What are the Best Longboard Trucks?

The longboard trucks refer to the T-shaped metallic pieces which are installed on the underbelly of the longboards and which also attach to the longboard wheels. They are part of the essential components which make the longboard design complete. Each longboard requires two trucks. These can be measured based on the axle width or the hanger width.

Before you invest in longboard trucks, it is very important to clearly understand their anatomy and the types that are available in the marketplace. There are different kinds of longboard trucks with varied components which can, essentially, change how your board functions. Understanding these will help you in picking the best trucks that are perfectly suited for your kind of application. At the end of the day, you will need the right kind of truck that will suit your riding style and which will be critical in helping you achieve an optimal riding style for your particular kind of longboard skateboarding.

In order to choose your longboard trucks with greater precision, it may be important to understand many of the jargons and components that constitute the whole trucks. These include the components such as the truck’s axel, the hangar, the baseplate angle of the truck, the truck’s bushing seat and the kingpin amongst others.

Rule of Thumb When Choosing the Best Longboard Trucks

One way to simplify the buying process for any product is by understanding the general rule of thumb that you can apply in order to ensure that you are on the safe side. When it comes to the longboard trucks, having a wider hangar will result in greater stability and greater control during your longboarding. On the other hand, a narrower truck construction is good if you are looking for ease of maneuverability and tighter turns. The same applies when you are looking at the truck’s baseplate angle. A higher angle degree will give you tighter turns and ease of maneuverability while the lower degree angle is good for extra stability and control. The trucks can also be broadly classified into cast trucks and the high precision trucks.

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Here is a compilation of some of the top performers in the market when it comes to the longboard trucks options:-

Randall R-11 180mm Trucks

Randall R-11 180mm Trucks - Best Longboard TrucksThe Randall trucks are generally the gold standard for the longboard trucks. The trucks are designed with a very sleek chrome look and have a design that supports multiple disciplines. Best of all, they are quite affordable which is quite remarkable for such excellent quality of design.

The boards are Made in the USA and come with an unbelievable lifetime warranty for users. The trucks offer top-notch functionality but users may need to change the bushings in order to realize their full potential. You can, for example, upgrade to the Venoms bushings which offer an above par performance with the Randall-11 longboard trucks.

They have a 50⁰ baseplate and a 3⁰ rake. This allows you to ride it on 53⁰ or 47⁰ on the flip. With this, it is possible for riders to easily deploy a cruising or carving setup when riding on the trucks. For better stability, particularly when you are downhilling, you can flip the trucks to a lower degree. They are good for cruising and riders have been able to achieve up to 40mph with these bad boys!

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Paris 150mm Trucks

Paris 150mm Trucks - Best Longboard TrucksParis is another top longboard trucks manufacturing brand which builds the trucks that are meant to last. The other top longboard truck brands are Caliber, Randall, Bear, Independent, and Gullwing. The Paris trucks are top-of-the-line brands which are much preferred by some of the most experienced longboard enthusiasts in the market.

The Paris 150mm trucks are perfectly well suited for carving and cruising applications. The base plates of the trucks sit at 50⁰ thus offering riders a greater angle above the ground. This angle also offers just the right balance and mobility for the longboard skateboarders. This is further achieved due to the shortened hangar width which has been reduced to 150mm from 180mm.

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This design achieves a deck with a tighter turning radius and which has a greater leverage for the rider compared to the wider trucks. They are ideal trucks for the longboarders whose main focus is cruising and carving.

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Ronin Cast 180mm Trucks

Ronin Cast 180mm TrucksRonin is another top longboard truck model. It is one of the best cast trucks in the market! The Ronin Cast is unique in offering skaters high precision truck technology at a relatively affordable price that is accessible to most longboard enthusiasts. The Ronin Cast is a strong suit for downhill riding. It has a 42⁰ baseplate along with a rake that takes you closer to the ground as much possible and enables you to achieve a very low center of gravity. In skateboarding terms, this means you are able to achieve greater comfort and stability during your rides.

The truck’s hangar is pretty wide at about 180mm which combines with the low center of gravity to add to the stability of the ride. The truck also has 92a strong bushings that will enable you to surmount any longboarding speed on the tracks.

With Ronin Cast 180mm, you get technology and performance that is very close to that of the precision trucks but you do this at a fraction of the cost. It also quite versatile and you can easily interchange the parts of cast with that of its precision counterparts in order to get the desired truck application. The 150mm offers you an identical high precision engineering which is available in a more affordable package.

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Caliber II 160mm Trucks

Caliber II 160mm TrucksCaliber is another top brand that builds longboard trucks to last. These trucks are also built for the cruising and carving types. The Caliber II 160mm trucks, like the Ronin Cast, also offers you a high precision trucking technology and performance in a cast package. That means superior engineering available at a relatively low price.

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The Caliber II offers several functionalities that make it a top of the line longboard truck. These include the truck’s superior bushing seat, an increased strength level, along with tighter tolerances in the manufacturing of the longboard truck. In addition, the trucks look really nice and also feel nice.

The baseplate of the trucks in the Caliber II 160mm have undergone reinforcement through the thickening of the metal in the direction of the kingpin.

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Gullwing X Munkae 183mm Trucks

Gullwing X Munkae 183mm TrucksThese are the truly precision longboard trucks in this review. That means they offer a much superior quality when compared to the cast trucks. Unlike the cast trucks that are usually made from the recycled molten Aluminum material, the precision trucks are made from the solid high-quality Aluminum. As a result, the build is a lot stronger and there is little chance that the trucks will bend.

The Gullwing X Munkae is a product of collaboration between Gullwing and the Precision Truck Company. The trucks are made from billet Aluminum and guarantee excellent strength. Not only are they a lot stronger but the axles of the truck are also replaceable.

The truck is more stable due to the restrictive bushings and it is built for top speed. These are the perfect trucks for skaters who are interested in fast freeriding and downhill skating. These high precision trucks will definitely cost you a fortune.

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