffness and impact resistance. These are injection molded hubs that will guarantee you aluminium-grade performance. For many riders, this means good reliability and performance at the most affordable pricing.

MBS 8″ Knobby Wheel

urlThis is a wheel and tire package for the budget buyer. The MBS 8” Knobby Wheel is suited for the MBS all-terrain skate trucks although you can also use this with the vector trucks. It consists of tri-spoke hubs along with a rugged diamond tread and can perform in a host off road conditions. It is not a premium board but if you are looking for a relatively reliable mountainboard wheel at reasonable pricing, then this can make a great choice.

MBS wheel are some if the most integral parts of the mountainboard. Without the wheels, there is simply no mountainboarding. Make sure you choose tried and trusted hubs from some of the leading brands in the market such as MBS, Primo or Trampa in order to get the best quality hubs.