What are the Best Longboard Brands?

You have probably spent a great deal of time learning about longboards, the various components and the various types of longboards that you can use for various forms of longboard skateboarding. Now is the time to learn more about some of the top dogs in the industry – the best longboard brands. This is a very crucial piece of information as you will need to know about some of the best brands that you can look up to for quality products when it comes to making the big buying decisions.

There are many advantages that come with buying from some of the best industry brands. For one, it guarantees you excellent quality and top performance. The best longboard brands simply have the resources, ingenuity, and passion for delivering the best products to their buyers. They are a cut above the rest. While some of the longboards from the top brands may be a bit pricey, it is a worthy investment as they come with good control, quality, performance and an exciting longboarding experience.

Before we delve deeper into these top brands, it is important to get some perspective into their history and business. Some of them began by developing the street and park skateboards and slowly staked out their positions in developing longboards as the sport grew in popularity. A number of them were long established skateboard producers before they added the longboards to their line of products. You will find that many of them were producing other types of skateboards such as mountain boards but they slowly began drifting towards the longboards or incorporated the product into their portfolios as the popularity of the sport grew in leaps and bounds.

Our review of the best longboard brands is by no means exhaustive. There are so many brands in the market producing excellent quality longboards that it will be impossible to cover them in a single blog post. The list, however, focuses on those best longboard brands that produce excellent high-performance products and are fairly well known in the longboarding community. Each of the brands covered here brings its own unique characteristics that will appeal to various categories of users including the shapes, styles, quality of design, aesthetics as well as pricing. So, off we go to the best longboard brands in the market:

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What are the Best Longboard Brands?

Sector 9 Longboards

The Sector 9 SeekerArguably, some of the best longboard brands in the market if not the best. These are usually preferred by every entry-level user who enters the sport and is one of the most recommended beginner longboard brands. They are also significant because of their easy availability. You can find Sector 9 longboards in virtually every retail store selling longboards. A lot of aspiring longboarding enthusiasts purchase them in order to try out the support before later upgrading to more specialized or high-performance longboards that suit their particular style and preferences.

The Sector 9 longboards are typically a lot cheaper than other longboard brands although this does not diminish their premium quality. You can still purchase more premium quality Sector 9 longboards that cost a lot more than the average board although you are unlikely to see a significant boost in the quality of the longboarding experience.

They are built with basic traction or slide wheels. They also have similar trucks and are partially built with bamboo which offers you sufficient flex. All the Sector 9 boards also the same top quality Sector 9 bearings. Warranty is available within 120 days for defects in the materials, the workmanship or the glue.

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Landyachtz Longboards

The Landyachtz Switchblade 2014 40" LongboardThis is another popular brand that you are likely to find in almost every longboarding retail store. With the Landyachtz brand, you can choose from a variety of longboards with varied price points. Almost every skater will find a Landyachtz longboard that suits both their preferences and budget.

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They come with very innovative designs that give them a very cool deck appearance. They are also built with the natural drop-through or pintail decks. Every Landyachtz board has an impeccable design with a great attention to detail.

The prices for the Landyachtz boards vary widely depending on the type of the board and construction quality. There are boards for beginners such as the Bamboo Totem and the boards for the more experienced longboard skaters. The Landyachtz Evo, for example, is a premium quality board that is on the higher end of the market costing about $230.

Each of the Landyachtz boards come with superb quality and loved universally in the longboarding forums. All the boards are built with the Monster Hawg wheels and Bear trucks. The hardware used in the Landyachtz simply offers superior performance to skaters making this one of the best longboard brands in the market.

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Loaded Longboards

Best Longboard Brands - Loaded LongboardsThe Loaded brand has been described as the Lamborghini of the longboards. It is the best high-performance board in the longboarding industry and really in a class of its own when it comes to top quality and top notch performance. With such impeccable quality, Loaded is one of the best boards to invest in.

Such top quality, however, comes at a price. The Loaded boards are generally quite expensive. Most of the Loaded longboards come with a price tag of $300 and above. The Chubby Unicorn, for example, is one of the best Loaded longboard models and cost as much as $360.

Other cheaper Loaded longboard models lie in the price range of $250-$300. Loaded boards come with a reputation of utmost quality in almost all the board components and offer excellent value for money, superior performance, superior design, and durability. This is one of the best Longboard brands in the market and they will certainly not let you down quality-wise.

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Atom Longboards

51EOt0jLbOL._SY300_The Atom line of longboards is another popular brand in the industry. The boards are produced by MBS, a company that was founded in the Colorado Springs area. Like many other longboard manufacturers in the industry, the company’s original line was the manufacture of the mountainboarding products. Atom was renowned and is still renowned for the manufacture of highly innovative and high-performance mountain products.

With the growth in popularity of the longboarding sport, the company diversified its portfolio to include longboards, skateboards along with carveboards. Atom manufactures a large selection of longboards including the pintails, drop-throughs and the drop-decks.

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Santa Cruz Longboards

Santa Cruz - Best Longboard BrandsSanta Cruz is also one of the best longboard brands. Named after the beach community where it was founded, the company offers a series of 5 quality longboard products. These include the Signature, Heritage, Flow, Slide, and Elevation.

The company offers very high technical standards for all its longboard products but the products are also known for their artistic flair. The graphics used on the longboards are quite iconic. In addition, the company brings forth over 40 years of skateboard engineering experience to make it one of the best longboard brands in the market.

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