What are the Best Cheap Longboards for Sale?

Are you shopping for some top quality longboards for a steal? Whether you are a long-time enthusiast or considering venturing out into this fast-rising skateboarding sport, it’s natural to look for the best deals on the market that won’t set you back too much. After all, you don’t want to break the bank in order to pursue your passion. The vast longboards market offers a great array of some really good boards from diverse manufacturers that won’t cost you a fortune. The good news is that you can find cheap longboards for sale that cater to every aspect of your longboarding needs.

What is Longboarding?

There are cheap and premium quality longboards for sale for cruising, sliding, freeriding or downhilling amongst other myriad longboard applications. For our purposes, we will define “cheap” as any longboard for sale that will not set you back more than $100. We have also included the ultra cheap longboards that can cost you as little as $70! Here we review some of the best products on the market that will offer you an awesome longboarding experience and at a relatively low cost:

So what are the Best Cheap Longboards for Sale?

Atom Pintail Longboard

Longboards for Sale - The Atom PintailThe pintail longboard shape is often regarded as the definitive longboard style, as it was the original shape in which the longboards were first built. The Atom Pintail is one of the cheapest and most premium quality longboards in the market. It is usually recommended for beginners although it is also widely used by intermediate longboarding enthusiasts.

It has a very stable deck design that stretches some 39-inches from the board’s nose to the tail. It gives the riders plenty of leeway to figure out their balance and achieve relative comfort when they are just starting out in their longboarding experience.

The board’s weak point is its bearings, but these can be replaced by Bone Reds or other bearings from quality manufacturers. Apart from this, the remaining features of the board are really solid and of quality which guarantees top performance. It has massive trucks-8.5 inches wide-which should give you lots of confidence when you are out boarding at high speeds or navigating tight corners.

Apart from its wide trucks, the boards are also built with the ½ inch riser pads that will come in handy when you are making those deep carvy turns in your skating. The pintail design also means that you do not have to worry about the effects of wheelbites.

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The Yocaher Kick-Tail

Yocaher Kick-Tail - Longboards for saleThis is another impressive board if you’re planning to engage in some free riding. The Yocaher Kick-tail will really hold its own against the other pricey boards in the market that are used for free-riding. The board also scores highly on the aesthetics side and buyers get to choose from a wide array of beautiful designs and paint jobs. The good thing when purchasing this board is that you even get to customize it to your own liking.

It is an out of the box solution. You can ride it immediately you remove it out of the package. You do not have to worry about reassembling the board. The board offers the smoothest of rides downhill. The deck has a relative amount of flex and is not too bouncy. The added height of the riser pad installed on the board enables you to carve out really comfortably.

The wheel cutouts of the board also offer a relatively good clearance when you are out riding. It is a good beginner’s longboard and is highly recommended for the skaters who are considering entering the sport without a clue on the form that their longboard skateboarding will take.

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The Atom Kick-Tail

Atom Kick-TailThis is another of the premium but relatively affordable longboards for sale from the Atom brand. It is not a streamlined board and its trick-oriented design makes it highly suitable for executing plenty of maneuvers during your longboard skateboarding.
While its length is highly suited for the downhill style of skating, it still offers a fun kick-tail that you can maneuver with. Such versatility is what makes it one of the best cheap longboards for sale.

The tail of the board can carve at a good angle in order to offer your foot a solid position for executing every kind of maneuver. To pick up the best speeds with this longboard skateboard, you may consider upgrading the bearings with some Bone Reds or other top quality bearings in the market.

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The Atom Drop-Through

Atom Drop-ThroughThe Atom Drop-Through is considered one of the most comfortable and easy-to-control longboards for sale. This is remarkable considering its relatively low cost. The “drop-through” name comes from the fact that the trucks of the board have been mounted on top of the deck. This is a marked departure from the design of the traditional longboards where the trucks are built in the board’s under-belly.

This design results in a lower board height and lower centre of gravity. As a result, the rider is able to achieve stable and comfortable skating. With the lower centre of gravity, it is possible to achieve greater balance and more nuanced control throughout your rides. You can easily push off through the concrete without worrying about your legs reaching far down into the ground.

The trucks of the longboard are quite wide and you will feel the board’s traction as you make the turns during your skateboarding. Lastly, it has a very slick look. The design alone will draw you in before you even consider the unbelievably affordable board pricing and performance.

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