What are the Best Pintail Longboards?

Pintail longboards are a class of longboards that have grown increasingly popular in the recent years in the skating community. These boards are designed with a “pintail” shape. The main purpose of this design is to prevent the wheels of the board from coming into contact with board deck, a phenomenon known as the wheelbite. The pintail models are therefore designed to minimize the wheelbite effects as much as possible. It does this while also providing the rider with a maximum foot space and stability when longboarding.

There are several factors that you need to look into when choosing the right pintail longboards. These include:-

  • The design influences of the longboards,
  • The materials used,
  • The length,
  • The volume,
  • The shape
  • The weight.

The true test of any longboard is, however, its performance while you are out skating. While every board is ride-able, the best boards are simply amazing. They are innovative in construction, sometimes a bit outlandish and simply deliver the results. All the main components of the longboard are synchronized to deliver the ultimate performance and experience. Here is a list of some of the best pintail longboards in the market:

What are the Best Pintail Longboards?

The Atom Pintail Longboard

Best Pintail Longboards - AtomAccording to buyer reviews, this board is simply designed to perfection and is one of the best in the market. You will appreciate the quality of the design from a mere look at the board. There is a great attention to detail in the design of every component. It is also a great board for the beginners who are just starting out in the longboarding planet. While it is generally regarded as a great board for the beginners, the intermediate users will also find it well suited for their application.

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Atom pintail longboards are built with the classic deck shape that helps you avoid wheel bite when surfing. The board has been designed with 8.5” Aluminum trucks along with the ABEC 5 bearings and offers good balance and stability to riders. In addition, it has 78A urethane wheels that provide maximum traction. The Maple laminate deck of the board offers full coverage to the surfers with a grip tape top.

The board is great for cruising applications and is an ideal entry level board for many beginners. The Atom Pintail longboard rides smoothly and is also quite affordable.

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Moose Black Pintail Longboards

Best Pintail Longboards - Moose BlackWith plenty of reviews on Amazon, this is one of the most popular pintail boards. The most distinctive feature about this board is the price. It is dirt cheap (although the quality is impeccable). You may have an issue with the bearings but you can replace these with the Bone Red’s or any other quality bearings out there on the market. The board has a size of 9”x43”.

The board’s deck offers you a clean, bouncy feel. The paint job on the deck surface is glossy although it is not quite as fancy. It has the classic board design which saves you from wheelbites. The main take away from this is the relative premium quality at very affordable pricing. It is perfect for beginners and offers excellent stability when the bearings are replaced.

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The BigFish V-Lam 43”

Best Pintail Longboards - Big FishThe BigFish is a unique type of pintail board. It does not have some of the problems that are typically inherent in the pintails such as the wheelbites, little room for your feet and useless elongated noses. These pintail longboards are in a class of their own.

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This is a board that has been designed with the skater in mind. It offers incredible performance and is still available at affordable pricing. You can acquire this for under $200. While it mimics the legendary pintail boards, it offers additional enhancements that make it a popular choice amongst the top skaters. It has a light aspen core with a rock maple laminate.

This has been loaded with a pre-cured fiberglass laminate material. The design of the board is quite light but technically advanced resulting in a board that is light, flexible and with great responsiveness. It can power you through rough skating terrains including carves and pumps.

Osprey Labrinth Pintail Longboard 41”

Best Pintail Longboards - OspreyIf you are looking for something which strays away from the more conventional skateboarding products, then the Osprey 41” is your best choice. It offers a more relaxed alternative for cruisers (but allows for fewer tricks). You are, however, able to achieve top speeds with this board, along with incredibly tight turns when you are cornering on it.

The board has a durable 7ply deck which has been constructed using Canadian Maple and the hardwearing Chinese materials. This guarantees robustness and durability of the pintail longboard. The classic pintail design reduces the effects of wheelbites. The deck of the board is covered with an 80AB grip tape that ensures you maintain stability and your grounding when carving tight corners or cruising on the streets. A nice zigzag line embosses the grip tape helps to bring out the beautiful wood finishing.

Osprey’s unique “Solar Flare” design decorates the base of the deck. Both the truck and the base of the board have been made of tough aluminum to provide a durable polished finish. 12mm risers have been installed between the base and the truck to act as shock absorbers.

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Original Longboards Alders Pintail 43

Best Pintail Longboards - OriginalThis is at the high end of the market when it comes to the choice of pintail longboards. It allows you to cruise with a great degree of confidence thanks to the unique construction that puts a premium on stability and maintaining your grounding.

The deck design of the board has a concave that will keep your feet centered thus ensuring maximum comfort when you are on the move. It has a stiffer flex. The performance of the board has been tuned to the wheelbase. The board enables you to mount a great variety of wheels thus making it a perfect all-rounder that can guarantee you a smooth ride with difference set-ups.

The construction is an amazing 9ply which matches its elongated wheelbase. With stiffer flex construction, you can enjoy more stable rides with these boards. The Pintail 43 has ample length capable of accommodating wide stances as well as the various adjustments that may be made by the more inexperienced riders. With this pintail board, you are able to stray a little bit from your comfort zone with a great deal of confidence.

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