What are the Best Longboard Wheels?

Your choice of the best longboard wheels should be a very deliberate one. One of the most important considerations that you will have to look at is your riding style. For example, are you going on some cruising or carving rides? Are you planning to roll downhill or execute some tricks and maneuvers? The form that your longboard skateboarding will take will be very dependent on the wheel types that you will choose for your boards. Once you get a grip on the type of longboarding experience that you want, it is very easy to pick the right type of wheels for your use.

When it comes to the wheel specs, three things will be important when you are out shopping for the best longboard skateboard wheels: the wheel diameter, the durometer rating, and the size of the contact pitch. These will be explained shortly.

As an illustration, if you are keen on moving at high speeds or zooming downhill over a wide patch, then the most suitable wheels for you will be the big diameter, square lips as well as the low durometer wheels. For sliding longboard skateboarding, you will most certainly need wheels that are built with a narrow contact patch, smaller diameters, more rounded lips and durometer ratings that are higher. For the general cruising longboarding in the city, the most suitable types of longboard wheels will be those with an average contact patch, smaller diameters, a neutral rating for the durometer and square or rounded lips.

When you are out shopping for the best longboard wheels, researching and finding the right wheels that will fit each of these criteria for your longboarding applications is going to take you some time as well as work. If you are new to the sport, your chances of success are even lower when it comes to choosing the most suitable wheels for your longboards.

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In this article, we are doing the heavy lifting for you and offering you a brief and workable review of some of the best longboard skateboard wheels in the market which you can choose for your application. Here is a guide of five of the best longboard wheels in the market which can suit riders of all styles as well skills levels.

Choosing the Best Longboard Wheels?

ABEC 11 Classic Centrax

Best Longboard Wheels - ABEC 11 Classic CentraxThe ABEC 11 Classic Centrax are the most suitable wheels for the Adrenaline junkie. They have a 77mm diameter and are built with a flashy design that will get you rolling downhill with confidence and in style. With the large wheel diameters, you can easily attain and maintain the top speeds effortlessly. The added weight adds to the extra momentum that helps you retain the top speeds.

The wheels have a durometer rating of 75a and are therefore highly responsive and also quite comfortable. This makes them highly suitable for downhilling in your longboards at top speeds. The wheels have an excellent shock-absorption capacity and will absorb most of the vibrations on the track. With its square lips, you will make maximum contact with the ground thus offering you extra stability.

The wheel edges give you extra control and grip as you navigate sharp turns. The wheels are centre-set and will continue offering you extra grip even when the outside of the wheel wears out. For downhill racers, the ABEC 11 Classic Centrax wheels are some of the most highly sought after.

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Orangatang Fat Free Wheels

Best Longboard Wheels - Orangatang Fat Free WheelsThese are amongst the best-rated wheels for freeriding and sliding. They are designed with rounded lips which will reduce the contact with the road surface and thus the friction. As a result, the wheels can be comfortably used during longer slides when you are longboarding.

If longboard sliding appeals to you, then these are your best go-to longboard wheels. They allow you to effortlessly initiate your longboard slides and gain greater control in your skating. With a diameter of 65mm, the wheels are low on the ground which in turn allows for a smoother initiation of slides. These badass longboard wheels will make your acceleration a breeze due to the relative smaller size and lighter weight.

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With a durometer of 86a, you will get the feel of a very hard wheel but you get the advantage of chatter-free wheel slides. In addition, they wear out slowly and consistently over a long duration of time. The harder construction of the wheels also allows you to skate in your neighborhood without leaving behind the often irritating streaks of urethane on the road surface.

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ABEC 11 Grippins

ABEC 11 GrippinsThese wheels will serve you well if you are commuting or on a cruise around town. The durometer rating is softer at 75a and you will therefore be comfortable confronting the bumps, cracks or rocks on the highway. It will offer you with excellent cushioning against the vibrations.

The square lips of the Abec 11 Grippins offer you added grip thanks to the huge 50.5mm contact patch. With such a powerful grip, you will have little problems navigating the sharp corners and cleaning past some of the sharpest turns.

With a diameter of 70mm, the longboard wheels are quite low on the ground and that offers you the extra stability that you will need. The low centre of gravity offers you incredible confidence to weave easily past any obstacles on your path. It is a very durable wheel thanks to the centre-set core. These are sold in sets of four wheels.

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ABEC 11 Flashbacks

ABEC 11 FlashbacksReferred to as the jacks of all trades, the wheels are perfectly suited for the entry level users or any skater who wants to experiment with virtually everything on their longboards. It is a highly versatile multi-purpose longboard wheel that delivers incredible performance for the longboard skaters.

The wheels are built with a 70mm diameter and a contact path that is 43mm wide. The longboard wheels are not only light in weight but relatively easy to maneuver during your rides. The square edge lips offer you a powerful added grip that allows you to skate comfortably and with confidence.

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The wheels also have a relatively softer 78a durometer rating that allows you to hit the top speeds, roll downhill, carve, slide or cruise at top speeds around the city without worrying about the hard obstacles. The soft durometer rating gives the wheel the softness to absorb all the shocks on your path from obstacles such as bumps, cracks and rocks on the path.

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Orangatang Stimulus Longboard Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus Longboard WheelsThe Orangatang Stimulus wheels have been built for freeriding applications. The wheels can be quite grippy when needed. They are built with a hard 86a durometer rating and have very consistent slide characteristics.

With 70mm diameters, the wheels offer riders a low centre of gravity that allows them to ride with a great deal of comfort and confidence. You can attain enhanced control and quick accelerations during your longboarding with 70mm longboard wheels. It also offers you greater control and you will be able to weave easily past many obstacles on your path. The 42mm contact path is relatively wide which offers you with an added grip during your rides.

Both inner and outer lips are rounded and have very stiff flex designs for chatter-free and smoother slides. These longboard wheels wear out slowly and consistently over a long duration of time.

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